Burundi: Major General Cyrille Ndayirukiye leaves this world without having seen the rule of law and democracy for which he fought

Burundi: Major General Cyrille Ndayirukiye leaves this world without having seen the rule of law and democracy for which he fought
A great man has just left this world this Saturday, April 24, 2021. This is Major General Cyrille Ndayirukiye who was incarcerated in Gitega Prison for attempted coup in 2015 who followed people’s protests against violation of the agreements of Arusha and the 2005 Constitution by the CNDDFDD which allowed President Pierre Nkurunziza to go for a third term.
We start by addressing our most saddened condolences to her family, all her wrestling friends and all the Burundians loving justice, peace and security for all.
General Ndayirukiye never denied the facts reproached; He said he was in the truth by serving the people in compliance with the law. I propose a few phrases of the excerpt from his pleading to allow you to realize the qualities of this man missing unexpectedly.
 » Yes, it is necessary to correct that the acts posed by the undersigned have been in conscience and knowledge of cause. As soon as the authority, was it supreme, gives orders going in the sense of the violation of the law and endangering the peel, even the most disciplined of the military or police officers is entitled to refuse order and this for the best interests of the country  »
 » Mr. Nkurunziza has tasted the forbidden fruit and no one doubts that this violation of the law was extreme gravity and that it was wearing an unbearable dagger in the Arusha agreements  »
 » The motivation of the action of the leaders of the army, the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defence at the preparatory meetings, was by no means of making a putsch as some have recalled. It was not a question of bringing people back to the power without democratic legitimacy, for which the Burundian people have been fighting for years. It was for the people involved and myself to resubmit a man who had tasted the forbidden fruit and neutralizing his ability to violate the law, to restore the democratic process.  »
‘’I therefore assume as military the choice made even if the approach failed. The motivation was legal. If the inequitable justice of Gitega does not want to report on the loyalty of our approach, the judgment of history will remain forever. I served my people. I want to be judged on my acts  ».
 » Long live the free Burundi. Long live the Arusha agreements. Long live the rule of law and democracy  ».
This is the man who did not hesitate to assume his responsibilities, who did not fear the truth even in front of the enraged dogs who wanted to devour him. He is unfortunate to see him go without seeing the Burundi coming back on the path of justice, freedom, peace for all and true democracy. His courage, his bravery and his determination will serve as a guide for all those who still fight against relentlessly to completely release the Burundians from this open pit prison in which they are maintained by the military clique in power.
URN Hitamwoneza invites once again all Burundians to continue looking for peace for everyone by fighting with their latest energies all those who do not stop hooding between Burundians, to kill, to imprison and forcing to exile all those who do not adhere to their ideas. We must all fight for the truth and the well-being of all Burundians without exception. In this way, we will have honoured the memory of our great brother General Cyrille Ndayirukiye who has just left us. May God have his soul.

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