Burundi: Why and how does the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD been formed?

Burundi: Why and how does the Imbonerakure militia of the CNDDFDD been formed?
In the logic of things, it is incomprehensible that a political party who wins the elections can think of forming a militia while it is assumed, being in power, having all the defence and safety bodies under its control. Power has all the means of the State to recruit and train as many members of the defence and security forces he wants if he judges the need for the CNDFDD did. It is up to everyone to ask the question of why he did, what was his goal. It is at this first question that we will try to answer, based on information collected from the young Hutu that have been approached and who participated in these courses. In second position, we will share with our readers how this training was organized and how it took place, both inside and outside Burundi. We will conclude with practical advice that would allow us to protect us in our households because the genocide of Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition has been prepared and taught to these young Hutu.
The main objective of the CNDDFDD leaders was to have a strength scattered throughout the country and which would allow them to control the entire population and intimidate it to the election and remain forever in power. First objective. Have the power and keep it.
People like to say that the CNDDFDD has only won the 2005 elections. We say no. Some think that Burundians were thirsty for a change; that it is for this reason that they all elected this party. But, the reality is that people have elected it because they were intimidated by CNDFDD demobilises that told them that if they did not go that party, CNDFDD members will resume the war. Being tired by more than 10 years of war, they elected, against their guest, this party who had no company project to present. In addition, how to explain that a political party called CNDFDD (National Defence Council for Democracy / Defence Force) be admitted as a political party in Burundi? What fly had stung the leaders of the Ministry of the Interior who had in charge of the approval of political parties? According to some members of this party, they did not think themselves that this party was going to be approved as such, they were pleasantly surprised; Otherwise, they had planned an alternate name in case this first would be refused. The story will tell us.
Having won the 2005 elections, so it is on the basis of these demobilized CNDFDD that power has built its Imbonerakure militia. They had incorporated a number of CNDDFDD fighters into the defence and security forces, but, from the first years, they did not completely confidence in these bodies so much than the ex-Burundian armed forces (ex- Fab) had even more influence. They thought they could make a coup and overthrow their power. According to some sources, they even left, during the integration, some elements in the DRC and Tanzania which could intervene in the event of an attempt to overthrow institutions. These imbonerakure, essentially composed of demobilized at first, had the mission, in collaboration with the members of the CNDFDD already integrated, to eliminate all the tutsis and political opponents in the event of a coup attempt as in 1993.
The other objective of the formation of the Imbonerakure militia was, when the CNDDFDD members would have taken the total control of the defence and safety bodies, that the two forces could proceed to the progressive weakening of Tutsis in Burundi to the Genocide at the large scale.
We will talk about tomorrow of how the first elements of the immbonerakure were recruited and trained in Kanyosha and Kamenge, the extremist lessons and the techniques they received in order to be able to fuck the homes of Tutsis in case of genocide. The trainings continued in Kibira ( Musigati / Bubanza) , and then in the DRC in Kiriba Ondes.
URN Hitamwoneza is once again reminiscent of the Burundian people not to believe the beneficial statements of Evarist Ndayishimiye. The semblance of peace you live today prepares times too hard for you. We made the decision to show you the preparations for the CNDFDD Leaders’ Genocide Project, we will conclude with advice on the attitude to be taken up until the day  » J  » arrives if you do not take the decision to change this power before it goes to action. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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