Burundi: FDLR / FLN still stay alongside members of the FDNB deployed on the border to launch attacks on Rwanda.

Burundi: FDLR / FLN still stay alongside members of the FDNB deployed on the border to launch attacks on Rwanda.
The situation on the border separating Rwanda and Burundi seems calm since we do not intend in recent days of arms crackling. The meetings that have taken place so far between the delegations of the two countries, both at the security and diplomatic level did not deliver any results. The problem is far from being settled.
After the incidents last month, the media echoed men in arms and military outfits from the members of the FDNB who crossed the Rusizi to go to the DRC. They mentioned that they consisted of FDNB military who would be left in search of Burundian rebels who want to attack the country from the DRC. We have shown that these armed men were not only soldiers from the organic battalions of the FDNB as the spokesperson for this institution, the col Floribert Bieyereke said. We said they were selected military and police , associated with the Battalions of the Immbonerakure militia and FDLR / FLN members who went to the East of the DRC looking for a retirement and logistics. It is easy to deceive the opinion that there are no FDLR / FLN rebels on Burundian soil when they go with Burundians in Burundian outfits. When they are back in Burundi, it will be expected to another simulacrum of attack Burundian rebels, as they have always done when it comes to bringing these Rwandan rebels. You have always heard attacks from rebels from the DRC that crossed the border and headed for Kibira via Bubanza or Cibitoke. The Burundian army was simply pretending to pursue them without any contact.
Today the situation seems more or less calm, people should not sleep on their laurels. These criminals have not dropped custody; they are looking for all the necessary strategies, in collaboration with the power of Gitega, again attempting to disrupt the neighbouring Rwanda.
The FDNB has deceived the opinion that it has chased Rwandan rebels on its territory. Even the soldiers who have been deployed on land as reinforcements during the clashes of the past had received the initial order to fight against these rebels which had attacked Rwanda and who had retreated in the kibira on the Burundian part. But, in reality, it was a question of going rather to support or cover the decline of these Rwandan rebels.
You will find today, still side by side, the FDNB’s military and the Rwandan rebels of the FDLR / FLN, all in military outfits of the FDNB on the great position of  » Twinyoni  » and ‘Ku Ngurube’ ‘, all on the border, opposite to the Rwanda southern sectors.
At the beginning of this week, our on-site source of information reported us the reinforcement deployment on the Burundo-Rwandan border of two companies from the 60th AMISOM Battalion which was at Cibitoke camp. They left a single company.
It should be noted that the movements of the troops in this sector are always made on foot and the night; one way to hide the curious eyes of the population. When they are forced to move up-to-date, they prefer to do them into small groups and sometimes even in civil outfits; the weapons remaining on positions.
Until the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye will it understand that it is dangerous to support Rwandan criminals / genocidaires who want to disrupt a neighbouring country? What does it take for this situation to cease definitively? A peaceful solution always passes through negotiations. But, Evariste Ndayishimiye and his CNDDFDD system have always shown that they do not want to hear about negotiations. Maybe it’s not the language they understand. They always seem to negotiate while putting barriers for these talks to have a step. The second option and the most dangerous, it is the confrontations, it is the war. Perhaps by pressing the FDLR / FLN, Ndayishimiye and his clique think can one day invade Rwanda. It’s a dream. But, he can provoke a war between the two countries, just to trigger the implementation of his regional genocide project, while starting with Burundi. The other option and the wisest is that the Burundians get up as a single man to chase power, peacefully if possible or by the weapons if it is the last possibility, all this military clique who seeks to immerse the country in a war that no one will know the winner.
Urnhitamwoneza has always asked the people to fight in time any individual or group of individuals who would still seek blood from Burundians. We need a country where you have to live together as brothers in peace. And we must fight hard to achieve it. Military, police, politicians, religious, businessmen, young, men and women, of all tendencies, let us get up to say no to all go-you war. All strategies must be shared to block the road. Together, we defeat.

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