Burundi: France has never ceased to support the extremist Hutu in their project to exterminate the Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub-region (Part2)

Burundi: France has never ceased to support the extremist Hutu in their project to exterminate the Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub-region (Part2)
The Report of the Duclerc Commission submitted on March 26, 2021 in Emmanuel Macron, the current French President on the involvement of France in the 1994 Rwandan Tutsis genocide once again pushes us to exploit the military support of France during genocide and after genocide. The report concluded that France has heavy and overwhelming responsibilities in tragedy.
We have shown that French soldiers provided weapons and ammunition to men of Juvenal Havyarimana; Some even participated in the fight against the RPF using heavy artillery. Its role in the training of the Interahamwe militia has been also raised in our previous edition. We continue to exploit some writings to see the role of France after the triggering of the genocide.
Many were the question of whether France continued to provide arms to the interim government after 6 April 1994, the date of the beginning of the genocide, and especially after May 17, date of the embargo imposed by the organization of United Nations. It is said that with the French government has ceased arms deliveries since 8 April 1994. However, a few months later, Mr. Bernard Debré, Minister of Cooperation, asked Mr. François Mitterrand who replied, « You think the world woke up on April 7, in the morning, saying today, the genocide begins? This notion of genocide has only emerged several weeks after April 6, 1994; This suggests that weapon deliveries continued.
During his hearing by the National Assembly’s Defence Commission on the Politics of France in Rwanda on April 16, 2014, Hubert Vedrine, who was in 1994 Secretary General of the French Presidency, implicitly recognizes that weapons were Delivered to the Rwandan Armed Forces after April 8, 1994 to withstand the RPF offensive. We read that according to the magazine XXI, these arms deliveries would have continued until the turquoise operation where the order would have been given to rearmed the hutus on the run that crossed the border.
It is said that throughout the duration of the genocide, other weapons and ammunition for the Rwandan government were provided by private companies from various nationalities. Ammunition was supposed to be destined for Zaire, but they were landed in Goma and sent to neighbouring Rwanda. Some deliveries would be pursued until July 1994. Although Security Council resolution 918 asked the Member States to prevent the sale or delivery of arms in Rwanda, the French forces present in Goma, never have ever Proceeded to any seizure, under the pretext that they are not mandated to control what private aircraft translated by civil societies transport. It should be noted that the genocidal leaders escaped Rwanda at the end of the genocide, passing through the area secured by the turquoise operation.
France would have even continued to arm and supervise these genocidaires who gathered at Zaire to try to attack the Tropes of the RPF that had already conquered the territory. But, too, France has suffered a failure with these genocidaires that would have been scattered in the forests of Zaire.
Until today, these genocidaries are still seeking to disrupt Rwanda. What would be the role of France in these new operations. It is not visible at all, but indirectly, the hand of this country is not far. After taking power by Felix Tshisekedi in the DRC, many FARDC operations destabilized these FDRL / FLN negative forces that have been forced to move their strategic staff to Burundi, a country led by genocidal power that welcomes them with open arms. The two already had good relations for a long time; they exchanged minerals against weapons and ammunition. They also erected solid positions in the kibira from where they leave by attacking Rwanda and fold back after attacks; and this at the known and given the Burundian military who sometimes provide them with ammunition and logistics.
By starting military cooperation with the CNDDFDD power, the French government indirectly supports these Rwandan genocidaires who committed the genocide of Tutsis Rwandan in 1994. It should be thought that France is still seeking to recover what it lost in 1994 through Burundi. Indeed, the collaboration of Evariste Ndayishimiye power with the FDRL / FLN to move easily in Burundi and east of the DRC, with a view to preparing an offensive on Rwanda shows that peace is still far in the sub region Great lakes. Militarily support the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye means neither less nor support these negative forces seeking to destabilize Rwanda.
URN Hitamwoneza alert once again the Security Council of the United Nations so that it is too attentive to France’s military support to the Burundian government. We are concerned that at the moment when this government is supporting the FDRL / FLN negative forces who want to destabilize neighbouring Rwanda, there is a risk of a triggering of a regional genocide that would begin with the weak link, Burundi.

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