Burundi: The power of Gitega and some countries are doing double duty in the organization of a genocide of the Tutsis in the sub-region

Burundi: The power of Gitega and some countries are doing double duty in the organization of a genocide of the Tutsis in the sub-region
The operations are done smartly, but it is easy to find out. All you need is good informants who give you the real facts on the ground. It all started with an extraordinary collaboration between the cnddfdd power and the FDLR interahamwe. The main common objective is to eliminate the Tutsi from the sub-region. The FDLR were motivated by revenge on the power of Kigali which drove them out of the country after they committed the Tutsi genocide in 1994; they would dream of regaining power by force and eliminating the survivors. The Hutus in power in Burundi have been guilty of the genocide of the Tutsis since 1993, they would like to put an end to it, in collaboration with these Rwandan genocidaires, so that no one can think of prosecuting them sooner or later. The intermediate objective was to find the means. From where they signed agreements for the extraction and sale of minerals from the Congolese subsoil. These minerals extracted from the DRC went through Burundi, Tanzania to be sold abroad. The money from this sale was used to buy the ammunition that was delivered to the two countries and sent to the Congo in the hands of these negative forces.
Burundi then became the centre or the staff for planning and organizing Rwanda’s destabilization operations, especially since, with the power of President Felix Tshisekedi, these negative forces were harassed in the DRC. Burundi is ruled with an iron fist by a Hutu military power cnddfdd which has put everything in place to commit genocide against Tutsis and opposition Hutus at all times. He has elements of the security forces that he radicalized to this cause, he has a trained and armed militia, he has members of the FDLR / FLN integrated into the defence and security corps, he has the entire administration hutu cnddfdd.
Now their plan is to focus their efforts on Rwanda. It is for this reason that attacks are increasing on this country by elements of the FDRL / FLN who have erected positions in the kibira on Burundian soil. The FDNB soldiers sent to reinforce this region were initially ordered to fight against these Rwandan rebel forces, but the reality on the ground was that they were going to support them instead. From where Burundian soldiers died, others, including officers, were injured.
After a bitter failure inflicted on them by the RDF forces, the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye and the command of these Rwandan negative forces are moving heaven and earth to strengthen their positions and resume the attacks on Rwanda.
Social networks and the media have multiplied in recent days’ information that more than 300 Burundian soldiers were seen in eastern DRC with the aim, according to some sources, to search for and drive out the rebel groups of Red Tabara and FNL Nzabampema. who would seek to attack Burundi.
We would like to enlighten opinion on this information: there are no rebel groups on this date that are preparing to attack Burundi from the DRC. The armed groups of Burundians in eastern Congo are there for other business and have neither the intent nor the force to attack Burundi. The power of Gitega knows this very well more than anyone. In addition, our sources of information in the DRC confirm that they saw armed men in Burundian military uniforms. This morning, about 100 of them were hastily cooking in a place called « Rubanga ». Our source within the FDNB confirms that there was no organic Battalion that would have moved from Burundi to the DRC.
What is it then since the media spoke of 6 soldiers who were drowned in the Rusizi while crossing it towards the DRC? Are there any Burundian soldiers in the DRC or not? Who are they? With what mission?
Elements that were seen crossing the Rusizi and others who had already arrived on Congolese soil are all dressed in Burundian military uniforms. But, they are made up of selected Burundian soldiers and police; imbonerakure who are now considered soldiers because they have undergone training and some have even been sent on mission to Somalia with the Burundian contingents; plus, FDLR / FLN; all dressed in Burundian military uniforms. Their mission is to facilitate the movement of Rwandan negative forces in order to bring additional personnel and logistics to the DRC. They will always pass themselves off as Burundian soldiers who come and go in this country just to look for the so-called Burundian rebels who want to attack the country from the DRC. Here is the plan.
This plan is financed, indirectly, by certain countries which support the project of genocide of the Tutsis of Burundi, Rwanda and the Tutsis of Congolese origin. These countries are known because they do not hide; they show an attachment to the power of Gitega and above all are looking at all costs for channels to finance certain projects, through which their financial support could pass.
URN HITAMWONEZA once again calls on the Burundian people to be vigilant because the power of Gitega only seeks to ignite the fire in Burundi and in the sub-region. We must refuse that Burundi is the centre of evil; the starting point of this fire which risks burning everything in its path, including even those who believe they are protected by the cnddfdd system. The countries of the Great Lakes sub-region, especially Rwanda and the DRC, should unite to find strategies to neutralize these negative forces supported by the power of Gitega. And the latter will be held responsible for the blood that will be spilled in the sub-region. The international community should also urgently take preventive measures by publicly denouncing and adopting sanctions for countries which directly or indirectly support this regional genocide project.

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