Burundi: ( Part 7) The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005

Burundi: ( Part 7) The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005
We are continuing our approach towards demonstrating the genocide perpetrated since 2005 by the military clique in power in Burundi; a genocide which is a continuation of the one begun long ago aimed at the elimination of the Tutsis from Burundi, but which, in its final phase, will spread throughout the sub-region.
We had already reviewed the 4 (classification, symbolization, discrimination and dehumanization) of the 10 stages of genocide as described by Gregory H. Stanton. We have already shown that the military clique in power has indeed followed these steps. Today we are entering the 5th step which is ’organization’ Gregory H. Stanton defines this step as ’a conception of genocidal murder plans, usually by the state, its army or militias’.
In Burundi, this conception has long been made; the plans are regularly adjusted according to whether the Hutu extremists receive the means to execute them or come to power. The genocide ideology of the Tutsis has been taught since the 59s from Rwanda, the palipehutu (like the palimehutu of Rwanda), has only propagated this ideology in Burundi to the youngest (school children primary). The various attempts to implement this genocidal plan resulted in the genocide of Tutsis and Hutus in Uprona by Hutu extremists in Frodebu in 1993, after the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye. Here too, their plan was not 100% successful as they planned to eliminate all Tutsis from Burundi so that the Hutu children who will be born can ask what a Tutsi looks like. It is this plan that Hezumuryano Désiré, administrator of Bukirasazi commune in Gitega province, in 1993, implemented by having Tutsi women disembowelled after having undressed and crucified them in front of enraged Hutu spectators (the administrator said: Twice abatutsi hamwe umwana wʾumuhutu azobaza ingene umututsi yasa)
They killed hundreds of thousands of Tutsis, but again they failed to eliminate them all. The same criminals then joined the bush, supposedly to defend democracy, while this was another way of resuming their genocidal plan against the Tutsis; They have always targeted camps for displaced Tutsis, schools and Tutsi households as their targets. For them, defending democracy was synonymous with killing Tutsis. That’s all they did for more than 10 years and came back through the front door through negotiations without having conquered any square meter of the land. Through terror and their genocidal ideology taught wherever they went, they won the 2005 elections and had the means for the state to resume or adjust their genocidal plan.
Being in power, the plan had to be implemented progressively: Kill the Tutsis one by one, keep them under panic fear, muzzle them economically (ruin their projects, replace them in juicy positions of responsibility, etc.); at the level of the defence and security corps, replace the tutsis (ex fab) in command by the cnddfdd hutus, in violation of the Arusha agreements (only a few tutsis, extras, easily manipulated remained).
Hutu extremists liked to say that Melchior Ndadaye could not die if he had an army, as if a president should have an army of his own, different from the Republican army. This is what the cnddfdd did; he put forward the military and police from the party who carry out not the orders of the military hierarchy even if they had the command in hand, but orders which come from anywhere in the spheres of the political party. Hence, we can no longer speak of an army or national police.
Despite all this, the military clique found that its genocidal plan could not be carried out as it would like by the defence and security forces alone as long as they still contain elements that are not from the cnddfdd. Having in mind the experience of Havyarimana’s Rwanda, they set up, trained and armed the imbonerakure militia and forged deep relations with the Rwandan genocidaires, interahamwe. In this way, they are now convinced that this time it will be the final blow. The genocide will not be the concern not only of the Tutsis of Burundi, but of the whole sub-region.
URN HITAMWONEZA has always shown the public this plan, but apparently no one wants to react. We will never stop screaming that , one-day people will realize that Burundi is a country in danger. The Burundian people must wake up from their sleep to seek to save what remains to be saved. Otherwise, if nothing is done immediately, we are close to disaster. There is only one trigger left for the military clique to execute its regional genocide plan. Getting her out of power is the only way to avoid this slaughter.

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