Burundi: Reverien Ndikuriyo calls for the support of the EU to finalize its genocide project that it continues to boast the significant advance (second part)

Burundi: Reverien Ndikuriyo calls for the support of the EU to finalize its genocide project that it continues to boast the significant advance (second part)
We were talking yesterday from the meeting between Claude Bochu and the secretary general of CNDFDD, Reverien Ndikuriyo, known to be one of the greatest criminals of the military clique. Him, who dared to publicly put the price on the head of a Burundian citizen while the death penalty is abolished in Burundi. Him, who publicly asked young Hutus Imbonerakure to kill Tutsis to recover their plots. This is the man who went to negotiate with the representative of the European Union in Burundi the lifting of the European sanctions imposed in Burundi in 2016 in serious and fragrant violations of human rights by a CNDDFDD power that had just violated the constitution of the Republic accepting a third illegal and illegitimate mandate of Pierre Nkurunziza.
Albert Shingiro, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, does not disarm despite the signs of refusal of the sanctions already shown by the EU. In turn, he would have met once a delegation of representatives of the EU countries in Burundi still conducted by Claude Bochu. The latter would have promised it that these sanctions may be lifted at the end of this year 2021. But nothing is safe. Another meeting of the genre could take place in June 2021, when Albert Shingiro would have had the time to jump in Europe to try to convince the first leaders on the ground. Will he succeed?
The answer is immediately NO because they are not the beautiful words of good intentions like those pronounced on the day by President Evariste Ndayishimiye who have never been followed by effects that will seduce these European leaders. These are the gestures that intend to unlock the money from the European taxpayer.
The problem node is within the CNDDFDD system. Like the lion or the tiger cannot be without meat and live, it is like CNDFDD criminals cannot live without committing atrocities on the Burundian people. Where does the respect of human rights in Burundi come under the remote control by Nonoka Club?
The balance sheet of human rights violations in the first three months of the year 2021 presented by the Iteka Human Rights League reports more than 450 people who were killed in Burundi. It would mean that 150 people are killed every month; Conclude that at least 3 people lose their lives a day in Burundi. The responsible are certain military and police, the members of the SNR and the members of the Immbonerakure militia, coordinated by the military clique in power, via Nonoka.
As previously announced, Nonoka is this association of the CNDFDD officers who bring together, as you see, the whole military click that today leads an iron hand the country. Burundi has never known a military regime as we observe today. They hide behind it saying it democracy, but it is a true tyranny ever known in the history of Burundi. From the President of the Republic to the head of Hill, one is military or policeman, or they are demobilized or retired or they are immbonerakure.
All this comes into the genocidal plan of the Nonoka Club, which is to protect the CNDDFDD power for this Party to lead the country for life while gradually eliminating Tutsis who have always been an obstacle to the development of the Hutu people (it is What they teach) and the Hutus who will try to miss this goal. As a first step, Nonoka has planned to impoverish all Tutsis until they put them back to the low level of beggars (by ruining their projects, refusing them employment, excluding them with positions of responsibility and replace them with Hutus, by refusing them certain services etc …). Next, when they are very weakened, the moment of large-scale genocide. And everything has been designed and implemented as part of the NONOKA club. How?
At the level of each census hill, there are at least 4 AK47 under the control of the imbonerakure that stood out in paramilitary formation; Each head of the militia at the communal level has a Motorola (military type with frequency of the military unit of the region) to follow the military operations for a possible support in case of necessity; Each Cnddfdd official at the municipal level received a mobile phone with sufficient limitel’s units to communicate with its sunders and give regular reports ; at every zonal or communal police station in localities with a lot of Tutsis, they affected a very virulent CNDFDD leader who can harden without mercy; the same applies to those responsible for the military units of the region. Here you should know that these imbonerakure found on the different hills and districts of urban areas have already completed the census of all Tutsi families who are there and they follow all the movements of the members of these families. Also know that each Hutu family must have at home a lance and machete. To do what? Guess yourself. All these activities are centralized within the NONOKA club that will decide when will arrive at the time of large-scale genocide. As announced in our forefront article, Reverien Ndikuriyo continues to rejoice that all the other stages of this small fire genocide have already been crossed; You understand that we are only waiting for the last: the large-scale genocide whose preparations are already completed.
Urnhitamwoneza will never cease to inform the opinion about what is planned within the CNDFDD criminal power and will not miss any opportunity to ask the Burundian people to wake up and see that they are all without exception in danger. CNDFDD members or not, Hutu or Tutsis, when the fire is lit, no one will be safe. To all of us avoid it until it is possible to do it. We will never cease to enlighten the international community, the EU and the NU Security Council, showing them that support the military power of the CNDDFDD simply means to support it in its genocide project in Burundi and in the Great Lakes sub region. It is up to them to take their responsibilities.

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