Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye criticizes quality of education as if he just fell from the sky

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye criticizes quality of education as if he just fell from the sky
President Evariste Ndayishimiye spoke about the education system in Burundi during his meeting with media officials and institutional spokespersons on January 28, 2021. The president justifies the low level of education of young Burundians by the lack of teachers who have the required skills because they have received diplomas without having anything in their heads. ‘’Ntawurondera amata mu matako y’ibikere’’= ‘’you cannot get milk from frogs’ legs’’. These are the words of President Ndayishimiye. No beautiful girl in the world can give what she has, others will say. He added that the level he had in 6th grade primary (he who studied in the old education system, when the country was still run by far-sighted leaders) is the same level as the 10th year of high school children have today. Who designed and implemented this system today you are talking about Mr. President? We will come back to that. According to him, there were times when teachers were threatened by students who came to class with knives and they did not hesitate to give them points for free to save their skin. Since when do students dare to bring knives or grenades in their pockets to class to threaten teachers? Who would these students be? The president can answer all of these questions.
Indeed, as President Ndayishimiye puts it, the old education system is nothing like the new one. Some students even arrive at university level without being able to correctly formulate a complete sentence in French. What a shame. This is the educational system established by the cnddfdd system from which Evariste came and which brought him to the head of state. He was fortunate enough to study when there were still leaders who thought more for the future of the country, who cared more about the training of the youth because a country without educated youth is a dying country.
Since the 2013-2014 school year, the cnddfdd power has established the basic school system, a poorly thought out, poorly planned and implemented system without books for either students or teachers, without prior training of teachers for this. new system, without sufficient schools when they wanted everyone to at least go through the school bench, etc … The list goes on; the teachers’ diary of January 29, 2021 talked about it at length. This is the origin of the poor quality of education of Burundian children today. The height of misfortune is that the children of these false leaders who have set up this system, all study in European or American schools, the less fortunate are in private schools of excellence and this on funds paid by the Burundian taxpayer, at the moment when the child of the average citizen of Gisuru does not even have a desk bench and sits on a stone on the floor in an uncovered classroom or without a door or window with all the bad weather that does not allow him to follow in class. When the rain falls, everyone first looks for a place to find shelter to continue classes afterwards. These are the citizens that Ndayishimiye baptized ABENEBURUNDI = citizens to whom Burundi belongs; citizens who benefit from the country’s resources. Stop the manipulation of the population Mr. President.
Over 80% of these students eventually drop out of school and the cnddfdd system trains them to kill, along with those who still have the courage to show up. These young people, transformed into militia of the cnddfdd party, imbonerakure, no longer have a taste for studies. Even those who show up to school cannot follow because they spend their nights in the patrols. These are the ones Evariste Ndayishimiye was referring to when he said that some students go to school with knives and grenades in their pockets to threaten teachers to give them free grades. Whoever is lucky enough to finish and graduate and go into education is only going to poison the youth because they have nothing in mind. It was from this moment that we began to see teachers who dare to rape their students because it is poorly educated people who are supposed to educate others. We only give what we have, as we said above. Ask Evariste Ndayishimiye if he had seen such behaviour in his day. The cnddfdd power has destroyed education, it has destroyed Burundian society.
Why does Evariste Ndayishimiye dare to criticize a bad education system set up by the cnddfdd system from which he came? Two hypotheses: the first and the least probable is that he has come to his senses, that the moment comes to criticize what has been designed and implemented by the cnddfdd system even if he has put him in this chair, and turn the page in order to change the bad things and look in the right way. If he was a smart and wise man, if he wanted to really rule and report to the people on what he really achieved for all Burundians, that was the best attitude to take. Unfortunately, we remain convinced that it will be difficult for him to detach himself from the system which set him up; a system plagued by corruption and economic malfeasance, a dictatorial and genocidal system which kills, tortures and imprisons all those who dare to lift a finger to denounce the errors of the regime. This system is dominated at the high level by people who have already committed a lot of crimes (blood crimes, economic crimes), who have too much wealth, and who have the last word on the decisions which concern the management of the country. It will be difficult for Evariste Ndayishimiye, (even if he had the good will to change anything, if he does not want to see his head cut off) to convince these hawks of the regime. It is for this reason that the second hypothesis is more likely: he said these sentences without thinking too much about it, just to please his listeners and the international community, as he impatiently awaits the lifting of European sanctions and the resumption of the granting of direct aid to his government, which needs so much in these times of global economic crisis.
URN HITAMWONEZA continues to alert Burundians so that they are no longer distracted by President Ndayishimiye’s speeches. Rather, let us continue to listen and observe the facts and actions that will follow; and we will know that we have real leaders or charlatans and then infer our attitude towards them. If we are not careful, we will continue to retreat as others advance in leaps and bounds. It’s up to us to react in time. May those who do not want to lead us to peace, security and development give way to others who can; and they are many. It is up to us Burundians, all together, to give them this chance. If we want, we can.

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