Burundi: Ndayishimiye power is determined to put an end to Tutsis and opponents of Burambi commune in Rumonge province

Burundi: Ndayishimiye power is determined to put an end to Tutsis and opponents of Burambi commune in Rumonge province
The cnddfdd power is unable / or does not have the will to reconcile the Burundian people who have many wounds from the past, both physical and psychological. Despite repeated calls from church authorities to forget the dark past and build a better present and future together, he continues to rather excel in nameless crimes (both political and economic). It is further illustrated in serious violations of human rights, based on both ethnic and political criteria, which unfortunately go unpunished.
The case that concerns us today is that of Burambi commune in the province or Rumonge where the area has become a « killing ground » for Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition. Criminal acts are committed by law enforcement agencies in broad daylight. Imbonerakure were also killed. By who ? Hitherto unidentified people. It is the government that should tell us through its security services. Instead of carrying out his investigations in a professional manner, he uses the stick technique which constitutes no less and no more violations of human rights.
It all seems to have started with the August 2020 attack on armed elements from the DRCongo which the Red Tabara movement subsequently claimed. This was followed by an onset of pressure exerted by the security forces and the imbonerakure militia in this sector on the Tutsis, especially the ex fab (former members of the Burundian armed forces) and members of the CNL of Agathon Rwasa. A certain Charles Kabonesho will be imprisoned at the Rumonge police the night of September 18 to 19, 2020; he will be seriously tortured, accused of collaborating with armed groups. During the same month of September 2020, the Tutsi population of Burambi will be forced to participate in the patrols of the security forces and will be put forward. It was a way of saying to them:  » it is your relatives who sow insecurity, you go ahead, if they shoot at us, you will die first  » A practice that has no other goals than have them eliminated while this patrol work is reserved solely for the police.
Despite all these maneuvers, it will be difficult for law enforcement officials to maintain security in this area. 03 people, members of the cnddfdd including an imbonerakure will be subsequently killed by criminals not yet identified. As usual, their Tutsi neighbors participated in their burial; but some extremist Hutus did not want to see them; as if it was the Tutsis or their accomplices who killed them. A certain imbonerakure by the name of Nihorimbere did not hesitate to take a machete and injure a Tutsi who took part in this burial, with the knowledge and view of everyone. The Tutsi, narrowly saved, sought treatment, but the criminal never worried.
Subsequently, the imbonerakure will be reinforced in arms to try to secure the sector. On December 01, 2020, 08 weapons were distributed to imbonerakure in the Maramvya zone, in the commune of Burambi. This operation was supervised by Prime Ndayisenga, chief of the Maramvya zone. Nor was it enough for security to be restored to allow people to sleep peacefully and go about their business. On the other hand, the Tutsis continued to be subjected to all-out harassment. Some were killed, like Come Niyongabo and Protais Niyungeko; others have been tortured, others imprisoned. What is abnormal is that even their family members have been imprisoned without any charge placed on them. How can wives and children be held accountable for actions taken by their husbands / fathers? We are not talking about people who are arrested, tortured and killed afterwards. It is a practice from another century that shows that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye gives no value to human life, especially when it comes to Tutsi or political opponents. This power has a visceral hatred towards ex-fabs to such an extent that at every opportunity that presents itself, it does not hesitate to kill them. A corpse of Deogratias Havyarimana, native of Mugamba, ex military / police officer was found at the Regina Mundi cathedral on September 24, 2020; C-C Diomède Niyonzima of 322Bn will be shot in the camp and the command will say that he committed suicide, that he had a mental problem. The Battalion S4, Maj Nshimirimana and his commander, Lt-Col Jean de Dieu Ntakirutimana remain the sole responsible for this death. Two examples that illustrate many others documented since 2015.
URN HITAMWONEZA reminds the military clique in power in Burundi that all these crimes will not go unpunished. They are well documented; the victims and the torturers are well known. Tomorrow or the day after, this handful of men and women who are taking a whole people hostage will no longer be in power. Their next destination is well known. Rather, all Burundians who love peace and justice must have the courage to overcome fear and unite to accelerate their departure. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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