Burundi: By which path will have to pass the solution to the security problem on the border between Rwanda and Burundi?

Burundi: By which path will have to pass the solution to the security problem on the border between Rwanda and Burundi?
The question deserves to be asked since we are used to that solutions to gender problems pass through meetings or negotiations. Meetings between the authorities of the two countries took place; they have so far given any palpable results. The most recent date of March 14, 2021. It took place in Bweyeye on Rwandan soil in Rusizi District in south-western country, a border area with the Ruhororo area, in Mabayi Commune (province of Cibitoke , north-western Burundi). Burundi was represented by a strong delegation of intelligence officers and representatives of the Units of the First Division; She was led by Colonel Ernest Musaba, Head of Intelligence at the General Staff of the FDNB. The Rwandan delegation was composed by officers representing the third division in the south-west of the country. The meeting that lasted 6 hours was an opportunity to deal with security issues that continue to land on the common border between the two countries. Participants promised an exchange of information to combat armed groups that sow insecurity in each country; told us one of the participants.
However, just three days after the meeting, members of the FDLR / FLN in the Kibira, Burundian side, have tried once again an attack on the population of the locality of Rwamiko in the Nyaruguru area on the night of March 17, 2021. Fortunately, the Rwandan military of the RDF quickly intervened to protect the population and hunt these criminals who fell in the Burundian part of the Kibira Forest. This happens under the accomplice of the Burundian military who occupy different positions in the sector. Two companies from the 60th AMISOM Battalion had been deployed at the beginning of the past week to strengthen those in this part of the country. Have they honoured their commitment to exchange information with the Rwandan part as agreed in the Bweyeye meeting? Not at all; Otherwise, the attack would not have taken place just 3 days after.
As if to hide their face (complicity with the Rwandan rebels), the intelligence services stopped the 18mars 2021 two individuals meeting the names of Denis Uwimana (who would be a little brother of the General Godfroid Bizimana working in the presidency of the Republic; he has been a long time deposited by the Director General of the Police) and Clément (a Rwandan). They would be accused of bringing fresh food to Kinyarwanda speaking fighters who have military positions in Kibira of Mabayi in Cibitoke. Enraged, the population of Mabayi regrets that these men have been several times arrested, sometimes with arms and food, then released without delay.
Here, the question should be asked what kind of information do they still seek on these men when we know that the Military of the FDNB inhabit together with the rebels of the FDRL / FLN on the positions of Twinoni and Ku Ngurube , at the Rwando-Burundian border. Everything is known, we do not need additional information to combat them. It only lacks this will.
People are wondering what meets the Gasenyi / Nemba meetings of August 2020 between the intelligence services of two countries, October 2020 between the heads of diplomacy, and others that would have taken place in Kigali and Bujumbura and the last of Bweyeye of March 14, 2021. Since the attacks of the FDLR / FLN rebels continue at the moment when it is not the means to combat them, it should be concluded directly that it is the lack. The other question that must follow is who has the advantage of this situation continues. It is not at all the Rwandan part because the government cares about the tranquillity of its population. Apparently, the CNDDFDD power is careful to keep its relationship with Rwandan FDLR / FLN rebels. But why continue to deceive the opinion that it is arresting together with its neighbour of the strategies to exchange information on the movements of these rebels when he knows he cannot unilaterally break the conventions of mutual help that they have signed with these rebels for a long time? Should the interest of Rwandan rebels more need for the security of the Burundian population? Until the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye will continue to support these FDLR / FLN who attack neighbouring Rwanda?
URN Hitamwoneza believes that patience has limits; that it is necessary to quickly find a solution to this security problem on the border between Burundi and Rwanda so as not to end up in an armed confrontation between the two countries; This war between Brothers would cause a lot of losses on both sides. The Burundian population must tell its President Evarist Ndayishimiye no to the war because it is provoking it by supporting the FDLR / FLN rebels that disrupt the safety of Rwandan citizens. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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