Burundi: Who would be responsible for the fire on markets in Burundi? For witch reason?

Burundi: Who would be responsible for the fire on markets in Burundi? For witch reason?
The question returns to the page because this March 27, 2021, the Ngozi market took fire very early in the morning, traders suffered huge losses because even fire vehicles could not intervene on time. Remember that this is the fifth time this Ngozi market burns. The first time was in 2000, the second in 2006, then in 2010 and in 2011. Ten years later, the same scene recurs.
This date reminds Bujumbura traders on the black Sunday of January 27, 2013 when they saw, very early in the morning, the central Bujumbura market leave in smoke. Men and women were carefully attending the fire of their property. Some were able to save some articles; the bandits also took advantage of this disorder to plunder certain products not yet transformed into ash. That day, no fire truck was available to intervene quickly; Rwanda had to send a helicopter that could not master fire.
Several markets have taken fire since the arrival of the CNDDFDD: apart from the Central Bujumbura market and that of Ngozi already mentioned, the markets of Kayogoro, Bururi and Nyanza-Lac all caught fire in 2011, those of Kamenge, from Rushubi and Kirundo in 2012. These are just a few examples. You probably know others like that of Kayanza. The Kamenge market once again burned out of the year 2020. President Evariste Ndayishimiye himself led the fundraising campaign in businessmen for his rehabilitation and construction work. A modern market in this place began on January 6, 2021, under the supervision of a general of the army that has made a nursing training, which has no notion in this area.
Who would be responsible for these market fires in Burundi? Many suspicions focus on CNDDFDD power with a dual purpose: the first and most important is that of impoverishing the former occupants of these markets that were mostly ethnicity Tutsi. This goal returns in the plan of the economic genocide of Tutsis; One of the stages of the fire genocide of Tutsis that CNDDFDD has on its agenda. Bring them back to the beggars by destroying their infrastructure, ruining their projects by refusing them work. The second goal is to recover these spaces to build new stores they will control the occupation. They will put the members of the CNDFDD, especially immbonerakure so that they find food and do the work assigned without any financial constraint. They will then compete with the little Tutsis who will have the chance to find places as compensation in the new market. The example of the Kamenge market proved that President Ndayishimiye wanted businessmen who gave contributions for his reconstruction be the masters of this modern market; They will receive the juiciest places and the old occupants will satisfy the second zone stands.
Note that the Bujumbura central market has not been rehabilitated so far. It’s a shame for CNDDFDD power. Yet studies have been done; the project that dates back to 2014 consisted of erecting in this place a large shopping centre; the memorandum of understanding for the construction of this infrastructure was adopted by the Council of Ministers in September 2018; It is the Chinese company Jiangxi Jianglian International Engineering which had won the market. Why has not been built so far? The sharing of interest between large fish is undoubtedly the major obstacle.
Would NGOZI’s market fire be an application for CP Anicet Nibaruta students, Director General for Civil Protection and Disaster Management? He had begun on March 23, 2021, training for Burundi Market Committees in Fire Preventive Techniques pending the arrival of firefighters. The Director-General has asked firefighters or the Civil Protection Officers to multiply simulation exercises to reassure that vehicle passages in these markets are at any time open. The Ngozi market should therefore be a good field of experimentation of all they have learned during this session.
URN Hitamwoneza recalls that the CNDFDD leaders are the only ones responsible for these economic crimes that continue to multiply during their power and ruin thousands of Burundians. Many facts and gestures show that they are not accidental fires. You will notice that these fires occur for many cases on Sundays, or Saturdays. Each time, the fire vehicles are absent because they are either down or have no water or are in other missions not well defined. Which reminds the opinion of well-planned operations. The case of the central Bujumbura market illustrates it well. The fire broke out at 6:30 in the morning, the first water launcher took place at 9 hours. Here we do not want to go into detail about everything that has been given by opinion as clues that show the hand of power in the fire of this market; Independent surveys have been conducted, its results have not been published, but they may be useful when it comes. The Burundian people should once again have in memory that it does not have leaders who put forward the general interest, but their own interests. The rest should be the consultation to put together strategies to put them in their right places and find leaders capable of driving our country to peace and development for all. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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