Burundi: Why does President Ndayishimiye grant presidential pardon with immediate effect to prisoners but no one leaves?

Burundi: Why does President Ndayishimiye grant presidential pardon with immediate effect to prisoners but no one leaves?
The answer is very simple. Its power is built on montages, manipulations, lies; nothing concrete. Honesty, truth, two values that are absent in the daily life of Evariste Ndayishimiye and the military clique around him. We say around him not to say that he leads it because we do not know who leads who between him and this military clique. This is where the crux of the matter lies. This is what ensures that its decisions are never implemented or are diluted in their implementation. Here too, this lack of respect can be justified by the way in which he arrived at this presidential chair: by cheating and the law of force.
The intention to grant presidential pardon to the prisoners was announced before the end of 2020. Evriste Ndayishimiye said that there is a commission which was at work to study in detail the file. Today, public opinion is entitled to ask the question whether the commission had not yet completed this work because it seems, according to certain sources, that the Minister of Justice would have noticed imperfections in this presidential pardon, reason for which it is not yet implemented whereas the decree mentions that the decision enters into force on the day of its signature. The first are due out on March 5, 2021, or later the next day, March 6.
Here, it should be concluded that the commission which had been at work since December 2020 is not the same as the one which studied the case of recent prisoners pardoned on paper. That of December 2020 had a mission to select political prisoners to be pardoned in accordance with the recommendations of the countries of the European Union which were considering the suspension of sanctions against Burundi and the resumption of cooperation. Evariste Ndayishimiye accepted it, the military clique said No; everything fell apart. The sanctions are maintained; the resumption of cooperation has not yet taken place despite the efforts made in January-February 2021 by Albert Shingiro in this direction. Only France dared to violate the orders of other EU states by secretly starting military cooperation with the power of Gitega. Surely she has a hidden agenda. He will be laid bare one day. The file which led to the measure of the presidential pardon would then have been introduced after this first failure; this time, as this presidential pardon should take place, it turned in favour of the imbonerakure. It is for this reason that political prisoners have been completely forgotten (although there are some who have even served their sentences but who have never been allowed to leave the prisons); the cnddfdd system took the opportunity to bring out its members: the imbonerakure. Those who have cases related to the embezzlement of money that they have to reimburse, or those who have to pay the restitution, have been fortunate enough to see the party release this money itself. An act that has an electoral goal.
Now that no one has been released from prison yet, the question is what exactly happened. Some believe that President Ndayishimiye is simply boycotted by his team, or else he is making decisions that are not thought out, not well studied. Will he sign another decree when the file is ready? Will he dismiss his justice minister who misled him? Especially not that! This is happening in states ruled by self-respecting leaders. For our people, saying one thing and its opposite is no shame.
How easy it was to get these pardoned prisoners out, more than 99% of whom were cnddfdd members! But, some sources indicate that they would have noticed, on denunciation of certain influential members, that there are on the lists elements harmful to the company. Either they had committed serious crimes (against the people of the opposition), that they could not go unnoticed once released, or that their presence in the families could disturb the peace of the entourage (for having committed crimes within their cnddfdd party members for various reasons)
URN HITAMWONEZA believes that Burundian citizens should not go to great lengths to find that they do not have leaders capable of bringing them peace, fulfilment and development. Tempting speeches, not supported by concrete actions are worth nothing. They destroy on the other hand those who pronounce them because they are perceived as liars in the eyes of their leaders. Either they are real demagogues, or they are boycotted within the government team. If this is the second case, measures must be taken to target and dismiss them; if the conductor is not able to do so, he must at least have the courage to resign. Otherwise, he will be ejected from his presidential chair without delay. Should we get to this point? After how much damage? Rather, we must stand up to say No to this nameless cacophony and drive out all these incapable people from power in order to leave room for Burundians, of all tendencies, (and there are many), capable of leading the country with dignity. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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