Burundi: The negative forces attacking Rwanda move in Burundi like fish in water and find the necessary logistics there.

Burundi: The negative forces attacking Rwanda move in Burundi like fish in water and find the necessary logistics there.
In our edition of January 26, 2021, we showed how President Ndayishimiye minimized, during his speech on January 24, 2021 closing the extraordinary congress of the cnddfdd which resulted in the appointment of Reverien Ndikuriyo as the new secretary general of the party, the problem between Rwanda and Burundi.
A security problem for Rwandan citizens can in no way be considered as a simple matter of cousinhood, as Evariste Ndayishimiye said wandering off. He insinuated in his speech that during the talks that have already taken place between the two parties, the crux of the problem has already been identified. For those who know the language of Kirogorogo, it can even happen to reveal files that are still under discussion, a way of showing that the main cause of the conflict is on the Rwandan side. And, it is always for him, those who attempted a failed coup d’état in 2015, who would be hosted by Rwanda, whom he would like to see extradited to Burundi to appear before his remote-controlled courts by the military clique he heads.
Evariste Ndayishimiye wants to remove the straw that is in a neighbour’s eye regardless of the beam in his. Indeed, everyone is aware that the cnddfdd power has always supported the negative forces responsible for the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, who have erected their positions in eastern DRCongo and who are desperately trying to reconquer Rwanda. They often lead incursions into southern Rwanda to disrupt the security of citizens in this area, but have always been repelled by Rwandan forces. Burundian soil has therefore always been used by these criminals as an entry corridor from the DRC, but also as a rear base to attack Rwanda since these forces have set up positions in the Kibira (forest whose extension even comes from the Rwandan side)
FDRL political fighters have always enjoyed hospitality in the land of the Eagle, some have even received Burundian diplomatic passports to facilitate their movements; others recruited in the countries of the sub-region (in Tanzania, Zambia etc …) passing them through Burundi, then were transported and escorted thereafter by the security forces of Burundi (military and police) to training areas in DRCongo. Some of them have even been reinstated in the security forces under different Burundian names and identity cards. They participate in the close security of certain leaders. Remember that Paul Rusesabagina, one of the influential members of these negative forces is now before the Rwandan courts. In his interview, he said that he ended up in Kigali when he thought he was landing in Bujumbura. He said he had been invited by a local church, but sources indicate that he would also meet with President Ndayishimiye. To talk about what? No doubt of probable support for the terrorist organization of which he was a member.
Today, the same negative forces are noticeable in Burundi, shuttling between Burundi and the DRCongo, alongside the Burundian military and the imbonerakure militia. The people of Mabayi commune in Cibitoke province who observe these movements are worried for their safety. Some local citizens are even taken hostage to transport the logistics of these combatants to the kibira, brought by Burundian military vehicles to the Mabayi center.
Sources on the spot in Cibitoke indicate that the FLN have positions more or less 200m from a military position of the 211th Bn located in the Kibira on the Mabayi side, on Ruhororo hill. These FLN rebels were given military uniforms from Burundi, in addition to the Rwandan army uniforms they wear; a facility to move between the two countries. They also receive the logistics of stores from the Burundi Defence Force. Remember the tins marked « FDNB, made in China » seized from a fighter arrested in southern Rwanda during the attack on June 27, 2020.
This collaboration between the FLN and the Burundian soldiers is not limited only there. They are carrying out incursions into DR Congo together, also accompanied by imbonerakure, supposedly to track down Burundian rebels who are there. Concurring sources say that they often go through crossroads 6 and 10 in Buganda commune to arrive in the DRC. They go as far as the Murenge region. There, we often hear the local population lamenting over the radios that Burundian rebels from Red Tabara are disrupting their security. It is also possible that these are the elements that appropriate and use the name of Red Tabara just to seek information on the presence of Burundian rebels who may be hiding there. This is information to verify. Carrying out attacks there and attributing them to the Red Tabara movement is another possibility to explore.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds that the Gitega military clique led by Evariste Ndayishimiye thinks they are playing the evil one by multiplying statements to try to exonerate themselves when the thorn is in its side. To stop supporting or facilitating the path of these negative forces which want to attack Rwanda is not an easy matter for him; together they signed agreements that are difficult to violate, they jointly carried out mafia deals in the mineral trade and others. Today, telling them to divorce completely in order to resume good cooperation with the government in Kigali risks costing them dearly. They will therefore spend time in talks that will never succeed and Evariste Ndayishimiye will continue to make multiple statements to show that it is Rwanda that has not wanted to honour its commitments. The average Burundian needs to come and go in Rwanda without any constraint, that is where his interest lies. We must therefore all stand up together as one man to stop strategies which would force Gitega’s power to divorce definitively with these negative forces which risk plunging our country once again into a regional war.

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