Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (11th and last part)


Burundi: The military clique in power is ready to move on to the final phase of the genocide underway since 2005 (11th and last part)
We come to the end of our long journey during which we have reviewed the various stages of a genocide to demonstrate that the military clique in power since 2005 has already gone through all these stages; there is only the penultimate and the last step left as we will see. Recall that, according to Gregory H. Stanton, these stages are: classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, persecution, extermination and denial.
He defines extermination as the actual beginning of massacres, seen by the killers as acts of « extermination ». The Tutsi genocide began a long time ago in Burundi as we have had the opportunity to demonstrate. In 1993, the targets were still Tutsis, but some Hutu members of the Uprona, Prince Rwagasore’s party, were also targeted. A report by a United Nations commission that carried out a careful investigation in Burundi concluded that in Burundi there was a genocide of Tutsis by Hutus from Frodebu (S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996).
The genocide continued slowly. The criminals took the path of the rebellion just to have a good opportunity to pursue their project and put an end to the Tutsi survivors of 1993. The war was ended by negotiations and the same criminals returned to power through elections and continued. to selectively kill Tutsis and opposition Hutus until today.
As Gregory rightly says, these stages of genocide do not always follow a linear progression, they can coexist. Hutu extremists continued to commit acts of genocide while at the same time denying the genocide they committed, described as such by the United Nations.
Gregory defines genocide denial as ’denial by perpetrators of genocide that they have committed crimes. Blame often thrown on the victims. Withholding evidence and intimidating witnesses « . This is exactly what the ruling military clique is doing today. She intimidates Tutsis, accusing them gratuitously of having killed Hutus in 1972 and of assassinating the democratically elected Hutu president, Melchior Ndadaye. These extremist Hutus blame these crimes on all Tutsi in general by intimidating even children who were not yet born when this happened. One way to find pretexts to make them feel guilty and exterminate them without reaction.
All the crimes committed by Hutu extremists are now tossed into the dustbin and victims become executioners and vice versa; simply because they have the power.
As if that were not enough, they are today, with their famous truth and reconciliation commission « CVR », in the process of removing all evidence of the genocide they committed. This is how Pierre Claver Ndayicariye crisscrossed the hills of the country claiming to be in search of the remains of the victims of 1972 when he has no technical capacity to discover the age of a human bone. In almost all the communes of the country, Tutsis were killed in 1993 and thrown either in mass graves, in latrines or in rivers. The criminal Ndayicariye, who was entrusted with this mission to remove all the evidence of the genocide of the Tutsis, never said that he had information on the mass graves of the Tutsis killed in 1993, simply because those who killed them are his bosses. All these remains are unearthed and are improperly described as « bones of Hutus killed in 1972 by Tutsis ».
Testimonies from survivors from 1993 stated that in some places Hutu criminals had as a pretext, to kill Tutsi, that their parents were killed in 1972 by Tutsi parents whom they wanted to kill. The same song resurfaces today with the hate speech broadcast by the spokesperson for the ruling Hutu extremists, Kenny Claude Nduwimana, who continues to blame all Tutsi for the Hutus killed in 1972. Today, the Ndayishimiye power is at the stage of preventing the relatives of the Kibimba students killed in 1993 from going to the memorial, but also using its imbonerakure militia to tear off the metal cross which is there; a step towards its total destruction. At the same time, the same imbonerakure were destroying the memorial of the Banyamulenge Tutsis killed by the fnl in Gatumba in 2003. The Gatumba zone chief did not hide his hatred by declaring that he no longer wanted to see these graves of the Tutsis in his area.
At the same time that Pierre Claver Ndayicariye made disappear the evidence of the genocide of the Tutsis in 1993, this Kenny Claude Nduwimana was always at his side to publish that they are victims of 1972 killed by the Tutsis. A way of sowing hatred between Hutus and Tutsis, a way of inviting the Hutus to revenge; a real incitement to genocide.
Genocide denial as the last step, according to Gregory, will undoubtedly return after the final phase of the genocidal plan of the military clique, whose preparations are almost complete, there is only one trigger left to take action.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again alerts the public to a large-scale genocide in Burundi which will also affect the sub-region. All the stages of a genocide have been taken as we have already demonstrated; the imbonerakure and the FDRL Interahamwe are on the lookout, zealous soldiers and police are ready to support these elements mentioned above, the extremist Hutus have been mobilized and hate speech is regularly propagated by people secretly guided by the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye. The Burundians must remain vigilant because if nothing is done immediately to defeat this genocidal project, the authorities are ready to take action; it is just waiting for a trigger. May the international community which is beginning to support the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye and his genocidal clique prepare at the same time to assume responsibility for the genocide of the Tutsi and the Hutus of the opposition who are only waiting for a whistle to blow.

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