President John Pompe Magufuli: cnddfdd power loses a major sponsor

Burundi : Death of Tanzanian President John Pompe Magufuli: cnddfdd power loses a major sponsor
The Tanzanian government, through Vice President Samia Saluhu, announced the death of their President, Dr. John Pompe Magufuli, on March 17, 2021, officially from a heart attack. This date and the cause of his death remain problematic. Some sources say he was infected with Covid-19, hospitalized in Nairobi and evacuated to India in a comatose state where he would have returned his soul. Other sources say his intelligence services refused to take him to Kenya because relations between the two countries were not good, but he was taken to India. Others say he was treated in hospitals in Dar-es-Salaam. Either way, it is a human being who left this world; May God have his soul !
Our analysis focuses first on hiding the president’s state of health from the public. Why do governments do it more often? For what interest? We have observed this in Burundi for the case of former President Pierre Nkurunziza. The authorities continued to deny the facts; but following the perseverance and bravery of some media men who used modern modes of communication via social networks, the government quickly announced his death. Cause of death: cardiac arrest. For a living being to be declared dead, his heart stops. What more normal! Magufuli’s case was catastrophic. Authorities have allowed themselves to lie to the people and the international community that the President is too busy, that he is in his office with a lot of files; the next day the speech quickly changed to saying that he has a little flu, etc. This is not politics; even if politics would be synonymous with lying, you have to know how to lie intelligently. The dictatorial powers accustomed to crushing and silencing their peoples are becoming more and more arrogant and allow themselves to say whatever they want without scruple. Four Tanzanian citizens were reportedly arrested and jailed on charges of spreading rumours about their president’s state of health. It was a crime to say he was sick. It contributes to tarnishing the image of the country.
It is understandable that the Tanzanian authorities were ashamed to say that their president died of Covid-19. Why the shame when it is a pandemic that has already claimed too many lives around the world and in Tanzania, including high authorities like the Vice President of Zanzibar and others? Simply because he has overlooked the pandemic and refused to take the necessary barrier measures. He always said that Tanzanians can cure the disease through prayer and traditional medicines. He felt that even the vaccine was not necessary. After her departure, things may change for the better as the images seen on social networks show the vice-president and her entourage wearing masks.
This is the same situation as in Burundi, two countries around the world that are said to have taken this global pandemic lightly. President Nkurunziza made the same speech as Magufuli; he and the ruling military clique said that the air breathed by Burundians was blessed by God, that it did not contain Covid-19. We do not yet know what he died of. Official source: always cardiac arrest. Since there was no autopsy to find out the real cause of his death, some sources say he died of covid-19, others do not hesitate to say he was poisoned. By who? Rumours converge on the current President Evariste Ndayishimiye who wanted to get rid of this man who would make himself King of Burundi with his Title of Supreme Guide of Patriotism, in order to freely exercise his power. Unfortunately, even after his departure, President Ndayishimiye remains with his hands and feet tied; he announces intentions and even takes decisions that are never implemented. Once again he needs to break free to freely exercise the power he has stolen.
Some analysts believe that with the departure of John Pompe Magufuli, he who supported with all his energies the power cnddfdd; he who had a special relationship with Evariste Ndayishimiye until the latter forgets that he represents a whole people and dares to kneel before him until calling him Papa, the power of Gitega loses a great godfather. Poor Burundian refugees will be remembered for his fragrant violation of international refugee laws by having them mistreated by his men, in collaboration with government services from whom they fled. Otherwise, as long as both systems (cnddfdd –CCM) are in power, there is little hope for a profound change towards more respect for human rights. The men who were around Magufuli will undoubtedly continue to exploit Burundi for their interests and the cnddfdd power will continue to mistreat the Burundians in general and the refugees in particular, forcing them to return to the country, where the criminals still await them.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye was quick to send messages, via his tweeter account, of condolences to the Tanzanian people and their families, both biological and political. All who wrote such messages claim that John Pompe Magufuli was a true Pan-Africanist. He is sometimes compared to Nelson Mandela, except that the latter had more compensations towards refugees, displaced persons and prisoners. He was more human, he who set an example of forgiveness by agreeing, for the better interest of the Nation, to cooperate with those who tortured him in prisons. If Magufuli could have the minimum of qualities that Mandela had, he would not have allowed his men to torture and kill the Burundian refugees in his territory for political interests of the cnddfdd power.
The late Pompe Magufuli was a president known for his fight against corruption and economic malfeasance in his country; but, he still thought of exploiting the wealth of Burundi, in collaboration with the military clique in power in Burundi which saw there rather its own interests while putting aside the national interest. Some analysts believe that Burundi risked becoming a province of Tanzania given the way in which cnddfdd power was easily ceding everything to this country; a way to repay what they received during the maquis period. Uwutema urwiwe bamutiza umuhoro (one lends a billhook to the one who destroys his house)
URN HITAMWONEZA also extends its deepest condolences to the biological family of former President John Pompe Magufuli and to his country, Tanzania, to Africa and to the world. He died without answering, before independent and competent courts, for the crimes he condoned on the Burundian refugees in his territory. But, with the continuity of the state, whoever comes will always be responsible for these acts and will have to answer for them. The Burundians should learn a good lesson from his death, especially on the management of the covid-19 pandemic and force Evariste Ndayishimiye and his clique to take it more seriously by mobilizing all Burundians and foreigners living in Burundi to observe the barrier measures and think about it. , as other countries are doing, to the vaccine to protect Burundians instead of saying that it is not yet necessary. A power that fails to protect its people is an incapable power, it must be changed by all means. It is up to all of us Burundians to think about it and we will get there. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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