Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye proclaims unity, peace and security for all and kills in silence

Burundi: President Evariste Ndayishimiye proclaims unity, peace and security for all and kills in silence
Burundi presents itself, for those who do not hear by arms sounds, like a very calm country. Yes, the calm reigns there; But, the absence of war does not mean peace. Burundi is an open pit prison, where the death squads of the CNDDFDD power are going to recover those they want and kill them in absolute silence and total impunity.
The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye maintains very good relations with the qualified armed groups of negative forces by the United Nations, who committed the genocide of Tutsis Rwandan in 1994, who yesterday had their rear base east of the DRC; who moved it to Burundi, in the forest of Kibira, at the border with neighbouring Rwanda. These groups of the FDLR / FLN enjoy the support of all kinds on the part of the power of Gitega which continues to deceive the opinion that it is in talks with Kigali to settle the sources of conflict that oppose the two countries. If nothing is done in the immediate future, this situation can, from one moment to another, explode and provoke a genocide in the sub region, starting with the weak link that is Burundi
Let’s go back to the safe situation. The number of Burundians who die is worrying. It far exceeds the number of Burundians who would die during the period of war. Corpses continue to be picked up here and there in the country; Forced disappearances, cases of torture, arbitrary arrests, without forgetting violated women and girls are regularly observed in the country.
Let’s take the reports of the ITEKA League; a very old human rights organization, which has a lot of correspondents anywhere within the country.
From July to September 2020, the report gives a result of 198 people who were killed including 72 corpses that were discovered; 13 people missing, 30 women and girls who are victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 44 tortured people; 407 people arbitrarily arrested;
From October to December 2020, the Report of the Iteka League gives a record of 123 people killed including 63 corpses found and 11 victims of extrajudicial executions; 22 missing persons; 32 victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 21 people tortured and 265 arbitrary arrests
From January to March 2021, we read in the report that 82 people were killed including 37 corpses found and 3 victims of extrajudicial executions; 5 disappeared persons; 18 victims of sexual violence and gender-based; 15 people tortured and 235 arbitrary arrests.
This report over 9 months shows that the power of Evariste Ndayishimiye has nothing respect for human rights; but that the Burundians die every day and that no one can lift the little finger to denounce it because everyone is intimidated.
Those who commit these crimes are the members of the ICDFDD Imbonerakure militia, some members of the police and the army, and especially the agents of the National Information Service, an organ that directly depends on the Presidency of the Republic. It is the latter who takes the front in the removal of people; He leads them to a place away from their place of origin where they are murdered and thrown on the hills, either in the rivers or in the bushes. The administrative heads received instructions once a corpse discovered, it must be directly buried before any identification. The order is executed without interpretation any. The families of the abducted people die of grief because will not even see the corpses of theirs to bury them.
The CNDDFDD power machine also benefits from the experience and support of the FDLR which, after having signed conventions of mutual aid with this power, find themselves among the Imbonerakure militia and the police. It is from these Rwandan genocidaires that came the practice of beheading the corpses of the people killed. A practice in vogue today in Burundi.
These negative FDLR/ FLN forces multiply in recent days in Burundian soil incursions are going back and forth from Burundi to the East of the DRC, with the intention of disrupting the security of Rwanda. They are reported mainly in the municipality of Mabayi in the province of Cibitoke.
A power like the CNDDFDD that kills its own sons and supports negative forces that seek to disrupt the order and safety of the citizens of a neighbouring country and brother as Rwanda does not deserve support from the international community; It should rather be isolated from the rest of the world. Yet some countries like France, Russia and China continue to support it as well in the military and economic field. France makes a special case because it has dislocated other EU member countries to unilaterally begin its military cooperation with the power of Gitega. An attitude that makes a hidden agenda think. Some analysts say that France, who wants to keep the foot in the Great Lakes sub region, would seek to compensate for his failure suffered in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994 through Burundi. Its military support in Burundi arrives indirectly to the FDLR/ FLN who are always trying to disrupt Rwanda through Burundi.
Urnhitamwoneza believes that all countries planning their cooperation with Burundi should take the time to think twice at the risk of making decisions that could put them in a situation of complicity with genocidaires. With the arrival of Evariste Ndayishimiye in power, people fuelled the hope of seeing some improvement in the situation of human rights in Burundi. But, everyone has been disappointed; Evariste Ndayishimiye has only multiplied the attractive speeches while continuing to kill in silence. Its power that has woven close ties with the negative forces that committed the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, has other intentions only to support them so that they cause another genocide in the Great Lakes sub region in continuously assisting Rwanda. And this power of Gitega, and these negative forces; all are elements to neutralize as soon as possible if we want peace and development in this region.

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