Burundi: The imprisonment of the Honourable Fabien Banciryanino proves in black and white that no one has the right to speak the truth in Burundi.

Burundi: The imprisonment of the Honourable Fabien Banciryanino proves in black and white that no one has the right to speak the truth in Burundi.
Burundi has been ruled since 2005 by a power resulting from a rebellion which has only killed innocent people, a rebellion which said it was fighting for the return to democracy when in reality its objective was only to kill Tutsis survivors of the 1993 Tutsi genocide (see UN report, S / 1996/682 of 22 August 1996). The same people who committed the genocide of the Tutsi in 1993 after the death of President Melchior Ndadaye are the same people who taught this ideology of genocide which guided the men in the rebellion. Tutsis were killed in their displaced sites, dormant in their households, on the roads while traveling, their cows were either stolen and eaten by the criminals, or killed and left behind.
If people voted for cnddfdd in 2005, it was not because he had a good project for society, but because they hoped for change; others voted by threat because cndd fdd members told them that if they did not vote for this party, they would go straight back to a time of war. The elections that followed were nothing but holdups. The force of arms has always triumphed over the force of the law.
During all these years, the cnddfdd power has committed only various crimes: blood crimes and economic crimes. The country has seen no signs of development; the leaders were content to plunder the resources of the country and build beautiful houses and buy luxury vehicles, at the same time as they put the people to sleep with prayer sessions. Their prayers without deeds were worth nothing before God. They then built their system on rigs and lies until today.
The imprisonment of the deputy Fabien Banciryanino is only one proof which showed to the eyes of the whole world that this power cannot tolerate any voice which dares to speak the truth because for the cnddfdd power, to speak the truth simply means to destroy everything their system.
Daring to imprison a deputy for ideas he has transmitted, a truth spoken (a truth that undoubtedly hurts criminals), in the middle of a parliamentary session, is a sign that does not deceive that Burundi is far from being a democracy, but a nameless dictatorship.
Today, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye, obtained by electoral cheating, only confirms this spirit of dictatorship by removing from state functions all those who are not members of his party and by militarizing all services. From the President of the Republic, via the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior, the President of the National Assembly, certain provincial governors, administrators to hill chiefs, the majority is made up of ex-combatants. Burundian society and the international community should fear this state of affairs because, for those who remember the administrative structure of the country at the time of Frodebu power in 1993, the situation was similar. The whole administration was occupied by Hutus, members of Frodebu. They were the first to mobilize the killers and even launched the genocide against the Tutsi; some Hutus from Uprona who tried to hide Tutsis were also killed. The cnddfdd power has more means to commit the irreparable more than that of 1993. It trained and armed a militia, the imbonerakure, deployed throughout the country, it recruited interahamwe and enlisted some of them in within the defence and security forces.
In addition, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye maintains close relations with the FDRL / FLN who seek to disrupt neighbouring Rwanda through Burundi. FDNB members accompany these negative forces to the DRC supposedly to seek out and fight rebel groups that could attack Burundi; a pretext that does not hold water because these groups no longer exist. Rather, it shows a regional genocide project that they are preparing together.
The trial of Fabien Banciryanino is then nothing but a masquerade; a show of force of criminal power by Evariste Ndayishimiye who uses justice as a tool to silence whoever he wants and when he wants to continue his genocide project without any disturbance.
The Honourable Fabien Banciryanino is scheduled to appear on March 9, 2021, but the session did not take place following the Covid-19 pandemic which affected administrative staff, caregivers as well as most prisoners. With Burundi’s prisons full to shattering and barrier measures not being applied, there is a great risk that this disease will wreak havoc in detention centres.
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that the truth told by the Honourable Fabien Banciryanino will eventually come to light. The crimes and lies upon which cnddfdd power has been built will one day end up on the table, and their planners and perpetrators will one day go to independent courts and be tried according to the law. It is enough that all of us Burundians, we come together to bring down this dictatorial regime in order to choose responsible leaders who only aim at the national interest. The truth will eventually win over the lie, the good will overcome the evil. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA
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