Burundi: Governor of Cibitoke Province confirms imbonerakure responsibility for murdering people on Rusizi

Burundi: Governor of Cibitoke Province confirms imbonerakure responsibility for murdering people on Rusizi
If there are things that are difficult to hide, it is the blood crime of the innocent. Criminals end up being exposed or revealing themselves. Everyone knew that it was these imbonerakure who were committing these abuses; it was no secret. What is new is that the governor of Cibitoke province, Mr. Carême Bizoza has just confirmed it. He said on the media that it is the members of the imbonerakure militia of the cnddfdd who are responsible for the assassination of people whose bodies are constantly being found on the Rusizi river separating the east of the DR Congo with the province of Cibitoke in Burundi. At least 20 corpses have been discovered on this river in a period not exceeding three months, including 8 found since the beginning of this month of January 2021 alone. Our source tells us that some are killed on the spot, while other corpses are brought by SNR or police vehicles to be thrown into the Rusizi. In any case, the imbonerakure who remain on the spot are aware of all these scenes, they play an important role.
Governor Bizoza told the media that he welcomes the trial of the three imbonrakure; that justice has done its job well. Felix Nduwayo, Aimable Bimenyimana and Deo Niyonkuru, all natives of Kaburantwa hill in Buganda commune of Cibioke province were sentenced by the provincial court to two years in prison on January 20, 2021. They were found guilty of state security, usurpation of office and extortion. Before the judges, the three defendants pleaded guilty.
How could the governor show his joy at such a trial where criminals who admit their crimes are sentenced to only two years in prison? If they weren’t members of the cnddfdd, tried by members of the cnddfdd, would they have received only two years in prison? We remain convinced that if they were members of the CNL, Tutsis or ex-fab (Burundian armed forces), they would have been executed on the spot like Côme Niyongabo of Burambi and others. Nothing says that tomorrow or the day after, they will not be released and they will say that they escaped from prison. They were the targets maybe just to deceive the opinion that the power is punishing the wrongdoers, but tomorrow they will tell them that they cannot accept to be punished alone for acts which are done all along. day by all militia members.
When Governor Bizoza says « they have to understand that things have changed, that they will no longer be tolerated, that no one can hide behind their office anymore to make mistakes », he thinks he is cheating on whom? Who could believe what he said? Since 2005 such acts are repeated every day, what has changed Mr. Governor?
Evariste Ndayishimiye’s power showed some goodwill gestures, they did not continue, they were smothered in the eye. We know that in August 2020, some imbonerakure, some members of the administration and police in Kayogoro in Makamba, were arrested and jailed for mistreating, ransoming and even killing Burundians from Tanzania. In the same province of Cibitoke, on August 13, 2020, soldiers prevented a group of imbonerakure from doing military training at the stadium in the province. You also remember that the governor of Kayanza, Col Remy Cishahayo formally prohibited members of this militia from patrolling his province, but that on August 29, 2020, Minister Ezéchiel Nibigira went to the same province to deny the governor’s remark and order that patrols resume immediately after his departure throughout the country. How, with these few eloquent examples, can people believe what Governor Bizoza says?
The cnddfdd system has set up a militia, a killing machine, which has no other mission than to silence any voice that dares to denounce the political and economic crimes that the government has continued to commit since 2005 until today. hui.
It is not Evariste Ndayishimiye or any other authority who would venture to change it overnight. Although even President Ndayishimiye does not have the good will; he is content with tantalizing speeches just to deceive public opinion. He is not even ashamed to contradict himself when necessary when a decision announced without consulting those who put him in his chair disapprove of it (remember the case of the declaration of the assets of leaders as soon as their decisions are taken functions, announced by Evariste Ndayishimiye and which was never made whereas it is envisaged by the constitution)
URN HITAMWONEZA will never stop showing Burundians that it is power that kills in Burundi. The imbonerakure militia is a tool put in place for the execution of its genocidal plans, otherwise, the establishment of a militia is incomprehensible in a country which has sufficient defence and security forces and which can proceed to recruitment of others when necessary. Once again, you may no longer be confused by the tantalizing words of Ndayishimiye Evariste and other members of his military clique. You know from experience that they will never be followed by concrete action. They will always show themselves to be great believers, always present in Masses; but they will not hesitate to kill Burundian citizens, to divide them just to keep their places and continue to enrich themselves when the average citizen dies of hunger. This situation must change as soon as possible. It is up to all of us (Hutus and Tutsis alike in love with justice and peace for all without exclusion) to give our contribution to achieve this much desired change. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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