Burundi: The weapons distributed to the immbonerakure begin to do many victims within the CNDDFDD system

Burundi: The weapons distributed to the immbonerakure begin to do many victims within the CNDDFDD system
The Province Mwaro has just known a period of safe turbulence in recent days. Colonel Gaspard Gasanzwe, new governor of the province, has experienced his fire baptism by managing dead cases, people killed by armed people not yet identified until today. Our first investigations show that there are no well-constituted armed opposition groups that would have attacked this province, but that the killers are to be people from Mwaro, with weapons distributed by the power to the immbonerakure and for Unfounded patterns based on simple jealousies within the CNDDFDD system.
The facts: April 4, 2021 to 21 Hoo, a group of armed people aboard a vehicle shot two residential homes, one owned by Athanase Mpawenayo, secretary of the CNDDFDD in commune Rusaka; They killed his son and servant. The other house targeted by the bullets belonged to that nicknamed provincial league; There, no major damage, only a few balls that touched the house. The criminals immediately fled; no one could apprehend them. On April 16, 2021, almost at the same time, another group of 3 armed men attacked people in a cabaret in Rusaka, selectively killing 07 people. According to the witnesses on the spot, the people killed are: the accountant of Coopec and his wife, the prefect of studies at the communal high school of Rusaka and his wife, herself director of the Ecofo Rusaka as well as their eldest daughter; an agent in charge of the communal taxes of Rusaka and a worker in the community of the Ursuline Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Bukwavu. The police add that 3 people would have also been injured during this shootout.
Who would be behind these attacks? When such actions targeting CNDFDD members occur in a locality, security forces as well as the administration suspect Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition, especially the members of the CNL of Agathon Rwasa. The police spokesman announced yesterday that 08 people have already been apprehended for investigations. But, our on-site sources tell us that the number of people arrested is more important than that, and the arrests continue. Here, there is a risk that innocent people are arrested and imprisoned on simple suspicions.
But, the surveys already conducted with the people of Rusaka who know the conflicts that exist within the CNDFDD party told us that this case does not concern the people of the opposition. According to our sources, it is an internal problem within the CNDFDD members of the Rusaka commune. Indeed, the famous Athanasia Mpawenayo, secretary of the CNDFDD in commune Rusaka is a man who has been very influential within the CNDDFDD power for a long time, it is he who almost had the last word on the designations of people to name the various positions. He was a great man while apparently his level of education would be dangerously very low. Jealousies started with there. The attack at home would then, according to our sources, a punitive action on his haughty behaviour that would not be easily tolerated by a certain group of people; While currently, its influence is no longer the same within the party of the eagle and the power of Evarist Ndayishimiye. Athanase Mpawenayo would have, in turn, organized people around him to take revenge against those who would have organized or suspect that he organized the attack on April 4 which culled his son’s life. It would therefore be responsible for the selective assassination of the 7 persons on April 16, 2021. The vice-president of the communal council would also be wick with him in this case. If they need to investigate, perhaps we should start with both instead of thinking about Tutsis and CNL members.
Another very important fact is that the weapons used would be those distributed by the CNDDFDD power to the immbonerakures. The latter also have Motorola devices that they use as means of communication and which are connected to the frequencies of the police in the sector. It would then be difficult or impossible to stop them after blow because they follow their communications with Motorola. Far from us feeling cynicism, but it is sometimes said that it is the horse you fat witch bites you. By distributing them to the weapons and means of communication, the members of the CNDFDD in power believed that they would serve solely to watch the opponents, but now when they returned in it, the law enforcements do not even come to intervene quickly to Time to extinguish fire and surveys to establish responsibilities become very complicated. Those who participated in a security meeting after this attack on April 16, 2021 told us that no one dared to say what he knows about this case; So people were afraid to express themselves because they were not sure which camp to position itself, which camp would be the strongest or which camp were the authorities. Case to follow.
URN Hitamwoneza regrets that Burundians are killed as arbitrary based on banal business. These are lives that fall for nothing while these people still had the time and energy to serve and make their contribution to the development of the country. We also regret that weapons bought with the money of the Burundian taxpayer are used not for his defence, but to kill Burundian citizens. We ask that the CNDDFDD power remove these weapons into the hands of these united militia’s immbonerakure. We already know that the CNDDFDD power will not do it. But, the countries that help Burundi should put more pressure (up to the total embargo) on the power of Evarist Ndayishimiye until he agrees to dismantle this militia that is only there to kill all Those who do not have the same political vision as the CNDDFDD system. We once call the Burundians who are experiencing peace and justice to more solidarity to deal with these death squads. They are not numerous; They only have the means of the state; And all strategies must be implemented to return them to serve a noble cause. Together we defeat

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