Burundi: When one criminal pays homage to another

Burundi: When one criminal pays homage to another
On January 7, 2021, Burundi lost two well-known personalities of both national and international opinion. The first is Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, this Servant of God known for his outspokenness and who headed the truth and reconciliation commission. He died of illness at Bumerec Hospital in Bujumbura. That the earth may be light for him.
The second is Jérôme Ndiho, a man known to have been a spokesperson for a rebel group that committed the genocide against the Tutsi in Burundi. He died of a vehicle accident on the RN1.
Jérôme Ndiho is known especially for having claimed responsibility for the assassination of 40 seminarians from Buta in Bururi province on May 4, 1997, killed by genocidal criminals of the cnddfdd. They took over the students’ dormitories at night and asked them to separate, the Hutus aside, the Tutsis apart, so as to kill only the Tutsis. They were a continuation of the plan of genocide against the Tutsis that they had started since 1993. The children refused, preferring to die together like brothers. These are the same genocidaires who killed more than 600 Tutsis of the Bugendana IDP camp, survivors of the 1993 genocide. They also killed Bishop Joachin Ruhuna following his homily asking them not to continue killing innocent people. It was during the funeral of these displaced people from Bugendana. Jérôme Ndiho was therefore the spokesperson for these criminals.
While it is true that he could not have put his nose in this genocide, simply agreeing to claim their vile deeds means condoning what they did, therefore taking full responsibility for their actions. Like them, he automatically becomes genocidal.
As one criminal pays homage to another, we read on a tweeter released by Evariste Ndayishimiye that Jérôme Ndiho is a true patriot who sacrificed himself for the return and defence of democracy in Burundi. We said to ourselves, rather it was Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, a servant of God, who worked for the rapprochement of hearts as the Bible asks us to deserve. It is difficult for Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique to pay homage to such men who put forward the good of all, whose words and actions meet the standards of elementary logic, who do not accept to be manipulated like Pierre Claver Ndayicariye. We will come back to that.
Recall that after the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus of Frodebu and Palipehutu in 1993, the pretext of which was the assassination of President Ndadaye Melchior, most criminals took the path of the maquis supposedly to go and fight for the return of the democracy. They will be joined there by many young Hutus sensitized and recruited on the basis of ethnic divisions (the Tutsis have killed our Hutu president, they do not want a Hutu to be able to take charge of the country, they said). University students and secondary school students gradually joined them in the years that followed, not to mention the majority of candidate Hutu officers from the Higher Institute of Military Executives ISCAM. Among the latter is a certain Ngurube Melchiade who was a major criminal during the 1993 genocide. Immediately after the assassination of Ndadaye, he left to organize the Hutus in his Gitega province to kill the Tutsis. He himself killed with his own hands, on October 24, 1993, a certain Jean Marie; NYANDUZA Acquiline, widow of Michel YOYA; Pascasie CIZA, wife of NAHIMANA Charles, as well as her 3 children. He is among the first elements who started the rebellion inside the country, apart from Adolphe Nsimirimana and his team who started it in Kamenge in the capital Bujumbura. He died in Lake Tanganyika, killed by the regular army when he and his group tried to reach the DR Congo through southern Burundi. Most of the military clique in power today joined them around 1995 after leaving universities or high schools. Evariste Ndayishimiye and other elements unknown to us first went through military training within the FDRL Interahamwe in Rwanda by the French before joining them.
They then continued to chase the Tutsi survivors wherever they were in the IDP camps and in the schools, not to mention the attacks on Tutsi households and the ambushes on the roads to select and kill the Tutsi as if they were all responsible. of the death of President Ndadaye. This is what Jérôme Ndiho never ceased to claim. And he’s the first man Evarste Ndayshimiye can’t wait to pay homage to. Under other skies, he like Ndayishimiye and the whole clique should be in The Hague.
URN HITAMWONEZA would like once again to remind both national and international public opinion that all those who killed the Tutsi in 1993 are well documented, their names are known, hill by hill; those who ordered the operation of the assassination of the children of Buta, of Bishop Joachin Ruhuna are known, they are taking it easy today within the defence and security corps, as are those who had the displaced people murdered. from Teza, Bugendana and elsewhere. Let them know that the day they are no longer under the protection of this genocidal power, they will have to answer for their actions. The same is true for all those criminals of the cnddfdd system who have continuously killed Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition since 2005 until today.

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