Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 10)

Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (part 10)
We are gradually but surely moving towards the end of the demonstration, on the basis of the stages of a genocide, that the acts of killings carried out by the military clique in power since 2005 are acts of genocide; a genocide long started by Hutu extremists. Today, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye is about to complete it and extend it throughout the sub-region.
We had already reviewed the 7 (classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization, polarization and preparation) of the 10 stages of genocide as described by Gregory H. Stanton. The military clique has at least gone through all these stages.
Today we are entering the 8th stage that Gregory H. Stanton calls ‘’Persecution’ ’and defines as follows:’ Victims are identified and isolated on the basis of their ethnicity or religious identity. Within the genocidal state, members of discriminated groups will sometimes be forced to wear identifying symbols, and goods and properties are often expropriated. « 
Since 2005, the Tutsis and certain Hutus of the FNL have been persecuted until today by the cnddfdd power. Selectively killing them; torturing them with insults to support them (wa mbwa y’umututsi = you Tutsi you are a dog); to imprison them without trial, or on the basis of unfounded charges; to always push them into exile by incessant threats; to dismiss them from their positions of responsibility without any valid reason; to ruin their plans; to isolate them in development projects of which the only members of the cnddfdd are beneficiaries; so many deeds and gestures that prove that the cnddfdd power is in the process of persecuting Tutsis in general and opposition Hutus in particular.
As millions of Jews were persecuted during their imprisonment in concentration camps; the same facts are observed in prisons in Burundi. Indeed, no one is unaware that there are in prisons in Burundi, Tutsis who have already served their sentences 3 or 4 years ago and even more, others who have benefited from presidential pardons, but who do not ‘have never been allowed out of prisons. A nameless injustice.
In addition, the government has set up so-called security services in prisons which are provided by imbonerakure selected for their wickedness or recognized in various blood crimes. They have no other mission than to persecute the Tutsis who are in prison. They even manage to invent incredible patterns so that they can beat or torture them or put them in isolation, in cells where they remain standing all the time, doing all their hygiene needs on site.
In collaboration with the prison administration (100% cnddfdd administration), they deprive these innocent victims of the rights to seek treatment, to receive visitors, etc … just with the intention of killing them in the prisons.
The baseless judgments pronounced by the courts unmanned by the military clique in power, followed by the auction of their goods, movable and immovable, and of their properties, constitute neither less nor more acts of persecution.
At the level of the defence and security corps, the persecutions were first noticed at the level of command posts. Well-trained, experienced people are commanded by people without any training, who have been awarded ranks, simply because they were very zealous in killing defenceless people. These officers or non-commissioned officers agree to do this work intended for the chiefs (to save their skin and earn bread for their children), and this illiterate chief will come to sign and appropriate a job well done.
For men of rank who are regularly sent on operations, the few remaining Tutsis are often put on the front line. The pretext is that they are more trained and experienced (this time they recognize their skills), but basically the command seeks to expose them to certain death. Some die, others retire, they are never replaced in recruitments (they say they recruit 50% Hutus 50% Tutsi, which is also false because there is a lot of cheating); and they dare to say that there are still balances as desired by the Arusha accords (which accords were buried by this clique in power)
URN HITAMWONEZA once again reminds us that the genocidal plan of the military clique in power continues and by leaps and bounds. This recurring persecution against a group of people cannot be tolerated forever. Human tolerance has limits. It is done, precisely in order to incite people to revolt and have an opportunity to exterminate them. But, may the military clique which is now taking Burundi hostage know that « patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet ».

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