Burundi: Samia Suluhu Hassan have forgotten to give new guidelines to his men in charge of the management of Burundian refugees?

Burundi: Samia Suluhu Hassan have forgotten to give new guidelines to his men in charge of the management of Burundian refugees?
The whole world looks at the situation of Burundian refugees in Tanzania after the disappearance of the former President John Pump Magufuli who had taken the option of helping the power of Gitega to mistreat the Burundian refugees on his territory in order to force them to return to the country to show the international community that peace is total in Burundi, in violation of the 1951 Geneva Convention in relation to refugees. When Magufuli left, the refugees believed that Mom Samia Suluhu Hassan was immediately changing their situation. Hope shared by organizations to combat human rights violations and especially those in charge of the defence of refugee rights.
However, it is the disappointment that may yield the place to hope in the hearts of all this world because, until today, no positive sign is perceptible in the 3 Burundian refugee camps in Tanzania.
In its quarterly report (January to March 2021), CBDH / Vicar writes that the safe and social situation of Burundian refugees in Tanzania in the Ndata camps, Mtendeli and Nyarugusu dangerously deteriorated. Violations of human rights are commonplace. In fact, according to this report, 9 refugees were killed: 7 of the Ndata camp and 2 of the Nyarugusu camp. Two corpses were reported near the police position outside Ndata camp. In addition to these 9 killed, the report indicates that 4 new-borns died following the evil treatment of pregnant women. No investigation has been conducted. Two others were killed shot overnight at home. The report adds that 6 refugees are missing, 5 of Ndata and 1 of Nyarugusu. 30 refugees were arbitrarily arrested; Some were released after paying some money. CBDH / Vicar regrets that the infiltration of the elements of the police of Burundi in the Ndata and Nyarugusu camps continue in complicity with the Tanzanian police
Apart from this report, the media continue to report violations of human rights that are done in these camps. The most aggravated case reported in recent days is that of the young Mbonyimana Orngel of the Ndata Camp on house number 2, V13, Zone3, which was on a motorcycle with one of his friends and who were kidnapped by men dressed in Tanzanian police outfits, aboard a vehicle with smoked glass. It was March 19, 2021 at 13hoo. They would have been imprisoned in Makele (in Kasuru District, while Ndata is in Kibondo District); One was released, and Mbonyimana Orngel has so far signed. It was his relaxed friend who told the family that he was in very bad conditions. The family fears that it would be dead. Neither camp leaders nor UNHCR, no seems concerned by this disappearance and no investigation is triggered to find the victim and the executioners. An unacceptable situation in a country that respects the minimum international rules on human rights.
At the United Nations level that have in their authority the management of UNHCR activities, the observation is the same. Forced disappearances, torture, forced returns in Burundi, acts of intimidation, etc., acts of violations of the rights of Burundian refugees, including Tanzania. It is the recent observation by independent experts from UN human rights who call Burundi and Tanzania to respect the rights of Burundian refugees on Tanzanian soil.
Faced with this bitter observation, the question is whether the new president of Tanzania has not yet had the time to analyse this file or left the Magufuli system continue to manage it in its own way. It is unfortunate to see once again the government officials that it leads to refugee camps to tell Burundians that they must leave Tanzania without delays. It was April 12, 2021 at Nyarugusu camp. The head of this camp stated that  » nothing justifies that Burundians remain in this camp; that only Congolese have the right to remain  » (serious violation of the 1951 Geneva Convention in its article in relation to volunteering in the return of refugees in their country of origin).
Urnhitamwoneza hope that even though President Samia Suluhu Hassan evolves in a CCM (friend to CNDDFDD system) system that would be locked, flexibility and wisdom in the management of records related to respect for human rights are to be activated for that she does something in the immediate future. The countries of the sub region, the African Union, the European Union and the Security Council of the United Nations; If they still have a fundamental principle of respect for human rights, should do everything for these Burundian refugees to be treated humanely. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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