Burundi: Neither vaccine nor barrier measures against Covid-19, Burundi is likely to be isolated from the rest of the world

Burundi: Neither vaccine nor barrier measures against Covid-19, Burundi is likely to be isolated from the rest of the world
We will never say enough; The CNDFDD leaders who today lead Burundi do not care about the well-being of their people. Today, it looks like they have become blind, so much that they do not see the danger that watches them themselves. The coronavirus spares person. We have seen great leaders, rich as poor people who die. These are not members of the military clique alone who will be spared.
Yesterday, former President Nkurunziza Peter said that Burundians do not need to wear masks (Agahomeramunwa), that the Burundian air is protected by God, that he cannot contain the virus. It seems that it would have been killed by this pandemic (to be checked). President Ndayishimiye held the same speech until the end of his campaign and elections. He started talking about awareness of the population against Covid-19; But everything has remained at the speech level because no barrier action has been taken on time; People continued to die in absolute silence. Later, as if to be able to benefit from WHO’s support, the government has set up a team in charge of studying the practical arrangements for awareness of the population against COVID-19; Meetings have been regularly held, measures have been taken, but their implementation has never been effective. No barrier action has been applied in its rigor; Even the leaders who should show a good example to the people seem totally to ignore that this pandemic exists. The President of the Republic himself, when he goes outside the country (since he knows that the other serious leaders require the wearing of the mask), he and his entourage retain the masks in the pockets and bear them to their aircraft descent. A children’s game (I wear it because we see me)
In the country, almost everywhere, in the city as inside the country, the markets, the churches, the cabarets, the diverse parties, the meetings of the political parties or any places, all these places bring together a lot of people who do not wear masks, which do not remember to leave a certain distance between them, no hand washing; In short, people do not even hesitate to kiss. What is the balance of the team’s awareness campaign in charge of this work or the government as a whole? This is the total failure because the leader is the example and it is this example that missed.
Today, even if the government does not speak (like other countries in the world that give the CVID-19 balance sheet every day, the contamination rate seems very high (in hospitals, in prisons, in schools …); The government may be overflowing during the coming days. And now it wakes up late to try to require some barrier measures to be respected. Yesterday, on April 14, 2021, they began to demand that each transit bus driver must have a mask and that each passenger must also wear the mask before climbing the bus; And the control was now rigorous. Offenders to this measure must pay a 50,000frbu almond. What did the government expect to impose the application of this measure? How many deaths needed to demand rigor in the protection of the population? What he expects to demand everyone the wearing of the mask, to ban meetings, cabarets, crowds in churches, markets, parties, to impose regular hand wash anywhere in the premises public and in the services of the state and the private sector?
The whole world no longer speaks of barrier measures, it is already known to everyone and these are rules followed by all and with rigor. The whole world turns our eyes today towards the acquisition of vaccines for the protection of citizens. The military clique in power in Gitega closes his eyes and hides behind the Word of God by making believe, again to the people, that prayer is the best vaccine. And the Minister of Health seeks to justify why the government did not request the vaccine like other countries saying that the vaccine is still under the test stage as if the countries that have already taken specialized doctors like him. However, the country does not have the financial capacities to buy the doses it takes for the Burundian people. It is for this reason that the Minister Thadée Ndikumana announced before the Parliament that Burundi is waiting for the vaccine that will be produced by Russia. This is because the Russians are extracting the Burundi minerals, perhaps they have signed financial compensation agreements. But, in the meantime, Burundi continues to lose his daughters and sons who should not die if we had serious and visionary leadership.
URN Hitamwoneza reminds the military clique in power in Gitega that each Burundian who dies following their negligence in the fight against Covid-19 is at their expense. They will be translated to justice for crime against humanity for letting people die while they should take protection measures on time. WHO and the United Nations Security Council should also put pressure on this power of Gitega to undertake, to the extent of its possibilities, to acquire vaccines like other countries of the world because Covid-19 rage in Burundi. Burundians should know that even those who will not be affected and who manage to resist, run the great risk of being isolated from the rest of the world because it is he who will not be vaccinated will not have an authorization to travel in non-other country in the world. It then comes back to us to demand these leaders to take measures to protect the population as do the other states (it is a global pandemic), otherwise, we must consider hunting them as quickly as possible before ‘It’s too late. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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