Burundi: France has never ceased to support extremist Hutu in their project to exterminate the Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub region.

Burundi: France has never ceased to support extremist Hutu in their project to exterminate the Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub region.
A report of a committee of a dozen historians, led by Vincent Duclerc, who conducted a work on the responsibility of France in the genocide of Tutsis Rwandan in 1994, was awarded on March 26, 2021 to Emmanuel Macron, the current French president. The conclusions of this report, a fruit of two years of work, show that France « has remained blind in the face of the preparation  » of the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis of 1994 and carries  » heavy and overwhelming responsibilities  » in the tragedy.
It is well said that the French president of then and his nearest circle supported a racist and violent scheme. However, the report seems to dismiss the complicity of France in this genocide; yet it shows the military and political involvement of Paris in this genocide.
Hubert Védrine, former Foreign Minister (1997-2002), Secretary General of the Elysee at the time of the Rwandan genocide in 1994, also hailed « the honesty » of the report, but seems embarrassed by the critics aimed at his former boss, François Mitterrand.
We have not yet exploited the whole report to do in-depth analyses; but his conclusions confirm the role of France in this genocide of Rwandan Tutsis. We want to insist mainly on France’s military support on the genocidal regime of Juvenal Havyarimana, otherwise, the genocide may not have taken such a magnitude.
We read in many writings that, between 1990 and 1994, mainly thanks to the support of France, the Rwandan army has increased from 5,500 to 35,000 men. During this period, France also provided heavy weapons, assault vehicles and helicopters used by the Government of Juvenal Havyarimana during the war against the RPF. France did it by several channels in particular by the sale of arms by groups settled in France, the direct and indirect disposes of materials of the French army. In 1991, France sent a DAMI (military assistance and investigation) from thirty military instructors to Rwanda to strengthen the training of the Rwandan army. The role of Dami has not been limited to training actions of the Rwandan army, he also gave advice to the Rwandan staff to fight the RPF. In February 1992, Dami’s workforce went to about sixty men, then to a hundred in 1993. Their FAR council role on the front line with the RPF takes over the time of increased importance, and punctually. Elements of the Dami participate in the fight against the RPF alongside the Rwandan army. This is particularly the case in June 1992, following a second FPR offensive in the Byumba region, where artillery exchanges take place between the RPF and the Rwandan army. If the French soldiers defend themselves to have themselves actuated the fire, they are nevertheless them who settled the shots.
These are French soldiers who did not fight only alongside the FAR against the RPF, but also participating in the training and armaments of the Interahamwe militia. According to Oliver Lanotte, French instructors led to Rwandan military troops, but also Civilian Militia Interahamwe in the Bagogwe camp.
We insisted on the military side to show that France cannot refuse its complicity with the genocide because the French soldiers fought with them, they provided them weapons, ammunition and training, but also they tried from the subtract these genocidaires with justice by letting them run away in DR Congo after committing genocide. Here too, they continued to supervise them so that they could restart the attacks on Rwanda and exterminate Tutsis survivors by trying to recover the power already conquered by the RPF. France has suffered a failure that it will never forget.
Would she want to fix shooting through Burundi? The facts observed give an affirmative answer to this question. Indeed, no one is unaware that France has been the only country in the European Union to violate the sanctions that this organization has imposed on CNDDFDD since 2016 following the many human rights violations including the Pierre Nkurunziza regime had been guilty. France secretly started cooperation with Burundi; opinion has known 6 months later. In addition, this cooperation concerned the military field; a very sensitive domain. Consider the military cooperation of France with the Havyarimana regime, an extremist and genocidal regime. The Pierre Nkurunziza regime was not different from Havyarimana since 1990, whatever he was threatened by the RPF attacks. Fire President Pierre Nkurunziza led to genocide actions against Tutsis and all those who threatened his power after the 2015 missing coup.
As France formed interahamwe in Rwanda (note that the current President of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye suffered this French training with the Interahamwe; he is therefore no different from them; hence he will never hesitate of the Support), it is militarily supporting the CNDFDD regime today led by Evariste Ndayishimiye that also has an Imbonerakure militia that is not different from the Interahamwe. But these immbonerakure mix easily with the military that France is supporting; They even go together on mission in Somalia.
Another very important aspect is that the power of EvarSite Ndayishimiye has never ceased to support in logistics the FDRL / FLN negative forces passing through the Burundian territory to disrupt Rwanda neighbour. Support Ndayishimiye power is indirectly supporting these negative forces that attack Rwanda. Would not France have found a way by rearming these Rwandan genocidaires to try to correct the shot? The story will tell us.
URN Hitamwoneza alert once again the international community on a likely climbing violence in the Great Lakes sub region that may result in a genocide. The famous military support of France to the Ndayishimiye Evariste regime is to be analysed with wolves; otherwise, it can produce the same effects as those of 1994 in Rwanda. The Burundian people must take precedence that an extremist and violent power like the one that leads it today is synonymous with sitting on a bomb that can explode from one moment to another. We must then stop strategies to get rid of it as long as it is still possible. Tomorrow may be too late. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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