Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye decides to go to Egypt instead of going to make a final tribute to his father Magufuli

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye decides to go to Egypt instead of going to make a final tribute to his father Magufuli
A dozen heads of state moved to Tanzania, exactly to Dodoma to make a last tribute to the fire John Pompe Joseph Magufuli, dead on March 17, 2021, officially heart attack, unofficially Cvid-19. He will be buried on March 26, 2021 in his natal district of Chato, in the Geita area.
Evarist President Ndayishimiye who considered Magufuli, not like his godfather, but as his own father, did not want to make this trip. He sent his vice president Prosper Bazombanza. He was content to go to the Tanzania embassy in Burundi write and sign in the condolence book
Many African heads of state travelled to Dodoma. Congolese President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, President-in-Office of the African Union, has described Magufuli as a leader who was acquired from the cause of improving the situation of his people and the development of Africa; a visionary, pan-Africanist and great defender of African economic independence. South African Cyril Ramaphosa described it as a corruption fighter and a champion of African traditions. The Mozambican Filipe Nyusi, which is also President of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), said the regional bloc had lost a courageous and worker leader. President Kényan Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the East African Community (CAE), in addition to reporting support to President Samia Saluhu Hassan, urged Tanzanians to rally behind the new President to help him make prosper the country. He said that Mr. Magufuli had taught African leaders that the continent had sufficiently abundant resources to put an end to its dependence on foreign aid. Edgar Lungu, Zambian President stated that Magufuli was frank, intrepid and transformer. The President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, said Mr. Magufuli passionately worked to the development of his people, and had always been unshakeable about the issues of principle. Other tribute came from the presidents of the Comoros, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda who had sent representatives.
The question that arises is what pushed Evariste Ndayishimiye to abstract, with all respects he owed to the fire John Joseph Magufuli. A president who comes to forget that he represents a country and who begins with his knee before his counterpart and calls him dad; It’s an abnormal thing. It was believed that it is for love or respect; but, with his absence, we are entitled to think that it was rather of interest. Do not we say that there is only interest in politics, but there are no friends! And Antoine Gombaud say  » where the interest dominates, the reason is nice, it is hardly listened to.  »  » The friend who is friend only by interest will become an enemy, certainly ‘‘, in turn, Abu Shakour
President Evarist Ndayishimiye and his entourage will say that it is his visit already scheduled in Egypt that he made March 23, 2021 which made it impossible to move to Dodoma. If he really had love to his being saying Father Magufuli, he would have made a jump to Dodoma on March 22, 2021 and return to make his trip from Egypt on March 23, 2021. Or simply, he would have made this visit; these are not the Egyptians who would not understand this situation. Here, it is necessary to wonder if Evariste Ndayishimiye still has a weight interlocutor in this country after the disappearance of John Magufuli Pump. Even if the system that runs the country has remained, and that the new president will continue in this direction, Samia Saluhu Hassan is not Magufuli, like Evariste Ndayishimiye is not Pierre Nkurunziza even though the CNDFDD system in which they have evolved is the same. After his departure, the men who were close to Pierre Nkurunziza no longer consider they had their living; some would be in boiling water. Some analysts say that Mrs. Samia had more respect for opponents while Magufuli, the bulldozer, rather wanted to crush them without mercy. Perhaps Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique think that the new president will not allow them to easily enter Tanzania to continue to abuse Burundian refugees who are there and force them to return as they made the time of Magufuli. Also remember that by Pierre Nkurunziza’s death, Tanzania had sent a delegation normally led by the Vice-Chair, but Jakaya Kikwete spoke at the Gitega Stadium. This kikwete represents Tanzanian businessmen who have in hand the bulk of companies that still work in Burundi and the delivery of all the fuel. Two blows, he had gone to Burundi to see if the interests of Tanzania and Tanzanians will not be affected by the death of Nkurunziza. They would even have demanded that Allain Guillaume Bunyoni be appointed Prime Minister because he was aware of the mafia files they treated with former President Nkurunziza (probably that he himself is interest). Today, commercial affairs with Burundi will undoubtedly continue as before, but respect for human rights in this country and consequently respect for Burundian refugees in this territory can mean some improvement.
URN Hitamwoneza wishes full success to Madame Samia Saluhu Hassan and asked him to enforce international refugee laws to improve the image of his country and for the interest of our poor Burundian refugees in Tanzania. As the military clique in power in Burundi will not hesitate to violate the borders in the pursuit of these Burundians who have fled their country, the solution would be to move, in collaboration with UNHCR, their camps over 150 km from the border of Burundi in accordance with the law. Another exit route would be to find another host country. President Ndayishimiye should know that saying one thing and to make his opposite does not honour his person or the country he represents.

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