Burundi: What would have motivated President Ndayishimiye to quickly condemn the assassination of Ambassador Athanasio?

Burundi: What would have motivated President Ndayishimiye to quickly condemn the assassination of Ambassador Athanasio?
The Italian Ambassador to the DRCongo was killed on Monday February 22, 2021 after an ambush of his convoy more or less 15 km from Goma and 3 km before the Rural Municipality of Kibumba, more precisely in Kanyamahoro on the RN2 in the territory of Nyiragongo. The terrorists, 6 in number and equipped with 5 AK47 type weapons as well as a machete, proceeded with warning shots before forcing the occupants of the vehicles to descend and follow them into the far end of the Park and this, after having killed one of the drivers in order to create panic « , specifies a statement from the Congolese government.
According to testimonies collected from the survivors, the rebels wanted money from the ambassador. They took all the passengers and took them to the bush. And a few minutes later, they killed the Congolese driver then the bodyguard of the ambassador on the spot. The Italian ambassador was hit by rebel fire during an exchange of gunfire with the team of Virunga park guards supported by elements of the DRC armed force (FARDC) alerted by the attack. He died of his injuries at the Monusco hospital.
It is quite normal and understandable that the Italian and Congolese governments are the first to condemn this terrorist attack. The Congolese government, through the voice of the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi, strongly condemned the assassination of the Italian diplomat. Through an emissary in Rome, the Head of State, in a press release published by the presidential press, « condemns with the utmost firmness this terrorist attack which targeted the convoy of the ambassador on board of the PAM vehicle « . Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi made a statement expressing his « deepest condolences », while President Sergio Mattarella condemned the « cowardly attack ». Attanasio was traveling from Goma to visit a « school program » in the village of Rutshuru in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, WFP Rome said in a statement.
The Congolese interior ministry directly blamed the genocidal FDRL rebels for the attack. Some witnesses allegedly heard them speak Kinyarwanda.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye of Burundi was among the first to condemn the attack. On his tweeting account he wrote: ‘’ The assassination of the Italian Ambassador to the DRC is despicable. My condolences to the governments of Italy and the DRC, to the bereaved families and to the WFP. The region and the international community must work together to eradicate the armed groups that disrupt security in the region. « 
President Ndayishimiye is a man who has always shown good intentions, in his speeches and writings. He appears to be an extraordinarily good man. But, deep down, he’s thinking something else. He is more hypocritical than the Pharisees and scribes that we are told about in the bible. After learning that the FDRL would be responsible for this terrorist attack, knowing the connection his power has with these elements, he rushed to tweet to condemn the assassination. A humanitarian act, but which intends to hide the relationship it has with these genocidaires. They have long signed agreements with the cnddfdd power, certain elements of its imbonerakure militia have been trained militarily in their positions in the DRCONGO. Some members of the FDRL have even been integrated into the security services of Burundi, they have been specially deployed within the close guards of certain authorities. After much harassment of these FDRLs in their positions in the DRC, they moved their headquarters to Burundi. They move about the land like fish in water. They are given Burundian travel documents (under other names) so that they can travel easily. Burundi has become their rear base to attack neighbouring Rwanda; they receive the necessary logistics from the stocks of the Burundi National Defence Force. With them, the military clique exploits minerals from the Congolese subsoil, takes them through Burundi and Tanzania to be sold abroad. On return, weapons are purchased, delivered to the Burundian or Tanzanian government and subsequently distributed to these Rwandan genocidaires. This is what prompts President Ndayishimiye to tweet the first to condemn this attack and demand that all the armed groups that swarm in eastern DRC be disarmed. This is an attempt to hide from the public eye all his connections with a genocidal group that has just committed another crime of killing a diplomat, Luca Athanasio.
URN HITAMWONEZA condemns this assassination and calls for these genocidal groups to be completely dismantled so that the peoples of our countries in the Great Lakes region live in peace. Hypocrites should know that everything is known, that collaborating with groups that have committed genocide in a neighbouring country simply means that they condone this genocide and that they are able to help commit others if nothing is not done to prevent them. The international community and the sub-region must mobilize to put pressure on these groups and their accomplices to prevent them from harming or simply provide the necessary means to dismantle them. The Burundians, for their part, must adopt strategies to get rid of the leaders who collaborate with genocidaires and who always seek to disrupt a neighbouring country and the whole region.

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