Burundi: Of national unity, all that remains today is a political slogan. (part two)

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Burundi: Of national unity, all that remains today is a political slogan. (part two)
It is a Sunday February 7, 2021, two days after the celebration of the National Unity Day celebrated on February 5 of each year. We showed in our previous edition that the Burundians see this day as an opportunity for politicians to deliver speeches and lay flowers on the symbols of unity, but that unity per se among Burundians no longer exists. Unity is not sung, it is lived. The divisions between Burundians have intensified because they were planned and taught by a handful of leaders of the ruling cnddfdd who make it a support to get and stay in power for their interests.
Since it is Sunday, we put aside all other aspects to talk only about what is related to the word of God. President Evariste Ndayishimiye continues to rely on Bible verses in his speeches. We are not judges (only God is the true judge (James 4:12) of all of us, a just judge because he sees what we think and what we do even in secret) to know if he believes in what ‘he says or if these are only political words and speeches to arouse the sympathy of the people (knowing that more than 90% of Burundians are Christians).
In his speech on the National Unity Day, Evariste Ndayishimiye did not fail to say that God plays a crucial role in the pacification of all human society. « It is God who makes us human. A lion, no matter how ferocious, will never harm another lion. Yet you will see Men go after others! This is to say that the humanity that we draw from God is not to be taken lightly…. This is why having God in our constitution is of importance in the eyes of the Almighty « .
Addressing all the leaders who were listening intently to him, Ndayishimiye begged them very emphatically that people should never shed blood; that they can do anything except shed blood because shedding blood is a curse.
He was telling the truth because even the Bible tells us that Cain was cursed by God after shedding the blood of his brother Abel. Some say he killed her not out of jealousy, but out of envy. God had just preferred Abel’s offering to that of Cain. And now, by this simple gesture, he jumps on him and kills him; Abel was the first human to die. God asked Cain: Where is your brother? This is the question that many Burundians, starting with the leaders, should answer.
Today, President Ndayishimiye is considered primarily responsible for everything that happens in the country because many crimes are committed by people under his control: the imbonerakure, members of the National Intelligence Service, some members of the defence and security corps. What if the question that God addressed to Cain was addressed to Evariste Ndayishimiye: Where is Thierry Kubwimana? Why is his widow Christa Kaneza persecuted? Why make a 3-months old baby suffer? Do you have an answer Mr. President?
Read Exodus 22: 21-23: ‘’ You shall not harm the widow or the orphan. If you hurt them and they come to me, I will hear their screams. My anger will be kindled and I will destroy you with the sword; it is your wives who will become widows, and your orphan children « .
We are convinced that it was not Evariste Ndayishimiye who killed Thierry Kubwimana, nor even other thousands of people whose bodies, tied up, are collected here and there in the country. It may not be even among the planners. Yet he is the first to answer for all these acts because if he does not stop them, he becomes an accomplice on the one hand and on the other hand primarily responsible because he is the head of state.
We are sure that the planners of all these crimes, and even some of the perpetrators, were among those who were in front of the President and listening to him intently. These are big fish around him who are very powerful and who are capable of overturning a decision taken by justice, why not say no to the will of the president himself. In this case, if the president does not have the courage to use the power that the people have given him to stop them from their functions and then bring them before the courts, either he is an accomplice or he is an extra, he should resign if he believes himself to be a man of honour. If he chooses to remain seated comfortably in his chair as those he is supposed to lead continue to spill Burundian blood, continue to abuse widows and orphans, he is sitting on a bomb. The wrath of God will ignite and destroy, him and these criminals with the sword, their wives will remain widows, their children orphans. The Bible says so.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again reminds Burundians of all stripes that God is love (read 1 John 4: 7-19) and he loves everyone without exception. To those who are used by these leader-demons who think only of shedding blood to keep power and who rush on their brothers to kill them, we advise you to think about your future and the future of your children. The wrath of God will be kindled upon you sooner or later, and whoever kills with the sword will perish by the sword (Matthew 26:52). To all Burundians aware of the importance of true unity among us, of the interest of living together as brothers, we ask you to join forces to fight against all those who advocate divisions and exclusions within Burundian because they only aim at the destruction of an entire nation. God is always on the side of the righteous; let’s do everything we can to put these demons aside. United, we will get there.

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