Burundi: What would be the basis of mental illnesses that affect at least half of the Burundian population? (SECOND PART)

Burundi: What would be the basis of mental illnesses that affect at least half of the Burundian population? (SECOND PART)
We said in our edition yesterday that a Facebook message from Radio Isanganiro reported that  » more than 47% Burundian have signs of mental illnesses  ». He added that these figures came from a study made in 2019 by ISTEEBU, in charge of statistics. These figures were presented on April 8, 2021 in a workshop which aimed to study how to bring medical care to the mental patients of the different care structures. Participants were unanimous in Burundi a deficiency of specialists in this field and a scarcity (those available are too expensive) adapted drugs.
Today, our analysis will come into depth to see why almost half of the Burundian population has signs of mental illnesses. We said, passing that there is no open war in Burundi, whatever we do not hear from the crackling of arms in the country, this lull is full of unnamed killings. People are killed, tortured, arbitrarily and imprisoned without valid reason, girls and women are raped, and all this in silence and total impunity.
We want to support our analysis by some figures from the human rights situation in Burundi, which have been released by the Iteka Human Rights League.
From April 25, 2015 until 25 April 2020, the Iteka Human Rights League gives a record of 2245 people, including 255 women (including 1312 people killed by unidentified people, 576 people killed by agents of the State, 357 people killed in account regulations); 597 cases of disappeared persons including 42 cases of people who reappeared; 1006 cases of torture attributable to the Immbonerakure militia, to certain police officers, SNR, administration and military; 253 cases of sexual violence and 10,907 persons arbitrarily arrested. We say safely to deceive us that these numbers are only indicative, far from reality. Imagine the number of people killed by the police and military presidential guard and Gemir the night from May 11 to 12, 2015 when attacking Bujumbura military camps, think of people killed during different events until the attempt coup d’Etat. The balance sheet would be heavier than what is presented by the Iteka League, which shows only what escapes the vigilance of these criminals because they do everything to hide their packages. We must not forget more than 400 thousand Burundians who have been forced to exile.
The missing persons are found after among the corpses that are collected here and there in the country. And the criminal strategy is to throw corpses away from where people have been removed so that they are not easily identified by the entourage. And the administration still takes care of getting them buried quickly. It’s a general instruction.
Imagine moral pain that invade members of their families and loved ones who do not even have the right to ask for the security or judicial services of aid to the risk of being accused of public order disruptive. Even worse, some SNR agents approach the families of missing people to ask them for money ensuring that they will find them as they know they have already killed them. One way to make them suffer more by impoverishing them. In Finish, these crooks tell the families that they would be gone to Rwanda or DRC join the armed groups. How do you want people do not develop signs of mental illnesses in front of such horrors? The members of their families keep the hope that they will see them one day because they did not have the chance to see their corpses and bury them with dignity. This is just an illustrative case. Think of those who see their arrested their arbitraging’s and imprisoned arbitrarily from home without any means of visiting them; Think of women and girls raped by the immbonerakure who stop singing in the big day that they must be violated for them to give other immbonerakure in total impunity; Think of the thousands of people separated from their families, some remaining in the country in the misery and the total fear, others being in exile without the possibility of returning to the country at the risk of being decapitated by the members of the Imbonerakure militia etc …
We are talking about more than 47% of people who have signs of mental illnesses, but we think that having daily fear is also a sign of mental illness.
But we dare to say that all Burundians are scared, from the tallest to the smallest. President Evariste Ndayishimiye should not sleep normally if he had heart. He runs a country whose leaders are all genocidaires, men from the bush who have no sense of respect for human life. He knows that from one moment to another, his head can fall; Killed by his entourage who believes that it is not him who should normally be in that place; killed by others who find that it is a false partner who can in no way advance Burundi, especially since he only speaks without his words being accompanied by acts because he does not decide, there is a circle of other criminals who decide in his place. Evarist Ndayishimiye is afraid. The words he often loads in the audience show that he does not have peace of mind. The whole military clique is afraid because she thinks that if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow things should change, their places would be either under the land or in prison. These are the same feelings the immbonerakure and their families considering the atrocities they committed on the rest of the population who is not a member of the CNDFDD. In short, all those who have blood on their hands are afraid of their next day. The people in general is afraid of the CNDDFDD system that took it hostage and who regularly asks them contributions for this or that while they do not even have to eat for their hunger, what to buy medicines for a child sick, what country the mineral for their children. They do not hesitate to sell their properties to pay these contributions otherwise, the immbonerakure do not even allow them to go to the market, to be treated or drawing from the water without showing a paper justifying the payment of this contribution. The Tutsis and Hutus of the Opposition (CNL) are particularly scared, because, member of the CNDFDD or not (for Tutsis), a single whistle is enough to see each other exterminated because the genocide plane is already completed; There remains a trigger to implement it.
URN Hitamwoneza recalls once again that Burundi needs to be released immediately. Waiting for a long time means to give time to the military clique in power to plunge the country into a nameless chaos, in killings ever observed in Burundi and in the sub region. Those who will come out alive with this carnage (and they will be very few) will live in total peace. Should we wait for the worst while there is a way to get rid of these criminals and build together a system that can guarantee peace and security for all? We will have to put together our energies together to find a quick and efficient solution for this equation to several strangers.

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