Burundi: Happy New Year Anyway (Part Five)(Diplomatic assessment)

Burundi: Happy New Year Anyway (Part Five)
(Diplomatic assessment)
On the diplomatic front, the government of Evariste Ndayishimiye ended the year 2020 with a smile on his face with the withdrawal of Burundi from the political agenda of the United Nations Security Council; a decision announced on December 4, 2020. The power of Gitega did not fail to put the Burundians in the streets of Bujumbura, Gitega and Ngozi, on December 12, 2020, to express joy for this diplomatic victory. Albert Shingiro will say he sacrificed all other files to negotiate this withdrawal.
The justification put forward by the council was based on a hypothetical improvement in safety; that Burundi no longer constitutes a security threat for the region and the world. Yet he recommended more respect for human rights and implementation of the Arusha Accord. Many observers think rather of a failure for the UN because nothing has changed in Burundi in terms of security and especially in terms of violation of human rights. People are being killed one by one by the state services and its imbonerakure militia, others are regularly arbitrarily arrested, tortured and imprisoned. It is for this reason that the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi, headed by Doudou DIENE, received on October 6, 2020, a new one-year mandate to continue its work. This shows that within this large international organization, there are undoubtedly many operating flaws. In addition, Burundi had refused the renewal of the mandate of the United Nations office in Burundi. Here, it would not be surprising to ask the question of why the UN easily agrees to give in to Burundi’s demands at a time when the military clique in power is not even afraid to continue its genocidal plan with nameless arrogance. There is reason to believe that the bad decision of December 4, 2020 was taken on the basis of a bad recommendation made by the delegation of the Secretary General of the United Nations, led by Huang Xia and Bintou Keita, who stayed in Burundi from the 14 until September 21, 2020
In addition to France, which had already secretly resumed (the official announcement was made later) cooperation with Burundi on the military level, the European Union had begun to stroke the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye in the direction of fur. Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni received in audience, on September 10, 2020, Claude Boshu, EU representative in Burundi. Their meeting focused on the analysis of the possibilities of resuming cooperation after the sanctions imposed on Burundi since 2015. All the representatives of the EU countries accredited to Bujumbura will meet later on December 7, 2020 with President Ndayishimiye to show him their support. Here, astute observers wonder if Gitega’s power really meets the conditions demanded by the EU for resuming cooperation. The answer is not difficult to find for those who live the situation on a daily basis in Burundi, but the underlying reason for this anticipated resumption of cooperation lies elsewhere. It is up to these countries to tell us or time will show it.
Regionally, Evariste Ndayishimiye boycotted a mini-summit (done by videoconference) of heads of state of the sub-region held on October 07, 2020 in Goma, DR Congo. He will still participate, on November 20, 2020, in the 8th meeting (made by video-conference) of the heads of state of the ICGLR. In his poorly read speech, he did not miss the opportunity to point the finger at Rwanda (as he usually does) for being the root of its problems. This is the same country that Evariste Ndayishimiye will call hypocrite, saying he cannot collaborate with him. He was in Busoni in Kirundi province, just across from neighbouring Rwanda on August 7, 2020. He accused this country of taking Burundian refugees hostage following a letter sent to him on July 26, 2020, in violation of all procedure, by a group of refugees from Mahama manipulated by his own power.
Despite these insults and defamations against a neighbouring and brother country, the voluntary repatriation of the first refugees from Mahama began on August 27, 2020, after a brief meeting with representatives of the military intelligence services of the two countries in Gasenyi / Nemba on August 26, 2020 This attempt to improve relations will continue on October 20, 2020 with a meeting, on the same border, of the foreign ministers of the two countries.
Unlike his predecessor, Evariste Ndayishimiye has already started visiting other heads of state: he was on 26 Nov 2020 in Gabon, on 2 November in Equatorial Guinea. He had started his outings in Kigoma in Tanzania on September 19, 2020 where he met his father, John Pompe Magufuli, to whom the military clique of Gitega risks selling Burundi. It would not be too daring if we say that Magufuli now considers Burundi as one of the provinces of Tanzania since the power of the cnddfdd, in addition to the territories of Buha and Bugufi that Tanzania has confiscated; and Pierre Nkurunziza will, in September 2014, delimit the borders to formalize this theft (in exchange for the aid granted to them during the rebellion period)
URN HITAMWONEZA recommends that the Burundians stand up to defend our country and its image because it is in the hands of leaders who have no vision for its future, but who think only of the exclusion and genocide of Tutsis and Hutus from opposition that would prevent them from staying in power and continuing to line their pockets. We must also know how to count on our own forces because neither the United Nations Security Council nor the European Union, nobody cares about the rights of the Burundians any more, otherwise, they would not support a regime which kills its daily life in broad daylight. citizens. Rather, they prepare to take responsibility for the large-scale genocide for which this power they support is finalizing preparations.

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