Burundi: Happy New Year anyway (part one)(security record)

Burundi: Happy New Year anyway (part one)
(security record)
The year 2020 has been a tough year for Burundians; it had to end quickly to see if the following year (2021 and not 2025 as President Ndayishimiye said in his speech) could give them a little respite because hoping for miracles would be a dream while the military clique of the cnddfdd in power still continues to take the Burundian people hostage.
On the security front, the Burundians continued their daily activities as if the country was at peace while people were dying every day; corpses were regularly collected on the banks of rivers, on paths or hills. It is clear that these people were being killed by state organs because every time a corpse was found, the administration rushed to have it buried without identification. This shows whoever wants to see that this is a general instruction given by the cnddfdd power
To illustrate this claim, let’s give just two examples where these criminals did not even hide. The first case is that of a certain Oscar Nahimana, a member of the CNL who was called by phone and kidnapped on September 28, 2020, with a certain Toyi who had accompanied him to the meeting of the head of the imbonerakure in Kirundo. They were all loaded into his vehicle and arrived at the SNR office in Bugabira, Toyi was released, but they kept his cell phone. Oscar was reportedly killed and driven at night to be thrown into a hole called GOROGOTA in Kirehe Forest. The second illustrative case concerns 08 people who were arrested on October 27, 2020 and taken to the Gatumba brigade. 04 were killed, with bullets in the head and buried on October 28, 2020 quickly before their parents saw them (these people were from Gatumba). Pretext: they wanted to take by force the weapon of the commander of the Brigade who questioned them; then tried to flee. These are just a few examples among many.
The 2020 report on human rights violations in Burundi which was drawn up by the various organizations that campaign for the respect of human rights shows 368 people who have been killed including 278 since the taking of power by Evariste Ndayishimiye in June 2020; 182 people who were tortured; 59 missing persons; 821 people arbitrarily imprisoned; 33 girls and women who were raped.
This report is only a picture of human rights violations in Burundi; otherwise, the reality is different. There are many people kidnapped without these human rights organizations even hearing about it. These people are killed, buried in hidden places far from their places of residence; others are thrown into rivers, corpses tied to large stones so that they do not rise to the surface. These criminals will then broadcast messages saying that these people went to either Rwanda or Uganda.
The majority of those arrested and imprisoned or killed were during the May 2020 election campaign and during and after the attacks unleashed on August 23, 2020 and which were claimed by the Red Tabara movement. We will come back to the security situation that prevailed during the two events.
The cases of rape observed during this year 2020 were specific: this time the girls and women were raped, then killed and then beheaded. A new phenomenon that emerged with the reign of Evariste Ndayishimiye. We will quote you many cases of the names and their hills of origin of the women and girls who have suffered such atrocities otherwise recognized within interahamwe’s organization.
Who are responsible for these human rights violations in Burundi? The first responsibility rests with the person of the Head of State. All these criminals (who are on the front line the imbonerakure, then the members of the SNR intelligence service, then the soldiers and police officers of the presidential guard, and finally some zealous soldiers and police officers, used by the cnddfdd party in shady missions), are the executors of orders from the military clique in power.
We will continue our approach to show the results of the year which is ending in all areas of the life of the country. Already, the security record already identified is negative. Happy New Year anyway!
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that the deeds and actions as well as the words of the military clique in power in Burundi today are clear signs of the degree of their commitment to work for peace for all and the development of the country. We need to assess them and decide what to do with their record so that the new year does not end in the same conditions. We need visible change if we are to hope for positive results in the year ahead.

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