Burundi: Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub region are still under threat of genocide by Hutus extremist.

Burundi: Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub region are still under threat of genocide by Hutus extremist.
At the date of 29 April 2021 where the extremist Hutu of Burundi activate to intoxicate the national and international opinion, and especially the younger generations that it is a date of sad memory which reminds them of 29 April 1972, date of what they abusively call  » The Hutus genocide of 1972  », we want to launch an alert to the Tutsis of the Great Lakes sub region that the genocide still places above their heads. The facts speak for themselves; Those who do not see them should rather come out of their sleep and act, otherwise they may die slaughtered like sheep at the slaughterhouse. We say that what the extremist hutus call genocide of 1972 has not been qualified as such and they are not skilled at doing so. Instead of multiplying lies and poisoning of the population for the sole purpose of sowing ethnic hatred between Burundians with a view to a genocide being prepared, the CNDDFDD power should have already engaged Burundian and international experts (in the form of a Commission) to conduct an independent investigation into these 1972 events and to provide conclusions that would allow them to qualify at the same time. Just send Pierre Claver Ndayicariye (on behalf of the CVR) to crisscross the country by deterring all bones from people buried in common pits without having the technical capacities to know if people were been killed in 1965, 1972 , 1993 or 2015, hides two objectives of CNDDFDD power. The first goal is to revolt the Hutus by showing them that it is the Tutsis who killed their parents and grandparents so that they can revenge the time coming. The second is to disappear all signs of the Genocide of Tutsis from 1993 by the extremist Hutu of the Frodebu (UN Report S / 1996/682 of August 22, 1996). As Ndayicariye and his team say work on the basis of the testimonies of the population, the latter, mostly members of the CNDFDD (who were members of the Frodebu in 1993), know exactly where they threw the bodies of Tuts killed in 1993 and these common pits are the first designated to the Ndayicariye group. As for what happened in 1972, the truth about these events is known and it is unique. Without going into detail, it is that no Tutsi took a machete to kill his hutu neighbour. Tutsis are not responsible for these acts. The power Micombero alone should be responsible for Hutus murdered in 1972. Hutu extremists of the time should also be held responsible for Tutsi killed, especially in southern Burundi. They are the planners of these events that pushed President Micombero to execute a lot of Hutus the days following April 29, 1972. (We had the opportunity to write it in detail in our previous editions).
It is therefore Hutu extremist groups that have always planned and implemented the genocide of Tutsis (without exterminating them all as they wished) who have set up a genocide laboratory of the Great Lakes sub region. The laboratory is located in Burundi, allowed by Evariste Ndayishimiye, who did the military training provided by the French, next to the Interahamwe in Rwanda. As Burundi is the country where almost all Tutsis have been silenced, the genocide will begin with there. The Hutus of the opposition will also be killed.
President Evariste Ndayishimiye continues to support the FDLR / FLN who go through his country to disrupt the neighbouring Rwanda; It is on this side that the military clique (the leaders of Hutus extremists) is looking for a pretext or a trigger. Tactics involves attacking Rwanda by attacks of elements from Burundi and still falling back to Burundi; One way to force Rwanda to use his right of pursuit. This is the strategy of the military clique in power mounted together with the genocidal huts of the FDRL / FLN. At the slightest reaction, all Burundian and Rwandan Tutsis in Burundi will be systematically eliminated. Imbonerakure already have the plan. All dwellings from Tutsis and Hutus of the opposition are already targeted, each group of Imbonerakure already has homes that it must encircle and eliminate the occupants when time will come.
And it’s not free that the Super Minister and Grand Criminal Gervais Ndirakobuca, alias Ndakugarika recommends that the administrators control all the movements of Congolese Tutsis refugees who are in Burundi. For Ndakugarika, the administrators must enter the camps and know the situation of each refugee; And any exit from the camp must be allowed. Perhaps the immbonerakure had not yet had the precise addresses of these Banyamulenge. Before the kick-off, the military clique in power wants in the meantime to stifle and prevent them from practicing income-generating activities to kill them hunger like Tanzania did it, in collaboration with the CNDDFDD power for Burundian refugees in the camps. The question of the Honourable Cyriaque Nshimirimana addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Security and Community Development on the concerns of the administrative on a possible disturbance of the security by these refugees who, according to him, have full freedom of movement, was a question prepared in advance with the military clique so that Gervais Ndakugarika gives clear orders in full session. This action is part of the plan of this genocide of Tutsis in preparation.
The same Congolese Tutsis are threatened with extermination in Rdcongo where their households have been attacked by elements they qualify as may may associated with the Burundian elements of Red Tabara. They fled their households, their crops were destroyed, their cows were stolen by these criminals. The survivors are found today in displaced sites. Here too, they are not immune to these extremists. According to the spokesperson of these Banyamulenge, itself rescued with barbaric killings on the Banyamulenge refugees who were in Gatumba in 2003 by the extremist Hutu of the FNL, these groups May May-Red Tabara tell them that they must leave at home in Rwanda, when they are pure Congolese. They are being hunted from their land only by the fact that they are Tutsis.
Clearly, all Burundian and Rwandan Tutsis in Burundi as well as the Hutus of the Opposition will be the first targets; Then follow the Tutsis of Eastern Rdcongo and Rwanda can be attacked after because, this country has a solid foundation on national unity policy, it is difficult to face it without sufficient forces. The plan of the military clique and FDRL / FLN plans to focus all efforts on these Tutsis of Rwanda after sweptwing Burundi and the East of the RDCONGO.
Urnhitamwoneza will not hesitate for a moment to remind who wants to hear it, that Burundi needs independent commissions to investigate all events that have taken the Burundian people and establish individual responsibilities. This could block the road to extremist politicians in evil arguments that spread lies about these events with the intention of dividing Burundians and maintaining power for their own interests. To those who plan the regional genocide, and who continue in the meantime to kill innocent people, they must know that Burundians and the whole world are observing their facts and gestures, and that the time comes they will meet before the courts to answer their actions.

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