Burundi: If the Honorable Fabien Bancyanino dies in prison, it is President Evariste Ndayishimiye who will be the first responsible.

Burundi: If the Honorable Fabien Bancyanino dies in prison, it is President Evariste Ndayishimiye who will be the first responsible.
Fabien Bancyanino is this parliamentarian imprisoned for publicly said, in the middle of the parliamentary session, the truth that many others did not dare to get out of their mouths. He dared to say aloud that the CNDDFDD power, embodied at that time by former President Pierre Nkurunziza, was misleading the population and especially the one who had not adhered to the CNDFDD party. He said he had precise examples of people killed and other arrested and arbitrarily imprisoned; he even wrote letters in which he mentioned the names and places of origin of these people. It is the Honourable Fabien Bancyanino who dared to say, in parliamentary session, that Nkurunziza Pierre did not deserve the title of the Supreme Guide of Patriotism, that he deserved prison in The Hague, to see the crimes that had been committed during his mandates. He said that an official who failed his mission could not have the mention  » elite  ». This is a man of an extraordinary franchise, a man who is not afraid to tell the truth even if he knows he can undergo unfortunate consequences. This is a real  » mushingantahe  ». And it is quite normal that the place of such personalities is in prison in dictatorial systems like the one who leads Burundi today.
The Honourable Fabien Bancyanino is in prison for telling the truth that hurts criminals in power. And he was imprisoned after his mandate for words delivered in the middle of the parliamentary session, while he filled his citizen duty as the representative of the people. One way to silence all those who think they can contradict the power in place. A way also to show its supporters that the CNDDFDD power is not afraid of anyone, even a parliamentarian; It does not matter the heaviness of the faults committed. He is harassed in Mpimba Central Prison in Bujumbura by the same power that has caused it to be imprisoned. A model of a real political prisoner. And the Evariste Ndayishimiye power and his clique will not even be ashamed to lie to those he believes they do not know that there are no political prisoners in Burundi.
Which shows the greatness of man as honourable Fabien Bancyanino is that even in difficult conditions like prison, he continues to advocate for others, to denounce violations of the rights of these fellow citizens. This is what the Honourable Fabien Bancyanino is now in isolation in the prison, in an inadequate location called  » correction  » where all its elemental rights are violated; He cannot even rest, make his toilet properly, to be treated etc …. With his age and the diseases, he suffers, without forgetting that these criminals who put it in prison can torture it in this isolated place, injecting or swallowing the poison; there is a need for fear for his life.
If it happens to him anything, President Evarist Ndayishimiye will endorse the first responsibility. We are not without ignoring that it has no decision-making power, which it is a president appearing, able only to deliver speeches of good intentions that will never be realized; But, he will take responsibility for all the criminal acts that are before him as long as he is still called President of the Republic. Point is necessary to give examples of its disability; any Burundian or anyone following Burundi’s policy can find one.  » It is forbidden to kill a human being because it is a divine creature; it is a curse to kill a man …  », will say Evariste Ndayishimiye. But, hundreds of people have been killed by the services under his control since he was power, he did nothing to stop these crimes. It never ceases to say that it will crack down against economic malpractices and corruption; Yet, they are leaders around him who are the first leaders of human trafficking and drug trafficking, however prohibited to the world. We are not talking about the illicit business of cloths for women from the DRC, caught executives in the act of flights of billions in the public treasury but who do not worry etc … all these acts tarnish the image of the country become the poorest in the world, not for lack of natural resources or qualified and competent human resources, but because of incompetent bad governance and leadership.
URN Hitamwoneza recalls once again to the Burundian people that the crimes committed as well by the members of the National Intelligence Service, the Imbonerakure, some policemen and military, are on the back of Evariste Ndayishimiye, as long as he still occupies the functions of President of the Republic. The moment will come for everyone to assume his responsibilities; But he will be responsible for all these crimes to have not acted when he had all the power. It is time, if it is not late, that all Burundians without exception, know that the misfortunes that the country knows have a power at the head of which criminals who do not see their interests before without worrying about common well-being. We must focus on setting up all strategies to change this criminal and vision leadership to avoid this descent into hell

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