Burundi: The power of Ndayishimiye and Bunyoni has assassinated Thierry Kubwimana and imprisoned his widow Christa.

Burundi: The power of Ndayishimiye and Bunyoni has assassinated Thierry Kubwimana and imprisoned his widow Christa
They are a very young couple of Thierry Kubwimana and Christa Kaneza, who got married in August 2020 and who had their first child in October 2020. Thierry was shot in his marital bed the night of November 24 to 25 2020 by men armed with pistols. He died in the hospital as people tried to rescue him. Imagine the trauma that young Christa, barely 18, had. As if that were not enough, she was handcuffed and subsequently taken to Mpimba central prison in Bujumbura on January 20, 2021. Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesperson for Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika first called the media to show them a young woman who had her husband killed. In her own words, « this is the woman who killed her husband while being helped by the two men because she couldn’t do it on her own. » Here is a spokesperson who has already incriminated the poor on the media, without the legal proceedings ending. This is not the first time that this spokesperson has attempted to cover shady cases like this. It is still used by those in power to prepare public opinion when there are people to be killed or already killed or to be imprisoned for political or economic matters. Let him prepare himself to assume his responsibilities in these various crimes!
But, why this eagerness of this spokesperson? Why this arrest after so many montages made by the police? (you will have seen on social networks all the montages that have been made in the most stupid way possible around this file from the assassination of Thierry to the arrest of Christa). And who really had Thierry Kubwimana assassinated and why?
Before giving the answers to these questions, let’s say that there was no reason for the young mother to think about eliminating her husband after only 3 months of marriage. According to our surveys of the families of the two, there was never any conflict within this young family, never an argument between the two. A young couple who had had their baby so early, that was the good life. People may think that the lady would be able to accept money to play a part in the murder of her husband. Our informants confirmed to us that there is no trace of Mafia money, and that the deceased’s account was never disturbed. Christa and her baby lived off her husband’s income. She had no interest in having the one who had her whole life in hand killed.
According to our investigations, Thierry Kubwimana had worked, before his resignation, in a Russian mining company operating in Cibitoke province. It was through this company that the Mafia mineral trafficking passed. The bulk of the minerals were not mined in this province, far from it. This traffic, which involves the big fish in power of Gitega, would be supplied in large quantities of minerals by the FDRL Interahamwe who would extract them in the east of the Rdcongo. We have shown in our previous editions that this traffic was screened through Bujumbura to continue in Tanzania; the money was used to buy the arms which were delivered to the two governments, and which later turned over to these genocidaires (without ignoring that there was an equally important part reserved for certain heavyweights of the two governments).
The new strategy was therefore to pass these minerals through this Russian mining company to try to distort this first track which was already known and from the United Nations investigations via its bodies and NGOs fighting against money laundering and economic embezzlement, bad governance and corruption were ongoing.
Former President Pierre Nkurunziza had long been closely involved in this mafia trade, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and Gervais Ndirakobuca were also among the most active.
We could not find what prompted Thierry Kubwimana to resign from this Russian mining company which paid him satisfactorily; information captured on social media shows that he would have made this decision because Allain Guillaume Bunyoni wanted him to be used to cover his involvement and that of his team by putting this business on the back of the Russian company alone. Which he would have refused. Be that as it may, his resignation greatly worried the power of Gitega who imagined that he could be solicited by investigators to provide information on this dossier of the mafia trade in minerals from the DRC, brought in by the FRDL.
Marshal Bunyoni would then be the main sponsor of this assassination. Also involved are his traditional racing boy Gervais Ndirakobuca alias Ndakugarika, the head of the national intelligence service, Brigadier General Ildephonse Habarurema, and the chief police commissioner Christophe Manirambona alias Wakenya who would be used to help distort the tracks of the real one’s surveys.
Understand that Evariste Ndayishimiye must be aware of this file because the intelligence service depends on the presidency. If he really does not know about Thierry’s murder and his widow’s imprisonment, let him order a real investigation into the murder of this innocent man to punish the sponsors and the perpetrators! But the most urgent thing would be to have the young mother unconditionally released so that she can take care of her baby. We can however affirm that Evariste Ndayishimiye will not do it for two reasons: firstly, that he is aware of this mafia trade in minerals which involves not only certain members of the military clique in power and members of the fdrl, but also that he is afraid, even if he had the good will, of these generals who have a lot of money (like his prime minister), who placed him in his presidential chair and who would not hesitate for a single moment to bring it down at any time.
URN HITAMWONEZA joins with all the other Burundians and foreigners, in love with peace and justice, who would have information on this file to reveal it to the public in order to push the military clique of Gitega to get hold of itself or that other bodies put pressure on him, so that he can free this young innocent widow as quickly as possible and that serious investigations be carried out so that the real sponsors and real murderers of Thierry Kubwimana are known and punished in accordance with the law. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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