Burundi: What would be the basis of mental illnesses that affect at least half of the Burundian population?

Burundi: What would be the basis of mental illnesses that affect at least half of the Burundian population?
A Facebook message from Radio Isanganiro captured on social networks caused chills for many Burundians and surprising for the friends of Burundi and those who follow the politics of this poorest country on the planet while he is full of many minerals in his basement.
The message reports that  » more than 47% of Burundians have signs of mental illnesses  ». He adds that these figures come from a study made in 2019 by ISTEEBU, in charge of statistics. These figures were presented on April 8, 2021 in a workshop which aimed to study how to bring medical care to the mental patients of the different care structures. Participants were unanimous in Burundi a deficiency of specialists in this field and a scarcity (those available are too expensive) adapted drugs. That’s basically the contents of the message
The message could not scare the Burundians and why not to the leaders. A country where at least half of a whole people has signs of mental illnesses, it is a very serious danger. Suppose that in Burundi there are 12 million inhabitants. How to believe that at least 6 million have signs of mental illnesses (Ihahamuka)? We do not know how this company has investigated, we cannot confirm or invalidate the results presented. Only we have the right to analyse and comments. And everyone could also give his contribution so that we can detect what is the basis of this situation so catastrophic in a country where it normally lives well as they cease to be emphasized all those who visited it until a certain time.
Burundi is a country that today knows an extraordinary lull. There is no hair crackling, there is no war. However, there is no day without hearing the corpses discovered here and there, either in bushes, in the valleys or in the rivers and lakes. The administration hastens every time to bury them without identification or saying to protect the population from possible diseases. This means that there is in Burundi people who kill in silence and without any prosecution. We are not talking about those who are regularly arrested and conducted in unknown places, those who are arbitrarily imprisoned, violated women and girls etc … Would that be the basis of this high rate of people who have Signs of mental illnesses. It’s more than that.
URN Hitamwoneza promises you to search into depth to know how such a situation arrives in a country where he has no open war. But what should be known to know is that all Burundians on Burundian soil, from the President of the Republic to the Citizen Lambda from the country’s most remote corner, is afraid. About what? We will come back tomorrow in detail. Release Burundi then becomes more than the hearts of Burundian citizens to regain tranquillity so that everyone is aware of the work to develop the country that does not lack potentialities, but still lacking good governance.

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