Burundi: Of national unity, there remains today only a political slogan (Fourth part).

Burundi: Of national unity, there remains today only a political slogan (Fourth part).
We have already demonstrated in our previous editions that the unity of the Burundians is only on the lips, that it is sung on the anniversary of the celebration of national unity, but in practice it does not no longer exists. The worst part is that divisions and exclusions are planned, taught and implemented by the leaders from the presidential party, the cnddfdd.
We repeat it once again to all those who want to listen to us, Burundians and the international community, that no one is distracted by the tantalizing speeches of President Evariste Ndayishimiye. No one is stopping you from listening to them, wait for the implementation, but don’t be surprised that nothing will be achieved.
In his speech on February 5, 2021, he seemed to convey to the public that his good intentions are being stifled by the other leaders around him (ngo umwami agirwa n’abagabo = the leader is strengthened by his advisers). He seemed to point the accusing finger at all the leaders who were with him, starting with the Prime Minister, Allain Guillame Bunyoni who displayed an air of one who is too embarrassed by the president’s speech. The files of blood crimes, economic embezzlement, bad governance that he told them about touched a lot of leaders who were in front of him listening to him and some felt guilty in their own heart.
We have also shown that even if President Ndayishimiye seemed to accuse others, he does not have his hands clean, especially since 80% of blood crimes recorded in Burundi are committed by state services he is supposed to control functioning (the intelligence service which depends on the presidency, the soldiers and police officers of the presidential guard, the zealous military and police groups commanded by criminals of the cnddfdd system, and the imbonerakure militia which he controlled yesterday when he was general secretary of cnddfdd). To say that he has no idea what the SNR is doing seems illogical. If he does not bless these crimes that his services commit, he is at least an accomplice, if not, he should severely punish the culprits, starting with the leaders. As long as he is silent and these crimes continue, he is primarily responsible.
President Ndayishimiye said it well in his speech that « justice is the bedrock of national unity ». Where there is injustice, there can be neither national unity, nor peace, let alone development.
It is flagrant injustice to see the famous Kenny Claude Nduwimana who has propagated hate speech against the Tutsis, nameless insults, incitement of the Hutus to massacre the Tutsis, through social media and under the blessing authorities of the country, including Evariste Ndayishimiye, deprived of liberty (not to say imprisoned) for a few weeks by the SNR and that he be released on February 8, 2021, when the SNR had just prevented, on February 3, 2021, Christa Kaneza, this widow of Thierry Kubwimana (who would be killed by the same service), to get out of prison when the prosecutor had authorized his provisional release.
It is also injustice and specifically exclusion to see that more than 95% of positions of responsibility, and in all areas of the life of the country, are occupied by Hutu members of the cnddfdd. The rest is occupied by a handful of Tutsis, also members of this party, plus one or two members from parties allied to the cnddfdd (people without legal personality, used by the party in power in mafia cases). They are not the only children in the country, let alone the most competent. Skilled human resources are harassed and expelled from the country, others are unfairly imprisoned, and still others are forgotten simply because they are not members of the ruling party.
We have taken just the two examples today to show that the unity of which Evariste Ndayishimiye sings is only a political slogan because it is at the base of this injustice, of this exclusion (it is he who signs the decrees appointment to positions of responsibility). We would like to remind Evariste Ndayishimiye of an extract from a letter that Prince Louis Rwagasore wrote to Albert Mauss: «  I can assure you that the victims of injustices will know how to impose themselves against any regime that denies them essential rights, chances that other nations of the world have: such and such a regime would disappear, it is in the course of history …  »
The URN HITAMWONEZA organization reminds all Burundians what it keeps telling them, Burundi belongs to all Burundians without exclusion. Evarsite Ndayishimiye liked to tell the late Pierre Nkurunziza that ‘’if you eat alone, you will fight alone’ = (if you eat alone, no one will come to your aid in case of problems). Rather, we say that the country’s resources must be shared among all the daughters and sons of the country without exclusion; positions should be distributed according to the knowledge and skills of the people and not according to membership of any political party. This is the only way to develop the country. We must therefore stand up to refuse that the incompetent are masters of the field and that we remain the poorest on the planet. We must adopt strategies to change this way of managing the country, starting with its designers. United, we will get there.

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