Burundi: Who would be behind the trafficking of human beings in Burundi?

Burundi: Who would be behind the trafficking of human beings in Burundi?
The question deserves a clear answer because it has many shadow areas. But, already, it is necessary to give an unspecified answer but which is close to the truth: it is a man or a group of very powerful men of the CNDDFDD system. It is in this circle that one must look for the first responsible for this trafficking in Burundians.
The facts prove it sufficiently. Here: These people must find passports to travel. While it is true that some documents can be manufactured in the Buyenzi district, the information at our disposal say that many trip documents they use are issued by the police who has this service in its attributions. It is therefore a well-established network that makes all the preparations, with people in charge of recruitment, others who take care of the search for travel documents, others give some courses on how to behave in these Arab countries, others still negotiate the market with the first buyers etc … it’s a whole chain. And, this trade in human beings would be the most flourishing in the world, that of the drugs would come after.
Another fragrant fact that shows that this trade is done by large fish of the CNDDFDD system that control the police of Burundi, is that for a long time, the police have regularly stopped people involved nearly or by far in these cases, but, never worried; They could be deprived of freedom a few days and released afterwards. We even arrived at a hundred women being stopped and relaxed smoothly. These are the 101 women who were arrested in a shed at noise when they were preparing to go to the Arab countries. It was December 14, 2020. Four days later on 18 December 2020, among them were in a group of 130 people who went to these Arab countries. How did the 20 women leave the police? Who has released them so that they can continue their way? Not anyone. It would appear that even among the 89 women arrested by Kenyan police in Nairobi on 24 February 2021, there were many of those who had been arrested in Buterere. They were delivered to the Burundian police at the Kobero border crossing, between Burundi and Tanzania, dated February 26, 2021. They had been embedded aboard vehicles, from Nairobi to Kobero, accompanied by Kenyan police and a representative of the Burundi Embassy in Kenya. We learned that other Burundians were also arrested in Tanzania, trying to use this country to arrive in these Arab countries.
It is then astonishing to hear police spokespersons making forceful statements to show the public that these human traffickers will be severely punished while even those who are arrested are released a day later. The deputy police spokesperson (current spokesperson for the Prime Minister) said in the case of Buterere, on December 14, 2020, when these women were arrested, that the police are determined to discourage this internationally prohibited practice. Can he show where these women are today? Can he tell the national and international opinion, to which he was directing lies that day that were arrested, after investigating these women, among the organizers of this trafficking? Today, Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesperson for General Gervais Ndirakobuca in charge of the great ministry of the interior, community development and public security is shouting loud and clear that this trade of Burundians to Arab countries is tarnishing the image of Burundi. Would his boss Ndakugarika and Allain Guillaume Bunyoni, who have been at the head of Burundi’s national police for a long time, be far from this issue? We dare to doubt it too much. Unfortunately, we will know the truth only when these people are no longer in charge of the Burundian state. But, may Pierre Nkurikiye stop shedding crocodile tears as if he cared about the problems suffered by these women sold by outlaws of leaders from the cnddfdd system for which he is a spokesperson. To say that this trafficking tarnishes the image of the country, everyone knows that the current leaders who take the Burundian people hostage do not care; what’s important to them is that their pockets are full. Note that President Evarsite Ndayishimiye has never said a word on this issue even though he likes to chat, talk all or nothing. We’re not saying he would be involved in it; the probability would be too low. Rather, we believe, without the risk of being mistaken, that he is afraid to touch on the big fish that remote control this illicit trade, so as not to attract love at first sight. He prefers to remain silent on this case and shout loudly about other minor cases of economic malfeasance. Here too, the Burundians have always waited for concrete action, but in vain.
Imagine that these Burundians sold in Arab countries do not find jobs all as they expect. Some women are prostituted by their bosses, other people have organs taken away to sell them too expensive to those who need them, others are taken as slaves because no law, no convention governs these Burundians.
URN HITAMWONEZA finds it is time for the Burundians to take charge of their future because the water is starting to overflow the camel’s back. It is unacceptable that the leaders who govern us are at the head of an illicit trade in human beings prohibited worldwide. Enough is enough. If the Security Council is not able to take measures for such a power which violates international laws, it is up to us Burundians to remove these outlaws from power and then bring them before the courts to answer for their actions. We are capable of it; it suffices to unite for this common interest. If we don’t do it today, tomorrow may be too late.

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