Burundi: A kidnapper wolf at the head of the Senate and the United Methodist Church of Burundi.

Burundi: A kidnapper wolf at the head of the Senate and the United Methodist Church of Burundi.
Non-facit monachum priceculus! Straight off; Do not be fooled by the deceptive appearances of the current President of the Senate. It’s called Emmanuel Sinzohagera, from the same family tree that fire Pierre Nkurunziza. Some people are asked about this parliamentarian, including why he is never worried about orphans, women, girlfriends and arbitrarily imprisoned widows like Christa Kaneza? Why this parliamentarian today Bishop never cares about assassinations and targeted kidnappings, extra-judicial executions and other odious crimes committed by his political family since the accession to the power of the DD system? The answer to all these questions and other similar is simple: it is because it is enemy Lucifer nothing (like its cousin of blood and the heavyweights of the CNDFDD system) of peace, respect for the law, of Good governance, justice etc.
This is how he has been able to maintain excellent political and business relations with Fire President Nkurunziza. He managed his financial affairs since his accession to power. It is the same after his death, according to a framework of the CNDDFDD party close to the two families. As the Party Unmovable Chief Financial Officer, Emmanuel also had the mission to negotiate pots of wines and commissions on behalf of his former boss, party and his own. We hold an overwhelming testimony of one of the donors surprised by his behaviour. This senator dared to demand a colossal sum for his boss then, for his party and for his personal account as part of a public interest project where the funding was also a donation! This lessor did not come back and believed that this crazy politician had a spider in the ceiling. We keep the identity of this lessor in anonymity for reasons of its security.
The Honourable Sinzohargera expertise in Business Management has long enabled him to plan the bankruptcy of public enterprises for the benefit of Nkurunziza and his clique, to interfere in the procurement procedure and other state decisions concerning the management of the public thing. This is how it manages and cash only the rents of the Buyenzi market to name only this one.
This parliamentarian Bishop has more than a dozen villas in Bujumbura town hall without talking about those scattered in rural areas. We save the details about the luxurious character of his cars and those of his wife, a very influential lady in the same church, characterized by extravagance and interference in the organs of the mostly local church, according to Christians of His church, who keep cash and record deep injuries and frustrations from the woman of Sinzohagera Emmanuel.
This MP Pasteur is part of the neuralgic circle of decision-making of the CNDDFDD system that kills, plunder, violates and continues to inoculate to the Imbonerakure militia and some members of the CNDFDD party, hatred as well as ignoble and barbaric practices. He lives in a lie pregnant like the fish in the sea and his tasteful hypocrisy continues to inspire her diabolical strategies to continue to put perverse acts and to commit crimes of any kind.
The other cheating not negligible for this high political personality, it is someone who knows how to recover a reputation to which he is not initiator as some CNDFDD leaders have testified to us. One of his colleagues told us the following words: « Where he sees personal economic interests, the Honourable Emmanuel knows how to squeeze people like a lemon to reach his goal ». End of quote.
It goes without saying that it is like the other members of the CNDDFDD if not worse, running and despotic that undermine the future of Burundian in general, and future generations in particular. We must not expect anything from him for the good of the Burundian people.
Our newspaper has decided to make you discover the pot at the roses by sharing truths that open their eyes for those who want to see. It will therefore not be necessary to confuse the silence of the President of the Senate and the legal representative of the United Methodist Church in Burundi with integrity, neither serenity nor calm. It is a looter, criminal in the same way as the others with the peculiarity that his peer and co-author in many files. Gervais Ndirakobuca, aka Ndakugarika, current Minister of the Interior, Security and Community Development, has conferred on him, in violation of the Constitution of 2018 the title of legal representative of the United Methodist Church in Burundi, replacing fire monsignor Justin Nzoyisaba death of covid -19 two weeks ago
Indeed, it is unfortunately noted that everything was in flagrant violation of the Constitution of 2018 in Article 157 which stipulates the following: « The mandate of deputy or senator is incompatible with any other function. Public. Thus, where when a member or senator is appointed to the government or any public service, immediately ceases to sit in the National Assembly or the Senate and is replaced by its substitute (ART 160). He says that legal representation is an undisputed and indisputable public function. The good spirits examine and judge! To those who would remain on their thirst in relation to this information about Emmanuel Sinzohagera, you can discreetly and wisely be approaching his colleagues from the Party and the Senate as well as the members of his Church; As it is impossible to maintain a cap at the bottom of the water, without a doubt that after this approach, you will discover that our article was right.
Given all the above, should we really expect Senator Bishop Emmanuel Sinzohagera project or program for the well-being of Burundian people? The answer is of course « no » and it is dramatic with regard to its functions and opportunities that this authority had which continues to enrich illegally and who does not hesitate to work people for the King of Prussia. In any case, it will eventually be unmasked and turn into a pudding water.

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