Burundi: President Ndayishimiye facing the challenges of respecting human rights in the country.

Burundi: President Ndayishimiye facing the challenges of respecting human rights in the country.
Our analysis consists in demonstrating that even if Evariste Ndayishimiye had the good will to change things in Burundi in a positive direction, he is unable to do so because he is tied hands and feet. The system that set it up is locked. He is already immersed in nameless crimes and getting out of it to work towards respect for human rights requires sacrifices. Those who should jump for everyone else to have peace are pretty adamant; they are ready to shed as much blood as possible to maintain their positions. Dead end!!
Indeed, before broaching the subject, the question that must be asked is who is really violating human rights in Burundi? The real performers are known to all because they do not hide. The first group is made up of the imbonerakure militia scattered across the country, which has been trained and armed by the authorities and who have received exorbitant powers of the right to life and death over Burundian citizens. They arrest, torture or kill whoever they want without any prosecution. They even manage to give orders to members of the defence and security forces because they know they have all the necessary support from power. President Ndayishimiye tried to put them back in their place, but was forced to let the system continue as before (we had the opportunity to demonstrate this)
The second group is made up of the agents of the national intelligence service. They kidnap people, torture and kill them, then dump the corpses in gutters, rivers and lakes or in bushes and on hills. The administration is responsible for having them buried as quickly as possible before they are identified.
The third group includes certain soldiers and police, members of the defence and security corps, who willingly or by force accept to be real tools of power to crush its opponents and all those who dare to oppose the decisions taken by the cnddfdd system. They receive a lot of advantage over others because they are called trusted men.
The second big question to be answered is who gives these orders or for what authority these criminals work. Whose orders are they obeying? In a normal ordinary situation, it is the President of the Republic, the head of the large family, who has the last word. Unfortunately, and this is where the great danger lies for the Burundian people, we have a lot of decision-makers and everyone believes they are powerful. At the head of the state we have a military clique which has been able to easily make money for more than 15 years and which decides on all areas of the life of the country. The clique is also not united, it is not coordinated; otherwise, the president being a member, the others would normally obey him.
Two big blocks can be seen today. A bloc which follows the instructions and which obeys the orders of Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and another which obeys the orders of Evariste Ndayishimiye. The third bloc, which is the one behind former President Pierre Nkurunziza, is the weak link in the chain and these people are increasingly siding with the stronger side between the first two blocs. Today, the observation is that Allain Guillaume Bunyoni’s group seems to be taking the lead because it even manages to challenge the president on certain issues. When Evariste Ndayishimiye makes / or announces a decision and instead of it being carried out he finds himself in a situation where he is obliged to change it or to contradict himself in front of his leaders, it is because he has not hands free is that there is another decision circle dictating what to do. We will have seen this when he announced the publication of the assets of the leaders before they took office (which is recorded in the constitution) and that he was subsequently obliged to say the contrary publicly by stressing that the assets of someone ‘one is a personal secret. This seems understandable for two reasons: first, he was not elected, he was imposed. By who? By this same military clique which makes all the decisions because it is known to all that the late President Nkurunziza had proposed Pascal Nyabenda, then president of the national assembly, as the cnddfdd candidate for the presidential election. This party lost the May 2020 elections and it was the same military clique that imposed the decision to change the results in favour of Evariste Ndayishimiye accepting responsibility for all the consequences that would ensue. The second reason is that Evariste Ndayishimiye himself does not have the character of a charismatic leader who makes thoughtful and concerted decisions, who speaks after turning his tongue 7 times to utter a real word worthy of a leader State. He is a down to earth man, a vulgar man.
This is why any imbonerakure can do whatever he wants without worrying because he knows he is working in a system that from the start gave orders to subdue / kill anyone who dares to oppose them vision and fail to control monitoring. As soon as Evarsite Ndayishimiye took power, he began to open up and open the country to the outside world, some partners are already starting to put pressure on the Ndayishimiye power for more respect for human rights in Burundi while promising the resumption of cooperation and aid to the government. Despite the goodwill Evariste Ndayishimiye may have, the majority of the military clique have records of the crimes they have committed and would not want things to normalize. There will be a real fight between who wants the country to be governed on the basis of respect for human rights and those who want the status quo to protect themselves and the property they have stolen.
URN HITAMWONEZA always asks Burundians to open their eyes and see clearly what is happening in our country by the military clique in power. They are far from seeing in the same direction on the management of the country in the days to come. And it is the people who will suffer the dire consequences of this crisis. It’s up to us to take matters into our own hands and prevent the situation from reaching that point.

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