Burundi: Hypocrisy of the ruling military clique in Gitega is pushing beyond the limits of what is acceptable

Burundi: Hypocrisy of the ruling military clique in Gitega is pushing beyond the limits of what is acceptable
Everyone is wondering what is currently being done in Burundi after the incidents on the border between Burundi and Rwanda where Burundian soldiers were killed and wounded. The official toll of the fighting has not been released to the media. Everything has remained a mystery. It is also not known how many FDRL / FLN members were killed, wounded or captured; how many RDF members who were killed or wounded because where there is fighting, most of the time there are losses.
According to our sources on site, calm reigned throughout the day of March 7, 2021, but tensions on the common border remain high. The FDNB continues to send reinforcements to the front without knowing exactly what enemy they will face. The official mission which is found in the orders given by the military command of the FDNB is: to fight the FDRL / FLN located in the Kibira. However, the same negative forces coming from the Rdcongo and who have erected solid positions in the Kibira are still there, the FDNB are aware of them, they provide them with the ammunition and logistics necessary for their survival. The FDNB soldiers with whom we speak tell us that they do not understand why the military authorities do not want to tell them the truth.
Informants in Cibitoke province also gave us information that should seem abnormal when the soldiers know they are going to this region to fight and drive the FDRL / FLN out of Kibira. According to our source in the capital of Cibitoke province, 90 members of the negative forces of the FDRL / FLN entered Burundi on March 5, 2021 from the DRC via transverse 5 Buganda. They reportedly headed straight for the Kibira, possibly to reinforce those who came into contact with the RDF in Rwanda last week as they went to attack peaceful Rwandan citizens. Reports from the battle camp say that these negative forces have suffered many losses in their ranks. The wounded would be treated in the FDNB military camps alongside the Burundian soldiers.
Information captured on most social media reports incursions by armed elements in the Rusizi plain, in the territory of Uvira, in South Kivu, from Burundi. According to APEVOV, a human rights organization, these movements of armed men have intensified since the night of Wednesday March 3, 2021. These armed men passed through Kananngo between Nyakarebe2 and Kyanyunda. On the night of Friday March 5 to Saturday March 6, 2021, the last of these men would have subdivided into two groups, one took the same route as the first, another group would have taken the direction of Rushima.
Entry of FDRL / FLN elements into Burundi from the DRC; exit of FDNB elements to the DRC; a situation that complicates the uninformed. This state of affairs seems contradictory, especially since the opinion in Bujumbura (this is what is transmitted as an order to the soldiers who are sent on mission to the border between Burundi and Rwanda) is that the Burundian soldiers who are sent to this sector will drive out the FDRL / FLN from Kibira. The members of the FDNB discover the opposite when they arrive on the ground. On the other hand, everyone should understand that there are no Burundian rebels in the DRC today who would seek to attack Burundi. What are FDNB members going to do in the DRC? The reason put forward is the search for the Burundian rebel groups there. But, no group that would threaten the security of Burundi remains in this country.
A simple and more or less logical analysis made by wise men is that the power of Gitega is playing smart. Burundian soldiers sent to the DRC go there to protect the entry of FDRL / FLN members from Congolese soil. They used to welcome them on Burundian soil. The recent example is 190 FDRL who entered Burundi on January 29, 2021 via Nyamitanga 4th avenue, greeted by 30 imbonerakure from Mabayi and who headed towards Cibitoke in Bukinanyana, others left towards Ruhororo in front of Bweyeye (in Rwanda). The new strategy is to welcome them from Congolese soil, dress them in Burundian military uniforms and let them freely return to Burundi disguised as Burundian soldiers. No one will know that they are not Burundian soldiers.
URNHITAMWONEZA once again regrets that Gitega’s power is tricking its defence and security corps into going to die in an unnecessary war whose underlying motives they do not understand. Relations between the military clique in power in Burundi and the FDRL / FLN risk misleading all the Burundian people in general, and the Burundian military in particular. It is clear that Evariste Ndayishimiye and his ruling military clique intend to provoke Rwanda by supporting the negative forces of the FDRL / FLN by all means; these generals know that they are guilty of many blood crimes, they are looking at all costs for chaos in Burundi, why not genocide which could even spread over the entire Great Lakes sub-region. They are mistaken in thinking that by sowing this disorder, they could keep the power they have today, after having eliminated all their opponents (Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition). It is unfortunate that they are not able to learn from history; otherwise, they should know that they are digging graves for many Burundians, but also their own graves. Let every peace-loving Burundian stand up to incapacitate these outlaws before it is too late.

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