Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 9)

Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 9)
We continue to demonstrate that the acts of killings carried out by the military clique in power since 2005 are acts of genocide; a genocide long started by Hutu extremists and the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is about to complete it and spread it throughout the sub-region.
We had already reviewed the 6 (classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization and polarization) of the 10 stages of genocide as described by Gregory H. Stanton. We have already shown that the military clique in power has indeed followed these steps. Today we are entering the 7th step which is the ‘’ Preparation’’. This step is described by Gregory as an « identification and separation of the victim groups. » Obligation to wear symbols. Deportation, isolation and planned famine. Preparation of kill lists.  »
In Burundi, the victim groups have long been identified. On the various hills of the country, the census of the families of Tutsis and members of the CNL was carried out; the imbonerakure militia has the whole plan in hand. On each hill, a group of imbonerakure is responsible for monitoring a determined number of Tutsi and CNL families living on the hill. It is this group of militiamen who will divide up the property of these families once exterminated. This is the first reward they expect after the action. When the whistle blows, they will do everything in their power to leave no survivors behind. It’s the same scenario in urban centres; the houses were shared with the imbonerakure. Gentlemen, victim groups, pay attention to your servants; they are among those who will share your homes; they are already heirs to your houses or your plots. Today, they pose as lambs, children at heart, which in the meantime allow them to spy on you; tomorrow they will be lions.
While the Burundians do not have any particular symbols, the most famous symbol is the cnddfdd membership card. You are not a member, you have no card, you are not entitled to any benefit given to others by the state, you are simply an enemy to be destroyed. All the next victims are already known and measures to suffocate them economically have started to be implemented: replacement in positions of responsibility (in the public as in the private) under the pretext of ethnic balances (Arusha agreements violated but applied when they want to expel Tutsis from certain posts); all the businesses of the Tutsis literally ruined; exclusion in any development project led by the government or its partners and soon nationalization of the lands of their ancestors as Evariste Ndayishimiye constantly sings in his speeches (that the various hills of the country that are not exploited are owned by the State), etc. …
The disguised way to deport Tutsis is to force them into exile. Even though there are Hutus who fled after the 2015 crisis, it is known that the families of Tutsis fled the country are the majority; they were threatened or they were afraid. And Pierre Nkurunziza liked to say that these people (Tutsis) will perish outside the country like powder blown in the wind (bazohera n’ifu y’imijira canke ngo bazopfa bangara).
When Evariste Ndayishimiye asks the refugees to return, he is only seeking to repatriate his Hutus who feared having participated in the anti-third term protests. Once they return home, nothing will happen to them. The Tutsis who return out of naivety will be eliminated one by one to the last. For him, the objective is to separate the Hutus and the Tutsis who are still in exile; bring in all the Hutus and let the Tutsis die in the refugee camps.
What many do not yet know is that towards the end of 2019, in November and December, the cnddfdd military clique sent groups of people to the different countries hosting the Burundian refugees to mobilize all the Hutus on their massive return in the native land. They promised them everything they need for their resettlement and socioeconomic reintegration. These emissaries did not hesitate to prevent their Hutu brothers from revealing this plan to the Tutsi.
URNHITAMWONEZA will never stop shouting that an extremist, genocidal power like the one that is taking the Burundians hostage today must be fought with the utmost energy, not only by the Burundians themselves, but also by the region and the international community because it is a bearer of misfortunes. The exclusion of a group of people in their country not only deprives the country of its productive resources, it is the source of future wars. Who says war says destruction. The Burundians have seen the effects of the war; returning to this stage is synonymous with suicide for the majority. It then remains to unite to block the road to these criminals who still seek to plunge the country into this war.

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