Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye could score a first point in terms of respect for human rights

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye could score a first point in terms of respect for human rights
Informed sources say that Christa Kaneza, widow of Thierry Kubwimana could finally be released. She was arrested on 19javier 2021, handcuffed with two co-accused. She was in their midst as Jesus on the cross was in the midst of two bandits. Jesus was innocent, as Christa Kaneza is too. However, she was introduced to the media by Pierre Nkurikiye who did not hesitate to say that she is responsible for the death of her husband. In the words of this spokesperson involved in all the criminal arrangements of cnddfdd power, « it is this woman who killed her husband while being helped by the two men because she could not do it alone » ‘. A spokesperson who condemns a person even before the judgment of justice. Christa was humiliated by Peter Nkurikiye and by the Ndayishimiye power just as Jesus was also on the cross. The son of God eventually died on the cross, but Christa was taken, after questioning, to Mpimba Central Prison on January 20, 2021.
Note that, according to reliable sources, one of the co-accused refused to charge Christa; he was taken to a hitherto unknown location (some say he was taken to the SNR); he returned with a weak air (he was reportedly tortured to force her to charge Christa), but continued to deny Christa’s involvement in the murder.
Christa Kaneza should be at home since February 2, 2021 because the decision to release her is out the same day. There was just one release ticket that cleared him out of prison. But, until this paper was written, this permission had not yet been available. Can things change and the decision challenged? Anything is possible in the Eagle Kingdom; but we hope that this time those who rejected Evariste Ndayishimiye’s request would have given their consent before making the decision public.
Thierry Kubwimana was shot by two men who surprised him sleeping in his marital bed the night of November 24 to 25, 2020 after only three months of marriage.
It was noticed that the planners of this crime were mighty men of power as to how the police and the National Intelligence Service were used to cover up this crime. You have no doubt followed the various testimonies given on this file. No one can doubt that this is a state crime. But, the question that remains unanswered is why these men of power were hitting this young man. What is known is that he had worked in a Russian mining company operating in the province of Cibitoke, in the northwest of the country, and that he had resigned. This resignation worried more than one because no one could tell us why; he was well paid. Time will tell because he must have told someone he trusted about this before his death. Some sources say that this is a mafia case that involves the big fish of the regime, including Marshal Allain Guillaume Bunyoni who allegedly wanted to use the deceased who refused his offer; reason may be for his murder. If there was a competent justice, not used by the same criminals, the Burundians could know the truth about this matter. But, we must not give in to despair because times change, men too; the powerful of today will not be powerful tomorrow.
Let’s come back to the liberation of Christa Kaneza. According to an informed source, President Ndayishimiye has asked, since people shouted right after her imprisonment, that this widow be released. But, his request was rejected by a powerful hand that is still unknown. When a president of the republic gives an order and the executors say no, it means that he has no power, the power is in the hands of others.
Now that the cnddfdd power needs money, and that it is stroking the European Union so that this organization agrees to lift the sanctions and grant direct aid to the government, the hawks of power would have at least agreed to respond positively to Evariste Ndayishimiye’s call to order. This is an argument that would have convinced the Mafiosi of power to let go of the widow Christa. It is not out of kindness of heart or out of concern for justice that they do it, it is out of pressure from the European Union and other international actors.
URN HITAMWONEZA greets this positive gesture, but take this opportunity to alert anyone who has given any contribution so that people realize that this is a state crime. These criminals never disarm. They know that if the truth is out they can be sued, maybe not today, but, you never know, tomorrow. They will then do everything in their power to remove all the annoying elements and especially within the two families, that of Thierry and Christa. This widow will also have to be careful because putting on stupid scenes to put her in jail was only to silence her and silence her family so that the truth is not known. Eliminating him would be the last option for these criminals. The Burundians must know that we have a power dominated by criminals accustomed to killing and who spare no one. All these elements of the police and the SNR used in this montage must also know that their days are numbered. They will be eliminated one by one, without too much noise. Let’s all stand up, without distinction, as long as we still have time to get rid of these criminals who rule us, tomorrow may be too late.

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