Burundi: Reverien Ndikuriyo asks for the support of the EU to finalize its genocide project which it continues to boast the significant advance

Burundi: Reverien Ndikuriyo asks for the support of the EU to finalize its genocide project which it continues to boast the significant advance
Reverien Ndikuriyo Alias Kora (killing the maximum of Tutsis to have the plots) is the current Secretary-General of the CNDDFDD, the presidential party, which is not different from the MRND of Juvenal Havyarimana who committed the genocide of Tutsis Rwandan in 1994. More extremist than Reverien Ndikuriyo, we dwell. It was he who murdered the ex-Fab Ningaza Pascal Alias Kaburimbo after promising, publicly, 5 million francs Burundian to the one who would deliver him dead or alive.
Reverien Ndikuriyo met yesterday on April 7, 2021 the representative of the EU in Burundi, Claude Bochu. He was accompanied by his assistant Ntakirutimana Joseph, a long-term deputy secretary of CNDFDD. It is known to be the main planner and organizer of the Tutsis genocide in the Ngozi Province in 1993. Two genocidaires at the head of a genocidal party!! We believe that the EU is aware and has more information about these men and their party.
No doubt that Reverien Ndikuriyo still wanted to start the dialogue between Gitega and the EU on the suspension of the European sanctions on Burundi after the failure of the Burundian Minister of External Relations and President Evariste Ndayishimiye, who had spared no effort for February 2021 to end without the file already closed. Will he succeed? WAIT AND SEE
Let’s talk about this Reverian criminal Ndikuriyo who keeps venting that they managed to destroy the Tutsis, that they will continue to kill them one by one without them realizing them to their total extermination. It was one of his bodyguards who told him to his cousin Tutsi: Reverien Ndikuriyo said:  » The time during which Tutsis have abused us they are paying it expensive in their turn while waiting for what will come out of the ‘Club Nonoka’ ‘laboratory. NONOKA is an association that brings together all the CNDFDD officers. There is another association that brings together the CNDFDD NCOs called, Gaso 2005. The two organizations are coordinated by Prime Niyongabo, Chief of General Staff of the FDNB. You understand that the President of the Republic is not far from this circle. It is said that the Coordinator of the Immbonerakure Militia and their children (called Ibiswi Vy’inkona) are designated in the Nonoka or Gaso Club. It is therefore a large laboratory where all the crimes that are committed in Burundi. According to the surroundings of Reverien Ndikuriyo,  » Tutsis, the small to the largest, must be annihilated, their spoiled riches, their lands confiscated according to laws to vote, they will be replaced in their positions by our young Hutu graduates and who are without jobs. He who will lift the little finger for a possible claim will be crushed without mercy and they will only have to flee and return from which they came from  ». This comes out of the CNDDFDD laboratory that Reverien Ndikuriyo is Secretary General today, a position held yesterday by Evariste Ndayishimiye, the current President of Burundi. It never ceases to declare that the Burundian unit is a reality while all the administration, all key positions in the country are occupied by the only Hutu members of the CNDDFDD. It is not surprising because Evariste Ndayishimiye is now known around the world that his words are diametrically opposed to his actions. The reason is simple; it is only a speaker that makes no decision. Decisions are taken within this circle of criminals. This explains the trampling of discussions with the EU with a view to suspending or lifting the sanctions imposed in Burundi. President Ndayishimiye, in his negotiations with the representatives of the EU, did not hesitate to promise things to do in order to improve the human rights situation in Burundi; but he did not put anything in practice. What proved in the eyes of the EU countries that President Evariste Ndayishimiye is a false partner.
Is it Reverian Ndikuriyo who will reassure Claude Bochu? It is possible that it has more influence within the Nonoka club that President Ndayishimiye to convince them to let Burundians at peace. Will he succeed? The answer is no because their ideology will never change. Unless the EU has agreed to endorse their daily actions for human rights violations; support this power simply wants to strengthen and accentuate crimes committed in Burundi
URN Hitamwoneza will never stop screaming and showing the truth about what is planning within the CNDDFDD system. We believe that the EU will not be able to commit the same mistakes as those committed by France in Rwanda since 1990 to the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis in 1994. France has supported by all means a plan that prepared in broad daylight Genocide. The French leaders of the time cannot in any case find an excuse that they did not know that the Havyarimana regime was preparing a genocide because the ethnic exclusions of any kind and in all areas of life country were done in broad daylight and without shame, forcing Tutsis to flee the country. This is today in Burundi by Evariste Ndayishimiye; that’s what was done in 1993 after Melchior Ndadaye’s Frodebu victory, which led to the genocide of Tutsis and some Hutus from Uprona. All the administration was only Hutu and Frodebu. It is this administration that has activated the hutu population in these ignorable acts of genocide. Administration under the Evarist Ndayishimiye, driven at the highest peak by Grevais Ndirakobuca Alias Ndakugarika will be able to make miracles. There remains only one kick-off or a trigger for a large-scale genocide to Burundi. By agreeing to remove sanctions for Burundi, the EU will have agreed to share responsibility with criminals in power in this large-scale genocide in preparation. Everyone has to know that the only way to stop this descent into hell is to chase this power and dismantle the CNDDFDD criminal system

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