Burundi: The events of 1972 as seen by the TRC: Comments (continued)

Burundi: The events of 1972 as seen by the TRC: Comments (continued)
We have already shown in our previous editions that the TRC is not at all a truth and reconciliation commission given the way it is doing its job. Instead of reconciling the Burundians, it divides them further: it seems to be a commission to search for the remains of the Hutu victims of 1972 only; She seems to blame the killings of that time on all Tutsis to such an extent that even unborn Tutsis feel guilty of a crime they did not commit. They feel that what they are undergoing today (harassment in all directions by the cnddfdd power) is nothing other than a revenge of the Hutu power on innocent Tutsis (ngo umwana w’imbeba ahogwa urwanko rwa nyina : a baby of a mouse is the victim of hatred towards his mother). We have also shown that the events of 1972 were triggered by Hutu extremists who attacked the south of the country and whose repercussions were felt even in the capital Bujumbura. The repression by the Micombero power that followed was too blind and violent. Many Hutus (intellectuals, traders, administrative officials, pupils or students, influential men in society, etc.) were killed. Our investigation showed that women and children were spared because people were first invited to meetings and were killed on the spot. To our knowledge, no Tutsi has taken a machete to kill his Hutu neighbour. It is therefore incomprehensible that the Tutsis are still singled out by the cnddfdd power to be responsible for the Hutus who died in 1972. Its spokesperson Kenny Claude Nduwimana, reporter for the CVR, never ceased to insult all the Tutsis in general, accusing them of Hutu blood as if even a child who is born Tutsi today is born with a sin that he did not commit. Kenny Claude’s custody at the SRN was reportedly caused by his leaking secrets about a planned presentation of the TRC report by his boss Pierre Claver Ndayicariye to the Senate and Parliament. With the eloquence used by this gentleman to arouse Hutu feelings of hatred towards Tutsis, Ndayicariye should at least learn to tell the truth of the facts. We say that the witnesses he is talking about today are all members of the cnddfdd, in 1993 they were all members of the Frodebu party which planned and carried out the 1993 genocide against the Tutsis (UN report: S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996 ). The concern of his witnesses, which is also the will of the cnddfdd power, is to hide the evidence of this genocide of the Tutsis of 1993. It is not surprising then that his witnesses first show him the mass graves in which they threw the bodies of the Tutsis they killed because the case of 1993 is different from that of 1972 because in 1993, it is the Hutus who took machetes, spears and pruners to kill their Tutsi neighbours after having burned their houses and looted everything that was there. This is why these criminals who took the path of the maquis afterwards, always attacked the IDP camps where the survivors were located to remove all the annoying witnesses and recover their land.
So far, Ndayicariye has said nothing about the mass graves in which hundreds of thousands of Tutsis were thrown in 1993. Has he not yet had any testimony about this case? Does he have the mission to search for the remains of the bodies of the Hutus only? Is it certain that all the bones he has already unearthed are those of the Hutus killed in 1972 since he does not have the technical means to find out.
The provinces of Gitega and Karuzi in which Ndayicariye discovered many remains of the victims of the events of 1972 are the most affected by the events of 1993. There are entire areas where no Tutsi remained. A survivor of the 1993 Tutsi genocide, interviewed a month after the coup, revealed to our investigators that «  on Thursday, October 21, 1993, all the hills of Makebuko commune in Gitega province had received a message to start killing them. Tutsis. During the morning of October 22, 1993, all Tutsi families were surrounded. Murderous hordes of Frodebu militants began to burn houses and coffee trees and loot while others tied up their victims, most of whom were taken to the junction of RN 8 and Route Gitega-Ruyigi for the execute on the orders of the municipal administrator. Mass graves had been dug at this location during the day of Thursday, October 21, 1993.
It is a very visible place that people know, but there is no indication that Ndayicariye heard from the place or that he has no information that it is the Hutus who are buried there.
URN HITAMWONEZA continues to say that each person is responsible for his own acts. As in 1993 investigations were made by an independent commission and it showed those responsible for this murderous barbarism, it is clear that not all Hutus are guilty; those who have Tutsi blood on their hands are well known. Sooner or later they will have to answer for their actions. Likewise, for the killings of 1972, responsibilities should be established so that all those who committed these crimes (attacks and massacres of Tutsis, especially in the south of the country and those who killed Hutus following these attacks) are punished in accordance with the law so that all Tutsis are not unfairly accused of these crimes in total globalization. The current power which does not want neutral commissions to do this investigative work to establish individual responsibilities probably has another objective; that of pitting the Hutus against the Tutsis with a view to another genocide in preparation. Let him prepare for the consequences, too. We will continue to monitor all its deeds and actions in order to make them available to the courts competent to judge such crimes. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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