Burundi: A renowned brigand thanked by President Evariste Ndayishimiye: unheard of in the world!

Burundi: A renowned brigand thanked by President Evariste Ndayishimiye: unheard of in the world!
His name is Siméon Habonimana, he was Director General of Regideso until January 13, 2021. A presidential decree N0 100/011 of January 14, 2021 appointed him Director of the Program for the Development of Energy, Mines, infrastructure and Social Housing.
It’s not Urnhitamwoneza calling him a robber; it was President Evariste Ndaishimiye himself who publicly described him as such in a public lecture.
By using the term brigand, we have weighed our words. President Ndayishimiye spoke of ‘’ abasuma ’= thieves. The literary definition of brigand, according to the Larousse Dictionary is: « Man who robs and loots with an armed hand, who commits abuses on a vast scale; a man who engages in dishonest acts; thief ». Its synonyms are: bandit – gangster – scoundrel – malefactor – plunderer – villain – thief «  ». The word « thief » comes up a lot. And that’s the term Evariste Ndayishimiye used in the national language.
We are trying to describe here the words he used because he was often repeated to demonstrate that the workers of this company are bandits, thieves; from the General Manager to the orderly. ‘’ Starting with the largest to the smallest, everyone plundered the people’s property… ..How? The people put their capital into the company, they took water and electricity and gave them to the Regideso to manage them for the benefit of all of us and the money earned should be used for provide water and electricity to those who do not yet have it… .. They have made our water and electricity their own…. It was the Regideso workers who stole this money … Where are they putting the money the company earns? These are the people who are stealing it; starting with the General Director to the orderly, they are the ones who consume this money…. This is a group that got together and stole our water and electricity…. Now we are going to recover our goods (water and electricity) and we will see another company to entrust them to and they will all return because they have failed …. They must know that they have failed, since the DG until the orderly. They failed; that they give us our water and electricity to be entrusted to others who are able. « 
That’s grossomodo, for those who haven’t had the misfortune to hear this answer Evariste Ndayishimiye gave to a reporter who had asked a well-prepared question that Evariste had expected. You don’t have to resort to speech analysts to understand that this was a well-focused question, co-plied with the president or his communications services to get him out that message.
Let us recall that Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni had also uttered threats to close this company, accused rightly or wrongly of mismanagement; and it is the bosses, appointed by these same authorities, who are primarily responsible. It makes no sense then for a President of the Republic to accuse all the staff of the company for free, starting with the CEO until the orderly (in his own words). Whether it’s the President or the Prime Minister, all threaten to shut down the company, fire all staff and turn it over to others who could turn a profit.
Our sources of information within the cnddfdd system let us know that the media outings of the two high authorities were intended only to prepare public opinion. Regideso is to be sold to the company interpetrol. And everyone knows why. Almost all the petroleum products used in our country are supplied by businessman Thaluko who has direct links with Tanzanian companies led at the highest level of the state by President Magufuli and in which former President Kikwete has a lot of actions. This is the same businessman who bought the old COTEBU after the cnddfdd power had completely ruined it so that it could buy it at a low price, the rest being paid into the accounts of certain leaders and into the coffers of the cnddfdd party.
As already pointed out by Urnhitamwoneza, the current leaders of the country are trying to reimburse through state means, everything that Tanzania gave them as aid when they were still in the bush. Everything that should help the small Burundian farmer goes to Tanzania. Reason why John Pompe Magufuli would like all minerals from Burundi to go to processing factories in Tanzania (see his speech during Evariste Ndayishimiye’s first visit to Kigoma in Tanzania on September 19, 2020) and it is not his son Evariste Ndayishimiye who will refuse it. Tanzania will thus be able to recover its money and leave crumbs for the Burundians. The country will remain the poorest in the world with a basement full of minerals as long as it is still held hostage by these leaders of the cnddfdd.
Our sources tell us that this decision to put Regideso under the management of the company interpetrol would have been changed because it was disclosed in advance. Evariste Ndayishimiye has thus appointed a soldier at the head of the Regideso, Dr. Ir Major Jean Albert Manigomba, SS1605 of the registration number. An officer who had studied in Russia and who is said to be a Hutu extremist. Perhaps he was chosen, not to redress the Regideso because it was the cnddfdd system that ruined it, but to drive out those whom Ndayishimiye would not like to see numerous within this society, the Tutsis.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds it scandalous that someone (Siméon Habonimana) whom President Evariste Ndayishimiye presented yesterday as the chief of the brigands (all the staff of Regideso), the same president dares to appoint him today to such an important post. All Burundians should ask themselves questions about the kind of leaders Burundi has been unlucky to have. Under other skies, Simeon Habonimana’s place should normally be in prison, at least if Evariste Ndayishimiye’s accusations are to be believed. But, as Ndayishimiye knows very well where the Regideso money was paid to the detriment of the Burundian people, he thanked him by appointing him to a position as juicy as the first so that he continues to serve his interests or those of his clique. And Evariste Ndayishimiye will continue to lie and taunt the Burundian people as if all of them are idiots and he alone is intelligent. All his plans are followed closely, they are known. Let him continue to deceive, with his tantalizing and senseless speeches, the small sympathizers of the cnddfdd, but let him know that all the other Burundians have their eyes fixed on him; he won’t do it for long, his days are numbered now.

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