Burundi: In the kingdom of the eagle, even members of the defence and security forces do not respect the laws.

Burundi: In the kingdom of the eagle, even members of the defence and security forces do not respect the laws.
All those who follow the news of Burundi would believe that we want to talk about the different cases of assassination by the weapons whose military and police officers are responsible for recent days.
Yes, it is one of the cases that constitute a violation of the law; a serious violation of human rights, the right to life. It is very a shame that members of the defence and security forces in charge of the protection of the population be the first to use the weapons bought with the money of the Burundian taxpayer to kill innocent citizens. The cases of Mukoni, in Muyinga where a military of Mukoni camp killed a hill leader; the case of Kinanira where an officer dared to draw from death on a young working in cabaret, the case of Bubanza which also concerns a soldier who killed with his service weapon a man who worked in a cabaret on simple dispute made from a card memory. Easy trigger soldiers will say. It looks like mental patients. It is not normal that soldiers shoot on people on simple misunderstandings when they learned the discipline of the weapon. There is a problem at the psychic of men in arms.
Instead of the Imbonerakure Alain Tribert Mutabazi, current Minister of National Defence and Veterans went on the media to minimize the facts and recommend that the military avoid cabarets as if it is the solution to banish forever this kind of burrs, we need to push the surveys further to know what torments members of the defence and security forces.
Why Alain Tribert Mutabazi did not leave this communication to Floribert Biyereke , the FDNB spokesman? At least he knew what to say. But that he never communicates. It looks like he’s in a drawer somewhere, because never gets media out; the various journalists who continue to look for him to answer questions related to the army never find it.
The violations of the law that we want to mention today concern the great leaders (the bosses) of the army and the police who do not want to retire while the status of the general officers recommends it. Here, we point out especially the generals Melchiade Ruceke, OPN 0012 of the registration, in charge of the National Police of Burundi and Joseph Ndayishimiye, SS0071 of the number, Deputy General Staff of the FDNB. General Prime Niyongabo is not affected by today’s analysis because it is still young.
According to the status of the FDNB officers, the age limit of the active service is fixed at: 60 years for general officers; at age 55 for senior officers and 50 years for subordinate officers. The same status adds that  » at the request of the person concerned and accepted by the Minister of Defence in his attributions, the age limit of the active service officer can be postponed from one year only. And this is where the violation of the law for the two general officers over 63 years old, according to our sources. They ask for and get extensions every year while the law allows only one year.
What benefit does the power of Gitega find it to keep them in the army and in the police and at the head of these institutions? There is no doubt, and it is very big. It’s not at all because they are more competent than all the others, they are not irreplaceable. Only, they are easily manageable Tutsis, become faithful, if not the slaves of the CNDDFDD system that uses them as it wants to just show that it shared positions of responsibility between Hutu and Tutsis, while they have no power of decision. They execute only the results of the CNDDFDD laboratories; Even when it comes to killing without reason Tutsis like them, they do not dare to lift the little finger of fear they lose these positions. They are the first to be virulent to Tutsis to prove to the CNDFDD system that they are ready to serve it at all costs. The most unfortunate example is that of the man of Mugamba, Joseph Ndayishimiye, whose brothers-in-law are the first to deliver the Tutsis of Burambi-Buyengero to the killers of the CNDDFDD. Some of them have even been thanked for this work done by getting positions at the level of the administration of the province Rumonge (we will come back in detail)
URN Hitamwoneza finds unacceptable that officers are maintained in the juiciest positions of responsibility for many years as good career management should require others to have the chance to access it and bring new blood. The CNDDFDD system makes the executives who occupy juicy positions (where there is a lot of money flying or a lot of favours) relax from one position to another without new faces enter. Which creates a lot of frustrations especially since they are not the most competent. It is also unthinkable that officers who have diplomas leave them monthly in the drawers while the government has the opportunities to hire them in other civilian services where they would be more productive. Indeed, officers who have diplomas and are no longer at the age of ordering men on ground are numerous and they spend all their time sitting in the office without doing anything and are paid. The government should review its career management policy to make them more useful to society. The government should also think of rank men and non-commissioned officers to easily pass from one category to another; which would give some chance to prolong their retirement limit ages . WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
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