Burundi: The cnddfdd administration is now exclusively Hutu as it was before the 1993 Tutsi genocide

Burundi: The cnddfdd administration is now exclusively Hutu as it was before the 1993 Tutsi genocide
Just read the report of the Iteka league on the distribution of positions of responsibility according to political parties and social components (ethnic groups) as well as the report of an Office of Studies on Burundi published on February 5, 2021 and entitled : Between what the cnddfdd says and what it does, there is an abyss! to see that the cnddfdd took the option of excluding Tutsis and Hutus from the CNL in all areas of life in Burundi and especially in the administration and particularly the grassroots administration. It reminds those in the know, who followed the events of 1993, of the makeup of the administration at that time. The administration was almost 100% Hutu Frodebu, today it is almost 100% Hutu cnddfdd. What should Burundians expect? Wait and see.
It is known to all, except those who close their eyes so as not to see what really happened, that it was the administrative staff, starting with the governors to the hill chiefs, who mobilized and incited the Hutus of the Frodebu to exterminate the Tutsis. Some even gave examples by beheading Tutsi with their own hands as a model to follow and to avoid the fear of killing neighbours who shared everything with them. Others gave examples of killing their own Tutsi women. What animosity! Even animals cannot do it except the pig which eats its children when it is too hungry. It should be noted that even a few rare Tutsis who were in Frodebu, who alerted the other Tutsis or who tried to hide them were also killed. The Hutus in Uprona were not targeted; they were only forced to pay money or bribes as an almond for being in Uprona (kwimenjura). Our investigations revealed to us a single Hutu from Uprona named Nkurikiye of Kayanza, who was killed on charges of poisoning President Ndadaye. An excuse. We also do not pass over in silence the Hutus who still had a sense of humanity, who were able to save Tutsis from this human barbarism.
History will also remember this old Hutu named Rurankiriza living 100 m from Gasenyi / Kayanza parish who decided to kill himself when he saw machetes unloaded in his house by the former General Administrator of Documentation, Mr. Ndikumwami Richard, having heard of the destination of these machetes (to kill the Tutsis). Rurankiriza, who had deep friendships with the Tutsis, had begged his two sons a lot not to join in such acts but who had obtained an end of inadmissibility from them, preferred instead to kill himself instead to witness these massacres.
Here people must understand that the genocide had been prepared by the Frodebu power because our investigations discovered that, already on October 18, 1993, 3 days before the massacres in Rango commune, Mr. Ndikumwami Richard accompanied by Mr. Sendegeya Christian respectively ex-Administrator General of Documentation and Deputy General Administrator of Documentation, went to Rango commune. There, they held a rally at the parish of Gasenyi in which they revealed that a putsch was brewing and that the Hutus should then take action by exterminating the Tutsi and the opposition Hutus. The two characters had just given the same teachings in other places such as the capital of Kayanza Province. This did not prevent Ndikumana Richard, like President Ndadaye himself, from being considered martyrs and heroes of democracy by the regime in place! History will not forgive him. Some say that President Ndadaye was not involved in the preparations for this genocide. How could his intelligence service go so far as to distribute new machetes in the provinces without his knowledge?
The administration was almost 100% Hutu Frodebu so that their plan was not revealed, but also for it to be 100% successful because they believed that no Tutsi were going to stay on Burundian soil.
Today, the cnddfdd, the majority of whose leaders were among these genocidaires of Frodebu, is doing the  » copy and paste  » of what they did in 1993 after the victory of Frodebu, excluding the Tutsis and the opposition Hutus in all sectors of the life of the country and especially in the administration, from top to bottom, why not for the same objective. Note: In the field of health for example, out of 673 heads of service (provincial doctors, heads of health districts, holders of health centres), 596 (88.6%) are Hutu members cnddfdd and 77 (11.4% ) are Tutsi members of cnddfdd and only 0.1% are CNL members. Regarding the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development, the heads of departments concerned by the investigation are the governors and municipal administrators. Out of 18 governors, 17 (94%) are members of cnddfdd, and 1 (6%) is a member of Uprona; 15 (83%) are Hutu, 3 (17%) are Tutsi. Out of 118 municipal administrators, 116 (98%) are members of the cnddfdd, 2 (2%) are Uprona members. Among them, 32 (32%) are Tutsi and 80 (68%) are Hutu. In the Provincial Offices for the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE), the departments concerned are the BPEAEs and municipal agronomists. Out of a total of 122 executives identified, 120 (98.4%) are members of cnddfdd and 2 (1.6%) are members of Uprona; 98 (80.3%) are Hutu and 24 (19.7%) are Tutsi. Within the National Police, out of a total of 18 provincial police stations, 15 (83.3%) are Hutu and 3 (16.7%) are Tutsi and within the SNR (national intelligence service), out of 18 provinces, the report shows that 17 SNR leaders are Hutu and 01 Tutsi. At the level of the military camps and battalions, out of the 22 listed commanders, 18 (81.8%) are Hutu and only 4 (18.2%) are Tutsi.
URN HITAMWONEZA notes that from the elements provided above, it emerges that the executives who are on the ground in all sectors of the life of the country are members of the cnddfdd, mainly Hutu and some Tutsi «  followers  » for some personal interests that they seek and who cannot prevent the genocide prepared by this party. We once again alert the Burundians, the sub-region and the international community and especially the countries of the European Union which seek to relaunch cooperation with the cnddfdd power, to take a step back to analyse the facts and gestures of Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique in order to take adequate preventive measures in time, otherwise tomorrow may be too late.

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