Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye power multiplies political slogans without any logical basis.

Burundi: Evariste Ndayishimiye power multiplies political slogans without any logical basis
Leta Mvyeyi (a government considered as the parent of all) -LETA NKOZI (a government that is at work, who works tirelessly) – Umunwa Wose Uronke Ivyo Urya (May every mouth have to eat) – Umufuko Wose Uronke Amafaranga (that every pocket has money).
To see these slogans, it looks like the Government of Burundi is the model of all governments in the world. But everyone is surprised to see that the country led by this government is classified by the IMF in the world’s leading country in the poorest countries. However, for those who know this country, it is among the countries that are always green, a country that has extraordinary mining, a country that has a laborious workforce. Why then it would be the poorest of the planet? The answer is simple. Because it lacks enlightened leadership, a gathering who cares about the interest of the country and his people. Poor governance is the evil that gnaws this beautiful country in East Africa.
Let’s make a small set of numbers: 1st: Burundi with $ 267 USA of GDP per capita, followed by South Sudan with $ 323 USA of GDP per capita; The 3rd being Malawi with $ 397 USA of GDP; The Mozambique occupies the 4th place with 431 USA USA of GDP and the 5th place is occupied by Sierra Leone with $ 471 USA of GDP, then comes in 6th position the DRC with $ 478 USA GDP per capita and Afghanistan comes in 7th Position with $ 506 USA of GDP per capita. Rwanda will go far in 20th position with $ 820 USA GDP per capita and Uganda occupies the 25th place with a GDP of $ 971 usa.
These figures show that Burundi rises on the first step of this sad podium according to IMF estimates. They also prove to sufficiency that  » the worker government  » that never ceases to sing Evariste Ndayishimiye and his military clique in power is only a political slogan. Who works product and harvest, it displays a positive balance sheet. According to IMF, GDP is the indicator selected to evaluate the production of a country’s goods and services for a specified period. In Burundi, as long as the principle  » a right man in a right place  » has never been enforced with the governance of the CNDDFDD, the balance sheet will always be negative.
The Government Evariste Ndayishimiye, Allain Guillaume Bunyoni and Gervais Ndirakobuca is far from being a government  » parent for all  » because all the services of the state are occupied by the only members of the CNDFDD as if other citizens have none Right on the management of the country. All these human resources should contribute to the development of the country, but they are discarded. These non-illusionary leaders prefer to give responsibilities to members of their party even if they are incompetent. That means that production decreases and the balance is negative. This is that even external partners cannot invest in a country with poor governance of this level. The little that is produced is put in the pockets of these incompetent frameworks of the CNDFDD, others within the party to the detriment of the interest of all. That’s why some CNDFDD leaders like Allain Guillaume Bunyoni have riches that they cannot explain provenance while the little people cannot even eat twice a day. And they are abusively called by these same thieves of the  » Abanegihugu  » (people to whom the country belongs). According to Faustin Ndikumana, the country cannot develop as long as power remains in political baffles. The CNDDFDD power loses all these energies to run behind the Tutsis and the Hutus of the opposition to seek to eliminate them, imprison them or force them to exile (while they should help in production and get to development) in the sole purpose of wanting to stay in power and continue to loot the country’s lack of resources.
How in these circumstances, every mouth of Burundians could have something to eat and each pocket could have money? This is true only for these well-placed CNDFDD members who relax in the juicy places that allow them to focus all the riches of the country in their pockets. Here, it must be emphasized that all members of the CNDDFDD have not had opportunities to benefit from the property of the State; some live misery as the common mortals of all the average Burundians
That’s why URN Hitamwoneza will never cease to ask all Burundians to unite to get rid as quickly as possible about this handful of men and women who took the people hostage and who get richer every day When the average Burundians is in misery and the country ranks the first among the poorest in the world. Burundi is very rich; It lacks enlightened and visionary leaders who love the country and the people. He has leadership who thinks only of interest. Yet intelligent and competent patriots, of all trends, are thrown into the oblivion of history. We must then get up to hunt these incompetents and assert the principle of a right man in a right without considering his ethnic group, his political party or region of origin. The reason will end up triumph and liars will find the place they need. The Burundians should keep courage and hope, there is not much time left to see the sun rise on this beautiful country has become hell for the majority of his daughters and sons.

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