Burundi: Minister Albert Shingiro starts walking in some European Union countries without hope of positive resultsWe say well  » walk  » walk because of a work mission, positive results are expected.

Burundi: Minister Albert Shingiro starts walking in some European Union countries without hope of positive results
We say well  » walk  » walk because of a work mission, positive results are expected. Or, Albert Shingiro, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation and his Government know that the resumption of direct aid to the government by the European Union is not for tomorrow. These countries are waiting for concrete acts in the sense of respect for human rights in Burundi; These are not the speeches of good intentions that can convince them.
Albert Shingiro starts his walk at the time his boss, President Evariste Ndayishimiye officially launched on April 26, 2021, in Bujumbura Mpimba Central Prison, a prisoners’ liberation campaign that had benefited from Presidential grace some months ego, but who had not yet been released while the decree mentioned that the decision is of immediate application.
For the military click of Gitega, this coincidence is not free. She thinks that this gesture will give Albert Shingiro, at least one palpable act from the power in place to present so that he can be listened to by his interlocutors.
Claude Boshu, EU representative in Burundi had recommended to Albert Shingiro to make himself personally in Europe to physically meet the different authorities in order to try to convince them. But, he forgets that if Claude Boshu who is on the spot in Burundi is not himself convinced to convince his bosses, his visit will only be limited to a simple walk and that he will return empty-handed. And if he knew how to read between the lines, he would have already seen that, despite the many meetings he had with Claude Boshu, the latter awaits concrete acts to convince his bosses.
Hold: When Albert Shingiro hopes that things will soon be released, Claude Boshu remains at the level of principles. In a statement to the press after his meeting with this representative of the EU on 9 April 2021, Albert Shingiro said, « We think that in the near future as you can see, we will return to our traditional relationships and lift all shadow areas that have characterized our relationships during the small period of five years. About the lifting of the European sanctions, he added, « We start to see both the tunnel end, so you can count on the will of both parties. The will she is there, she is real, she is authentic, she is sincere. The trust between Burundi and the EU is recovering properly. Yet Claude Boshu answers him with reserve:  » The dialogue is part of the spirit of the Cotonou Agreement which provides for this kind of dialogue with the signatory countries and the EU so that they can discuss together the situation in this country but also elsewhere; but it’s our wish to continue this dialogue with Burundi  ».
The Government of Burundi urgently needs a lot of funds. Apart from the normal functioning of the state organs, Burundi is a country to rebuild because destroys these last months by natural disasters (the waters of Lake Tanganyika that overflow and destroy everything on their passage, roads, bridges and others Infrastructures destroyed by torrential rains, plantations ravaged by these rains, the pandemic Covid-19 hand-managed and which is wreaking havoc in the population etc …)
The power of Evariste Ndayishimiye will not get these funds from EU countries in general because he chooses men who are shameful to the nation, which embody the bad governance and serious violations of human rights. Albert Shingiro himself who is in charge of cooperation is a negationist of the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis of 1994, a genocide recognized by the naked. It is then understandable that he begins his walk through France; a country already has bilateral relations with Burundi in violation of European sanctions when it is part of this organization; France that recognizes its responsibility in this genocide of Rwandan Tutsis than Albert Shingiro denied. By supporting Burundi in the military field and taking into account cooperation relations between the power of Evarist Ndayishimiye and the negative forces depart from the DRC, go through Burundi and benefit from multiform supports to destabilize Rwanda; France indirectly helps these genocidaires who have failed with her in 1994. That’s say that Albert Shingiro will not have much explained in France, the land is already prepared in advance.
But, elsewhere, will have difficulty explaining why Evariste Ndayishimiye surrounds people like Bunyoni and Ndakugarika who are under sanctions for serious human rights violations that weigh on their shoulders, as well as other known criminals. He will also have to explain why the CNDDFDD has been setting up all positions of responsibility as if the one who is not a member of this party is not right and cannot participate in the management of his country. No need to repeat economic malpractices, the trafficking of human beings prohibited at the international level, the illicit trade in narcotics made at the level of the state, the corpses picked up daily here and there in the country, arbitrary arrests and imprisonments of Tutsis and opponents Hutus, etc …
Urnhitamwoneza recalls once again to the EU member countries that it is not yet time to lift the sanctions imposed on CNDDFDD power because nothing has changed, but the situation has become much more dangerous with the President Evariste Ndayishimiye that is content with good speeches while in the dark, its dual killing machine of zeal in the serious violations of human rights. That the release of the prisoners that the power seeks to present as a concrete act in respect of human rights is a person. We are waiting to see who will be released to do you an analysis on the backlog, and the CNDDFDD power project hid behind this release. From the outset, Burundians should know that presidential grace has not been done by love to citizens; but it’s a constraint or a requirement of Burundi’s partners to unblock funds that could help Ndayishimiye power. As it is not able to fill in other more important conditions, things will remain at the level of talks and Burundians will continue to croup in misery (leading poor country in the world). Strategies need to be arrested to refuse that this criminal power keeps us in this impasse while the own and patriotic Burundians do not fail to lead us to unity and development for all. WhatsApp contact: +31685638237
Email: urnhitamwoneza16@gmail.com  Twitter: URN HITAMWONEZA

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