Burundi: Of national unity, there remains today only one political slogan (Fifth part).

Burundi: Of national unity, there remains today only one political slogan (Fifth part).
We continue our analysis of President Ndayishimiye Evariste’s speech during the celebration of the National Unity Day on February 5, 2021. We have already shown that not only the national unity day is only in speeches, that ‘it is not in the hearts of the Burundians; but also that Evariste Ndayishimiye’s speeches are just political slogans that never implimented.
When more than 1000 refugees from Mahama camp in Rwanda returned this February 10, 2021A to Burundi, today we address the point in relation to the refugees that Evariste Ndayishimiye did not hesitate to denigrate, comparing them to goats in countries of asylum. Yet he said in his speech that ‘’ Leaders should be good parents and a good parent govern for all’’. The question that should be addressed to him is whether those who fled the country as a result of the persecution of them by state services and the imbonerakure, a militia of his original party, are no longer Burundians. By saying that they have fewer rights than goats in countries of asylum, would that be a way of encouraging them to return home where they have more rights when they risk losing even the most basic right, who is the right to life? Could it be for love when President Ndayishimiye collaborates with John Pompe Magufuli to persecute Burundian refugees who are in Tanzania? Forcing them to return when they do not yet feel safe would be a love that Ndayishimiye has for them? The answer is clear. It’s no. It is out of spite, it is a visceral hatred that Ndayishimiye Evariste and the military clique he leads have towards the real refugees who have fled the violent repression exerted on all those who have said no to the violation of the law with the 3rd term of Pierre Nkurunziza in 2015. We cite a few examples that reflect this hatred and hypocrisy of Evariste Ndayishimiye who in his speeches calls on refugees to return when he plans to exterminate them.
It is a rare nastiness to send imbonerakure with grenades to kill refugees in Tanzania who fled the same criminals in Burundi. The example of Peter Ndayishimiye, arrested by Tanzanian police at Nduta refugee camp with a bag of flour containing two pomegranates on October 22, 2020 speaks volumes. He is known as an imbonerakure who works for SNR Muyinga. He returned to the country after missing his mission. This proves the complicity of the imbonerakure militia with the Tanzanian police.
Arbitrary arrests in refugee camps in Tanzania are commonplace. Some are killed, others inhumanly imprisoned in police dungeons in Tanzania, still others are sent to the SNR in Burundi. The latter will know what to do with it. Except Rwasa Saidi, cimpaye Felix and Ndayishimiye Vocatus who were found in Muramvya prison as well as Nkunzimana Anaclet, Ndayizeye Radjabu and Kazimana Emmanuel found in Bubanza prison, the rest is without trace.
Another example that shows the hypocrisy of Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique is to call the refugees to return, when they send the parliamentarians cnddfdd sensitize the imbonerakure and members of the cnddfdd to follow closely those who return to eliminate them if necessary. In December 2020, MP Remy Bigirumusase from Kirundo, said returnees from Mahama in Rwanda seek to destroy the country, and called on the administration to follow them closely. In November 2020, it was the head of the SNR in this province who said that these returnees from Mahama in Rwanda had undergone military training, that they should be monitored; and all their movements are closely followed by the imbonerakure
The consequences of this instruction did not take long to emerge: a certain Eric, cnl member, from Gatete hill, Gasare zone in Busoni commune in Kirundo, repatriated in the 3rd round, was kidnapped from his home after only two days. He would already be killed. He had fled in 2015; He decided to return when Evariste Ndayishimiye appealed to them during his visit to Busoni commune.
The ACAT Burundi report of February 3, 2021 gives the results of returnees killed and arrested, just for the month of January 2021: a corpse of Sigesber Icoyitangiye, repatriated from Nduta camp in Tanzania, was found on January 4, 2021 on the Mugere river, tied up and beheaded. He was a native of Gakungwe in Kabezi commune in Bujumbura Rural and a CNL member. A certain Salaciel Ntunzwenabake, ex – fab, repatriated from the DRC in January 2021, was found dead, beheaded, at his home in Gitwenzi, Murungurira zone, Ntega commune, Kirundo province. The imbonerakure would be responsible for this death. Bienvenu Mirerekano and Justin Nshingumugabo, all returnees from Tanzania in Nyarugusu were arrested and imprisoned in the dungeons of Bweru commune. They are natives of the Kayongozi zone, Bweru commune in Ruyigi province.
URN HITAMWONEZA will never stop showing you how hypocritical Evariste Ndayishimiye is, giving tantalizing speeches calling on refugees to return to their country when the services under his control are planning crimes. We are not preventing anyone from returning to their country, but we advise those who know that what they have fled is still there to be patient; the time will come to drive out these criminals and let all Burundians live together in peace. Everyone must then give their contribution to accelerate the arrival of this day.

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