Burundi: Could EAC be unable to prevent Burundi from supporting the negative forces that continue to disrupt Rwanda?

Burundi: Could EAC be unable to prevent Burundi from supporting the negative forces that continue to disrupt Rwanda?
This is a question that would be asked by any informed observer who follows closely what is happening on the northwest border between Burundi and the DRCongo and between Burundi and Rwanda. Indeed, we have always shown that elements of the genocidal forces of the FDRL, or even the FLN which have their base in DR Congo, cross the border to enter Burundi with the help or under the complicity of the imbonerakure militia or members of the FDNB (National Defence Forces of Burundi). They are heading directly into the Kibira forest which directly borders with Rwanda where they are preparing to disrupt the security of peaceful Rwandan citizens; and once pushed back by the RDF (Rwandan Defence Forces), they return to the Burundian part where they even benefit from logistical support from FDNB stocks.
The most recent major incursion that we mentioned dates from January 29, 2021 when between 150 and 200 elements of the FLN crossed the Burundian border from Congo by 6th and 10th Avenue Buganda in the province of Cibitoke. They were greeted by soldiers from the 211th Battalion installed in Ruhororo, and the FLN position is 100m from the position of the Burundian soldiers. These FLNs received Burundian military uniforms in addition to the Rwandan military uniforms they wear.
After the 21st EAC Heads of State Summit held by video conference on February 27, 2021 following the Covid 19 pandemic; a summit which has put in place a new president and a secretary general, all from Kenya, we learn that fighting is raging in the Kibira, on the border between Rwanda and Burundi. According to our sources of information, the Rwandan rebels would have once again infiltrated Rwanda to disrupt the security of the population coming from the Kibira and the Rwandan defence forces would have intervened as quickly as possible to rescue the population and drive out these negative forces which would have withdrawn towards Burundi. Our informants also informed us that Burundi deployed yesterday, February 27, 2021, a lot of military reinforcements in this part. The question that remains is whether these reinforcements were deployed to intercept these rebels who are attacking Rwanda and who are withdrawing in Burundi or whether it is rather to give them support so that they can continue their mission. We will know more about the results of these operations in the days to come.
These tensions come just after a summit of heads of state of the EAC countries. Would they have dealt with this question in relation to security on the borders between the Member States and especially between Burundi and Rwanda? The media did not tell us anything about it. If they did it in secret, that would be fine. If they didn’t even say a word about it, it would be a big mistake on their part. Everything they would have planned without security between member states is a waste of time. We cannot envisage the free movement of goods and people, we cannot speak of trade, of a common market, of a single currency, of the development of States when there is tension between countries.
Our bitter observation is that the EAC as an organization only exists in name. This community does not have a structure capable of sitting down and finding solutions to the problems that further divide the member countries. It is unfortunate that even those who do not have particular problems among themselves have a leaning towards one or the other among the warring parties. No country / head of state can take the lead and bring the conflicting parties together on the same table to find an adequate solution. The security problem between Burundi and Rwanda is glaring. This is a country providing a rear base and logistical support to elements attacking another neighbouring country. Why would these EAC countries be unable to solve this problem? What would prevent the EAC from telling Burundi, which is a member of the organization, to drive these Rwandan rebel elements from its territory and not allow other elements to pass through its territory to attack its neighbour? And if the FDNB would be unable to fight them, why not ask the EAC to organize a force that could do so for the benefit of both peoples? Security (heads of intelligence) and political (heads of diplomacy) meetings took place on the Gasenyi / Nemba border. What prevented the two sides from converging on the organization of joint operations to drive out those elements of the negative forces that have long erected positions in the Kibira from where they are launching assaults on Rwanda? In any case, it is not the means and the men that are lacking, there is a lack of will.
Rwanda has no interest in these men remaining in these positions to continue to disrupt the security of its citizens. Burundi is between a rock and a hard place. He must find it ridiculous to support in broad daylight elements which attack his neighbour. But, the military clique of the cnddfdd has close links with these Rwandan genocidaires, they have long dealt with mineral files and arms purchases, it is difficult for them to separate from them. The power of Gitega must support them to achieve their goal. Will they be able to reach it? When? Nobody knows. What could happen if Rwanda one day decides to assert its right of pursuit?
URN HITAMWONEZA once again alerts the Burundian people to rise up as quickly as possible to block the road to these leaders who want to provoke a new war which risks being the bloodiest in history. It is the citizens, Hutu as well as Tutsi, cnddfdd as well as cnl members who will pay the price. Let’s act quickly while there is still time, tomorrow may be too late. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA
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